Chapter 8 Is not a gathering if friends


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Chapter 8 Is not a gathering if friends

“Twenty-two thousand silver?”

Chu Xingyun’s body trembled slightly, apparently frightened by the price. He thought that the Nine Piles of Bilbo would sell 120,000 silver when it reached the top of the sky.

“Older generations, this price is only my preliminary estimate. The real price should be around thirty-two thousand. If you are not satisfied, you can make your own offer.” Seeing Chu Xingyun’s silence, Meng Qing thought that Chu Xingyun was not satisfied with the price, and hastily explained.

“No, just follow the rules of the auction house.” Chu Xingyun waved his hand, and he was confident about the vision and reputation of the Westerly Auction House.

“Good.” Meng Qingwei bowed slightly and hurried to prepare for the auction.

Martial Arts technique are very rare in Xifeng City. Even in the auction house of Xifeng, it can not be seen several times a year.

Therefore, Meng Qing is ready to strike while the iron is hot. Tonight, he will auction “Nine Piles of Blue Waves” and spread the news to the families of Xifeng City.

Shortly afterwards, all the families in Xifeng City sent people to auction this set of spiritual steps. In an instant, the auction hall was crowded and lively.

Chu Xingyun doesn’t care about the auction process, so he doesn’t pay too much attention to it. He just needs to know the result.

He looked away and fell on Meng Qing. He opened his mouth and asked, “Supervisor Meng, do you know where there is a high-quality Dan drug sale in Fangshi?”

“If the predecessors want to buy Dan Yao, Baibao House should be the first choice.”

Meng Qing pondered for a moment and explained, “Baibao Tower is a commercial giant of Liuyun Dynasty. Almost every city has branches. It sells not only Dan medicine, but also spiritual materials and blades.”

“Baibao Tower.” Chu Xingyun nodded and secretly remembered the name in his heart.

“It’s also a coincidence that I’m familiar with the owner of Baibao Tower. You take this jade peel and say that I introduced you and enjoy a 10% discount.” Meng Qing took out a jade badge from his bosom and handed it to Chu Xingyun.

The material of this jade badge is not outstanding, but ordinary white jade, carved with dragons, phoenixes and beasts, the center is also inlaid with many patterns, it looks quite beautiful.

“Thank you, Mr. Meng.” Chu Xingyun kept quiet and accepted the jade. What he lacked most now was silver. The 10% discount was not much, but he could also save a lot of money, for nothing.

“Within the four seas are brothers, you have stressed that in the future, if you want to auction martial arts, I hope you can first choose the Westerly Wind auction house.” Meng Qinghao laughed. He had been in shopping malls for many years. He was reasonable and knowledgeable.

Just as Chu Xingyun and Meng Qing talked, the auction ended and the results came out.

Chu Xingyun was shocked that the price of Bibo Jiupiao was raised to 42,000 silver, which was 100,000 silver higher than Meng Qing’s estimate of 32,000 silver.

However, to Chu Xingyun’s even more surprise, the person who bought Bibo Jiupiao was Shui Chongxian.

“It’s not that friends don’t get together. That’s true.” Chu Xingyun knew the result and laughed in his heart.

Shortly afterwards, under the leadership of Meng Qing, Shui Chongxian entered the VIP room, and water came with him for Shui Qian-yue. Standing behind Shui Chongxian, she seemed a little restrained.

“The owner of the water family, this cultivator, is the owner of The Nine Piles of the Blue Wave.” Meng Qing said with a smile on his face.

Shui Chongxian gazed at Chu Xingyun and held his fist in both hands. “Shui Chongxian, the owner of a household in the city, dares to ask the names of this cultivator?”

You know, Shuijia’s Martial Arts Techniques also ranks at the intermediate level of Ling.

But compared with “Nine Piles of Blue Wave”, it is much rough and not worth mentioning at all.

