Chapter 797. The Room of Nightmares


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In this prison, people who transgressed the law by mistake found themselves in small dark rooms where there is no visible sunlight, and the fresh air does not actually penetrate into these narrow and compressed passages – in such a place not only time for a person stretches intolerably long, also becoming dim, falling apart.

In the eastern tower for particularly guilty people who made some kind of mess, there is a special room – a nightmare room.

This damned room first makes the person want to sleep, and then, as the defendant falls asleep, terrible nightmares immediately begin to overcome him. A person, being in a nightmare, cannot wake up at all – as if he is waking up inside his own nightmare. Thus, the spiritual state of a person receives a huge blow, which is a punishment for the outstanding inhabitants of the eastern tower. Even being scary and ruthless people, these criminals have their own fears that the nightmare room embodies – no one dares to get here the second time!

Vanyue Qianxiun was sure that her brother after the killing of three guards must be in this room. In any case, first they need to get to it, and then everything will become clearer.

Passing through these narrow passages, Mo Fan did not notice a single chamber or door, and this greatly surprised him.

“Someone must surely guard the nightmare room, right?” – asked Mo Fan.

– Why did I take you then with me? – answered the girl.

– E * at! Do you want me to fight guard? – the guy’s face immediately darkened.

– Calm down, you can definitely put the local guards on your shoulder blades, besides, you have an element of shadow, and here it is so dark that you find yourself in a clear advantage! – said Vanyue Tszyansyun.

What could he answer to that? After all, he himself climbed into her room, and she wrapped his finger around him, forcing him to participate in such a matter.

They both walked very quietly, but still it seemed that the tread of their steps was audible even in the remote corners of the tower.

Their subsequent path went down – now they were waited by a spiral staircase that led to the lower part of the east tower.

Only after a while the space around it began to expand. Going down the steps below, Vanyue Qianxun carefully looked at the large hall ahead.

On the floor was a flower vase, near which were Mo Fan with Wanyue Qianxun. In the long room were four guards in blue robes. Judging by their magical aura, they were all mid-level magicians.

“In the eastern tower, all the convicts are under a magical ban, so even the mid-level magic against them is very dangerous,” the girl explained.

“I can take on three, you figure it out last,” Mo Fan told her, looking at the four guards.

– coming. I’ll deal with the most extreme.

In the room from the lighting there were only small torches-lamps on the walls, so as not to expose the institution to danger from any electronic devices, there was absolutely no electrical equipment.

Such an old setting provided Mo Fang with additional possibilities: in such poor light conditions, he could easily use the magic of shadow.

Turning into a shadow, he headed towards the three guards.

He approached, wary of the mage of the element of light.

The magicians of light usually have a very sensitive perception about the magic of the shadow: they can easily sense its manifestation within a radius of one hundred meters. Mo Fan was just at such a distance from this magician, he carefully looked at the ceiling above the guard, trying to see if he let out the magic or not.

Wanyue Qianxiun explained to Mo Fang that all these guards should be eliminated as soon as possible: each of the guards has a special button at hand, and if at least three guards press it, the general siren will ring.

Now, Mo Fan began to crawl forward.

– My God, is it really so old?

Mo Fan uttered these words to himself, because the three guards just turned their heads in his direction.

Mo Fan froze, he did not dare even raise his eyes.

– Shanzhi, do you see something? – the voice was distributed.

“There is a slight dark breathing seal,” Shanzhi replied.

– The whole eastern tower is one huge seal, small dark streams here are common. Do not be alarmed because of each such case, while our dangerous prisoner inside has beautiful dreams! Said the other guard.

“It seems to me that it’s worth checking out after all,” said Shanzhi.

“Behind that torch lamp?” – the guard lazily pointed to one of the lights that hung on the wall.

– Yes.

– Ha ha ha! When I was on duty here for the first time, I also listened to everything. Not worth it … it’s just a shadow!

– I see there is a strange blackout!

Four guards began to look closely at the shadows of the fire lamps, and their faces immediately changed.

The three guards immediately flew six spikes shadow.

One spike blocks the body, two spikes already block the mind!

Mo Fan, using the magic of the shadow, made it so that now these magicians could not only move, but could not even release the magic!

– Attack!

The last guard shouted when he saw what was happening, and immediately hurried to press the alarm button.

As soon as he tried to do this, a green demon’s hand sprouted from the wall next to him!

The guard shouted even harder, but the magic of the plant quickly grabbed his legs first, and then his whole body, reaching his mouth!

After a few seconds, he had already turned into a cocoon. Kokon, of course, was not as big as Mo Fan was in his time, but even so the magic of plants completely bind man.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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