Chapter 798. Accumulative Pearl


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“You …” said a guard named Shanzhi, now he, too, was hard to move.

He saw that Mo Fan and Vanyue Qiangyun appeared, but Mo Fan, being a stupid person, decided once again to hide his face behind a layer of shadow.

– Get some sleep! Said Mo Fan, stunning the guard.

It was very dark in this prison, so the thorns of Mo Fang’s shadow could act strenuously. In the near future, these magicians are not so easy to get rid of the magic of shadow.

“Come on, quick,” said Mo Fan, looking at the girl behind him.

Looking at Mo Fan, she gently said: “Thank you for this time …”.

“Garbage, I like to piss off such people,” answered Mo Fan.

Even if he had not burst in without knocking into the room of some Chinese girl, he probably would have agreed anyway …

The girl came to the door of the nightmare room, she was sure that the guard could not have the key to that door, so she began to speak through it.

She spoke Japanese, so Mo Fan did not understand anything.

After a while, she turned her head, and from her expression, Mo Fan realized that the man who was in the nightmare room was really her brother, Hatyan.

– Why did they close you here? – the girl’s eyes were red with tears.

Hatyan disappeared so long ago that Vanyue Qianxun really thought that he simply evaporated. How could she not know that all this time he was in close proximity with her?

“I found an accumulative pearl, and at first I wanted to report it to the Osaka administration, but General Takagi grabbed me — he wanted to personally take possession of this pearl, so I was under arrest. I could not even think that he would close me here …, – the voice that was heard from inside the chamber was very weak.

– Do not say this now, I will try to pull you! I can’t look at how you die here, ”the girl interrupted him.

They talked for a long time, so Mo Fang had to glance once again at the immobilized guards.

– Is it really impossible to open this room of nightmares? – asked Mo Fan.

Wanyue Qianxiun nodded her head negatively – as if her inside were in a slow state.

– But what happens in the end? – asked Mo Fan.

– The eastern tower, besides being covered with darkness, is still under the influence of a curse that gradually drains souls from the prisoners here. I thought it was a general curse action, but all souls are concentrated in the accumulative pearl … – said the girl.

– A pearl that absorbs the spiritual forces of all these dangerous criminals? Yes, it’s just a killer thing! Said Mo Fan.

– Yes, and General Takagi, this idiot, in order to bring his animal to the level of the commander, turned the whole thing …. He specifically became the head of the tower’s security in order to profit at the expense of the prisoners! – furiously said Vanyue Qianxun.

– The desire to make his draft pet commander turned Takagi into a cunning person. Naturally, he wants to take an even higher post. And, although he does not like his current obligations as the head of the prison, he is ready to endure all this for the sake of this treasure! – concluded Mo Fan.

Greed makes a high ranking person even more terrifying!

“We must find this pearl as soon as possible.” If General Takagi gets ahead of us, he will immediately kill my brother! – said the girl.

“Yes, that’s right, but it would be better if I can avoid the massacre in your towers,” said Mo Fan.

Wanyue Qiangyun understood that the cumulative pearl was a spirit-forming object — such an item would be extremely useful for a summoned creature. Mo Fan, being familiar with the process of raising the level of the draft beast, knew that the formation of the spirit was the most important thing in the whole process. As soon as the formation of a stronger spirit of the animal, then his body immediately begins to develop!

In fact, Mo Fan was also very interested in the presence of such a thing: his agile wolf no longer developed further, and he attributed this to the fact that the spirit of the wolf is not strong enough for further progress. If it is possible to strengthen the spirit of the agile wolf, then he can instantly improve his level!

If this pearl can make a commander-in-chief commander out of the beast, then she will surely be able to turn the pack leader into a commander-in-chief!

“You’d better not concentrate on this thing like that,” the girl said.

“Yes, it’s just like that … thoughts out loud,” Mo Fan silenced.

According to Hatyan’s instructions, the cumulative pearl was located at the very bottom of the eastern tower. It was not possible to find it without any instructions, as it was hidden in the very bowels of the tower.

It’s good that Hatian told his sister to pay special attention to the dark labyrinth, which Vanyue Qianxun and Mo Fan got without much difficulty.

There were no guards here, and Hatyan found this place purely by chance.

Hatyan was a very honest man, therefore, having found such a valuable thing (no, to use it himself), he decided to report it to a higher authority, but in the end he was locked up in prison. If Mo Fan were in his place, he would immediately use this pearl for his own good, and if you cannot use it yourself, then he would simply sell it!

The space was closed, and it was only possible to get into it through the hole above.

There was nothing in the room, and in appearance it did not differ from the usual basement. However, in the very center, the glow of that same pearl was poured.

In Mof Fan’s view, there was nothing beautiful in this pearl, on the contrary, she could even scare people!

“This thing is so disgusting!” Proclaimed Mo Fan.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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