Therefore, for those who take out “Bibo Nine-fold Waves” for auction, judging by water worshiping virtuous people, they must be the strongest people in the secluded world for many years. They dare not put on the shelf of the owner of the Shuijia family, and they seem very respectful.

Seeing Shui Chongxian and Shui Qian-yun, Chu Xingyun lowered his voice so as not to be recognized by them. He said, “I’m just a sanitary practitioner. My name is not so thing to be mentioned. Take this Nine Piles of Bibo Wave.”

Saying such, Chu Xingyun took out the mind and maneuver of “Bibo Jiupiao” and threw it to Shui Chongxian.

Shui Chongxian hurriedly reached for it, unfolded his mind and manners, such as Ruojiazhen, carefully consulting them.

The more he looked up, the more excited he became.

“Bibo Nine-fold Waves” is divided into nine types of palms. Each palm is vigorous, palm after palm, palm to palm overlapping, power can also be multiplied, its very amazing.

“Forty-two thousand pieces of silver can buy such a top-notch martial arts, absolutely not at a loss!” Shui Chongxian was overjoyed and immediately took the paper carefully into his arms for fear of being taken away.

“The elders, according to the rules of the Westerly Auction House, need to charge half of the price for the items auctioned, but I intend to make a good relationship with the elders, this half of the cost, no matter what, I hope that the elders will come to the Westerly Auction House more and more to walk around in the future.”

Meng Qing’s face was full of pleasant smiles and handed forty stone to Chu Xingyun.

Ordinary transactions, mostly using silver, or gold, once the amount is large, it will be converted into spiritual stone.

A spiritual stone, equivalent to twelve thousand silver and twelve hundred gold, is not only convenient to carry, but also can provide the training of the warriors. It has gradually replaced the two silver and become a hard currency.

“Meng supervisor has a heart. If I want to auction martial arts in the future, I will come to the Westerly Wind Auction House.” Chu Xingyun ha ha laugh, 40 Lingshi, half the cost, that is, two Lingshi.

Meng Qingdu has done this, Chu Xingyun is no longer an outsider, anyway, he will need more spiritual stones in the future, maintaing good contact with each other is also inevitable.

Putting the spirit stones away, Chu Xingyun turns to walk out of the auction hall.

“Seniors, stay for a while!” At this time, the voice of Shui Qianyue suddenly sounded, which shocked Chu Xingyun. Does Shui Qianyue recognize his identity?

When Shui Qianyue came to Chu Xingyun, he bowed first and then respectfully said, “My senior, this Shui Qian-yue , since the first moment I saw you, have been convinced by your style. Hence I want to invite them to be my guest. I don’t know what their intentions are?”

“Convinced by my style?” Chu Xingyun was stunned, hiding under his black robe on his face, showing a trace of contempt.

This Shui Qian-yue is not just arrogant, but also so shameless.

What kind of strong demeanor and what kind of persuasion are all open-eyed lies. What she values is only the martial arts and skills of Chu Xingyun, who is really a snobbish villain.

“You are Shui Qian-yue.” Chu Xingyun deliberately raised his intonation so that everyone could hear him clearly.

“It’s a great honor for my predecessors to recognize me.” The voice of Shui Qian-yue is still respectful, but it reveals a slight sense of pride and enjoys the feeling of being watched.

“Shui Qian-yue, the Shuijia elder sister, having arrogant and unreasonable nature, in order to escape the engagement, not only made a difficult statement to the Chu younger master, but also put on a high-ranking appearance, such a name, that can earn disrespect from all, why would I not know?”

“It’s a pity that my Nine-fold Waves of Bibo should fall into the hands of such a despicable villain!”

Chu Xingyunbian said and walked. Finally, he strode away from the Westerly Wind Auction Hall.

But the ironic words echoed in the Westerly Wind Auction Hall very clearly. The expression of Shui Qian-yue and Shui Chongxian was solidified there, and the whole audience fell into a dead silence.

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