Chapter 795. Night Invasion of the Eastern Security Tower


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Recalling these moments again and again, Mo Fan came to the conclusion that if such breasts do not fit in the palm of your hand, then it is likely that if you bump your face there, then you can suffocate!

And everything else … She has an excellent waist, beautiful skin. Only you will see this – immediately different pictures appear in your head. And not only the pictures, it seems as if at the sight of such, every cell of the body begins to itch.

Only here, in truth, he knew how quickly the ban could deprive him of his life and how much the body of Vanyue Qianxun was not worth seeing!

“We really need to penetrate that way. Are you not a member of the Vanyue family? Is it really impossible to just walk along the floating corridor? My calves are already tired of climbing this rock, ”said Mo Fan Vanyue Qianxun and lifted his head.

His eyes immediately appeared long legs Vanyue Qianxion. It’s good that she didn’t wear a kimono, otherwise Mo Fanya would have an amazing view of her body.

She was wearing tight, black clothes. The material tightly adhered to her body, which is why Vanyue Qianxun is seductive. Mo Fan thought that such beautiful girls should not become magicians, they should follow Sola Aoi’s footsteps and also become actresses and porn actresses, bringing joy to people.

“Since I am a member of the Wanyue family, I can send you straight from here to the eastern security tower,” replied Vanyue Qianxun.

“Do we have to get there?” Asked Mo Fan.

“We must!”

“Let me better apologize as befits, and that’s the end of it.” I’m such a cheeky guy, I didn’t need to break into your room … ”

“You should never even remind me of this incident!” Exclaimed Vanyue Qianxun coldly.

Mo Fan hurried to shut up.


That’s right, since she said that you can agree, then you need to help her get into the territory of the eastern security tower.

Although Mo Fan still didn’t know what the eastern security tower was like, he could say with certainty: what he told was very important for Vanyue Qian-yun.

The eastern tower is strictly guarded, besides there is also such a strong prohibition, who would have thought that it is worthwhile for Mo Fan to stick his nose at one’s own time, as events begin to unfold like this.

Well, who forced him to examine her body? In the end, there is nothing scary to accompany her.

“Since we are still going to get there, then at least you should tell me who this person who used similar magic is. And why did he decide to kill those guards? What does the security tower hide? It is as if some shameful and immoral research is being conducted there, ”said Mo Fan.

Wangue Qianxun did not respond to Mo Fang. She stood on the crown of a tree and used the element of plants. Lianas immediately sprouted up the mountain jerky array.

Creepers wove a kind of stairs. On all sides, the mountain was defended by a ban, which attacked everything that was trying to get into the territory of the guard tower, be it a bird or a stone; the ban attacked everything. If it were not for Vanyue Qianxun, a woman who knew this prohibition as she had five fingers, it would have been difficult to get there alive.

“Passing this place, fit snugly to the rock,” said Vanyue Qianxun from above.

“Why don’t you do the same?” Asked Mo Fan.

“I have a thin body,” replied Vanyue Qianxun irritably.

“But you have big breasts and butt!”

“What did you say there?”

“I say you be careful too!”

Mo Fan tightly clung to the rock, unwittingly recalling various films about robbers, dodging infrared rays when the museum was robbed.

He has already managed to personally verify the prohibition, so now he was extremely careful. Even if the buttocks of Wanyue Qianxun were very close, Mo Fan still did not think about anything vulgar. In this area, the rock was steep, if he stared at something for a long time, he would not keep pace with Vanyue Qianxun.


The eastern security tower was completely immersed in darkness. Not a single lantern could be seen, even the moonlight seemed to be unable to illuminate this place.

They continued to climb up a steep rock upwards, the foundation of the fortress was already visible from here.

“There is a ban along the fortress wall, my plants will not be able to grow there, they will immediately be incinerated. When you snuck into my room, I felt the smell of darkness on your body. You know how to use the absorption of the shadow, so I did not find your presence in my room, right? ”Asked Vanyue Qianxion.

“Um, this is …”, Mo Fan hesitated, he didn’t want people to know that he had so many elements.

“I have no interest in other people’s secrets. Only here you will have to use the absorption of the shadow in order to get there. Then from there you will throw me a rope, ”said Vanyue Qianxion Mo Fang.

After these words, Mo Fang could only do as they said.

The guy opened his hands and merged with a huge shadow cast by the wall.

The wall was just huge, like a dam, people compared to it seemed tiny.

Shadow moving up, Mo Fan got close to the foundation. There was a small gorge. A person would not be able to stand there, but to stick the sharp part of the rope and throw it down – easily. This is what Mo Fan did. He made a small hole, then thrust the point into it, and then threw the rope to Vanyue Qianxun.

The wind whistled loudly at a frightening height. For a moment, the rope that appeared from the shadows flew straight down, hitting the side of a mountain.

Vanyue Qiansyun scrupulously climbed upstairs, soon, she was already in the same place as Mo Fan.

“Ventilation is right above us. Through it, we will enter the eastern security tower, ”said Vanyue Qianxion.

“I have already helped you to get here, the rest is yourself. You just let me down obsessed trees, and then I can handle. In the end, I helped you get into the security tower. ”

“How much more can you beat bullshit!”


The ventilation was very narrow, it is good that Mo Fan took a step through the shadow, otherwise he would not be able to crawl through. Wanyue Qianxion’s body was smaller, and so she was able to overcome this part of the journey without using magic.

“Well, now tell me, what is the Eastern Security Tower?” Asked Mo Fan.

“Do you really want to know?” Asked Vanyue Qianxun in response.

“No need to ask again, we have already snuck here!”

“S-grade Japanese Prison”

“Ty..trial?”, – Mo Fane’s jaw dropped.

“Yes, they hold world famous criminals here.”

“Those who kill people, sell drugs, right?

“Everyone who sits in this prison has personally killed at least a hundred people!” Said Vanyue Qianxun, nodding.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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