Chapter 799. Catastrophe !!!


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– Good. No matter how, but we have to get her out of here, ”said Vanyue Qianxion.

This pearl is the best proof of General Takagi’s dark thoughts. If she reports this to her superiors, she can get her brother out of prison, proving his innocence!

“Qianxiun, you had better think it over again,” said Mo Fan.

– In what sense? – Said the girl, with a blank look looking at Mo Fang.

She did not understand what Mo Fan wanted, but she had thoughts about the fact that he too could have an eye on this little thing.

– Do not look at me so. Even before I saw this pearl, I was already very interested in it. I also have a draft beast … but when I saw this pearl, I realized that I did not want it. Even if you give it to me, I will not take it, ”said Mo Fan.

“What do you want to say in the end?” – the girl did not catch up with Mo Fan.

“I told you, this thing is just awful!” Said Mo Fan.

– We should not think about taking possession of this pearl. All we have to do is to transfer it to the Osaka Magical Association or personally to the city authorities. I just want to know that my elder brother will no longer suffer in this tower, – Vanyue Qianxun was overwhelmed with emotions.

Since childhood, she was very anxious about her brother, among other things, they shared with him two flowers of one common spiritual seed of plants.

She understood better than anyone else what a terrible place this eastern tower is. Can she stay calm while her brother goes through all the circles of hell for such a long time?

“I will help you in the eastern tower so that you can sort out your brother’s case, as for the pearl … you can take it, I will not interfere with you, but in this case, don’t drag me along with you,” said Mo Fan.

– Yeah, thank you very much for everything, you really helped me, and I am grateful to you for that.

Mo Fan did not say anything. He only looked at how the girl takes the accumulative pearl.

It was not difficult to get out of the tower, as there was little security in it. However, it is impossible for an outsider to get inside. In order to keep everything secret, Mo Fang and Vanyue Qianxun had to go back the same way, as the guards who were stunned by them remained there, which would be discovered at the very next guard change.

After they went downstairs, Mo Fan watched as the girl immediately headed towards Osaka, and his heart became somehow restless.

– Dark talisman, this thing is really some kind of strange, isn’t it? Said Mo Fan, glancing at his chest.

The spiritual nature of the talisman was very unusual. For example, the cumulative pearl is a very valuable artifact that the dark talisman could digest with appetite, but Mo Fan noticed that the talisman behaved somehow detached when they approached the pearl.

This means that this pearl is not such a good thing!

Being a real treasure, the cumulative pearl without any problems awakens greed in people, however, Mo Fan was well aware that this thing is a real Pandora’s box!

Watching the girl’s silhouette dissolve into the darkness of the night, Mo Fan’s premonitions began to grow stronger.

– Talisman, did your daddy get into trouble? Said Mo Fan again.

The lights of Osaka reflected in the night sky, slowly rising to the heavens.

Numerous skyscrapers towered over the city, the stream of cars, without ceasing, raged along the roads. A drunken crowd of young men with dyed hair fell out of one night place. They shouted something on the roads, which is why passers-by preferred to part.

– Why should I grieve for some woman? It’s just ridiculous! Yes, look at the streets … how many young chicks, each of which can be my prey! Ha ha ha! Shouted a guy with blue hair, staggering.

Several friends rushed to hold him, but he pushed them all.

– I do not need your help … I myself can go! Not only can I go, but curse this girl too! She is here…. Smelly woman! You cut me off, Chaogan, come here! Shouted Chaoghan, pointing a finger at the girl in black tight-fitting clothes.

The girl went further, not paying any attention to this guy.

Such cold-blooded behavior of the girl literally infuriated drunken Chaogan even more. He ran ahead of her and shouted: “You will not go!”

– Go for it!

Wanyue Qianxiun flashed a cold glance, and a green demon’s hand was already growing in her legs.

The green demon’s hand literally threw Chaugan, who was a simple man, onto the road.

The driver of the truck that was driving along the road, was frightened when he saw a man flying right on the road, for so many years he saw this for the first time!

Chaogan’s friends are just fucked by what he saw. The girl who was among them began to squeal.

The truck braked right in front of Chaogan’s face, crushing his leg, which made him scream even more. Sudden pain immediately sobered him.

Vanyue Qianxiun, without turning around on this guy, went on to the high-rise building.

All the flowers and herbs instantly dried out after this girl passed by.

It was dark around as if the whole world had scattered, and the glow of lamps and lanterns did not penetrate the dense cap of darkness.

– Faster, call an ambulance!

– This girl is crazy!

– She is a magician!

– Even if the magician, she has no right to just cripple ordinary people! The magical court must deal with it!

Passers-by began to scream, and the bravest even set off to catch up with her.

This is Osaka, the place where the guilty magicians find their punishment!

Vanyue Qianxiun continued to go further and already approached the building.

Feeling that people were following her, she turned around, and from the glow of her eyes people just threw up!

People who saw her noticed that the girl, passing by the glass windows of buildings, was reflected in them not by her human appearance, but by a terrible black silhouette!

Now all the people on the streets began to scream!

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