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After returning to the courtyard, Chu Xingyun closed the door, opened his arms, and spit out a sigh of gas. She said with a smile: “Come out.”


The words just exported, a shadow of Qian Qian appeared in front of him, wearing a red dress, the face is exquisite, it is Qin Yuyan.

“I just returned to the courtyard, Miss Rain Smoke is so anxious to come, is it to come to me to ask for benefits?” Chu Xingyun has already opened the vicious and Guyan mountain, the entire courtyard, only two of them.

“What are the benefits? How do you say this?” Qin Yuyan was a bit curious in his eyes.

“In the stands just now, you made a lot of words, let Yang Yan recruit me, even I proposed to become a ridiculous condition such as core disciple, you also do full power persuasion, you and my friendship, should not be deep enough to this point “”

Chu Xingyun eyes in the bright glow flashing, light said with a smile: “As I think, Miss Rain smoke should have something to ask me, or, want to get some benefits from me, this is in line with Qin Family’s business approach “”

Upon hearing Chu Xingyun’s analysis, Qin Yuyan’s heart suddenly stunned. It turned out that Chu Xingyun looked at everything in the stands. It seemed that she still underestimated Chu Xingyun.

After a moment of indulgence, Qin Yuyan suddenly relaxed, saying: “Since you have seen it for a long time, forget it, I am not obscured. I want to invite you to join Qin Family in the name of Qin Family and become a honorary guest!”

“Honours?” Chu Xingyun eyes slightly concealed, apparently didn’t expect Qin Yuyan will make such a request.

Qin Family is the Chamber of Commerce giant of the Imperial Dynasty. It has a huge wealth and it is said that it is a rich enemy.

The Honorary Guest of Qin Family has a very high status and possesses many real powers. Even in the Imperial City, it is a turmoil character.

In this way, letting Chu Xingyun become a Qin Family guest is too sudden.

“Can you tell me the reason?” Chu Xingyun kept calm and asked.

“Two days ago, you listened to your words and sent someone to investigate my second uncle. I found that my second uncle had already secretly controlled a lot of shops in Qin Family, and had a lot of fun with many families. Recently, the turmoil of Qin Family. It is exactly what he caused. According to my speculation, he should be trying to find the position of Patriarch!”

Qin Yuyan clenched her hands, and until this moment, she was still somewhat unbelievable.

A month ago, Qin Ruyan learned from the mouth of Gu Cyan Mountain that the Qin Family suffered successive blows, the disputes within the family continued, and the counties outside the family were caught in an unprecedented dilemma.

At that time, she was looking for reasons, but she has not made progress.

Until two days ago, Chu Xingyun asked her to investigate Qin Tianfeng, she learned that all of this was secretly manipulated by Qin Tianfeng. The purpose was to pull down Qin Tianyu and become the new Qin Family Patriarch.

“Sure enough, Qin Tianfeng!” Chu Xingyun’s heart is very cold, his previous conjecture, it is true.

Looking back at Qin Yuyan, Chu Xingyun asked: “Since you know that all of these are the hidden plots of Qin Tianfeng, you should tell you in time that father is invited to become a guest, what is the role?”

“It’s not awkward. As early as a few years ago, my father was seriously ill and unable to take care of Qin Family. Even more how, Qin Tianfeng has secretly cultivated the power of own. Even if my father screams, it will not be obvious. It has a role, but the might is rushing Qin Tianfeng, letting my father fall into desperation.”

“Now, the person who can help me and Qin Family, only you Chu Xingyun, I hope you can accept my invitation and help me!” Qin Yuyan said that in the end, the back spins slightly, actually turned to Chu Xingyun. A trip.

As she said, the people who can help Qin Family are really not much. Chu Xingyun is very thoughtful and knows the situation of Qin Family. It is the only person Qin Yuyan can rely on.

“I am free and easy, I don’t like being bound by others. I can’t accept this position.” Chu Xingyun stared at Qin Yuyan, the voice of the voice, let Qin Yuyan tremble, staying in the same place.

“And, even if I am willing to help you, relying on our strength, it is impossible to revive Qin Family. The so-called high-level people of Qin Family have already been bought by Qin Tianfeng. In their hearts, there is no Qin Tianyu, even killing Qin. Tianfeng, one day, they will also rebel, Qin Family, or die.” Chu Xingyun voice is utterly, said to be true.

A Pang Big Clan, in order to prosper, must be united.

When the hearts of the people are scattered, the family will not last long.

People are different, and the family will die.

At the beginning, after Qin Tianyu’s death, Qin Tianfeng became the new Qin Family Patriarch. It didn’t take much time for Qin Family to perish. This is nothing to say. Qin Family’s heart has long since become different.

Even if you save it, it will be a mess and there will be no more life.

Qin Yuyan’s eyes were hollow, and the whole man sat on the ground, his voice trembled and said: “Would it be that there is really no way, our Qin Family, destined to go to ruin?”

Even Chu Xingyun said such words, Qin Yuyan has completely fallen into the stunned, hot tears, across the delicate face, dripping on the ground, leaving scars.

“The way, it is not without.” Seeing Qin Yuyan like this, Chu Xingyun is also somewhat unbearable.

“What is the solution?” Qin Yuyan seems to have caught the straw, lifts the head, full of eager eyes.

“Qin Family has been hollow inside, and many shops are also in the hands of Qin Tianfeng. If you want to turn over, you must squat, kill the distracted people, rebuild the Chamber of Commerce, and fight against it!” Chu Xingyun eyes like lightning, say The idea of own.

“Scrapping the distracted people, but also rebuilding the Chamber of Commerce?”

Upon hearing this, Qin Yuyan’s eyes were blind, and the whole world was spinning.

Half-sounding, she just came back to God, and she bitterly said: “It’s hard to kill people who are distracted, but if you try to do full power, there is still a chance, but it’s too hard to rebuild Chamber of Commerce. Totally impossible.”

Qin Family has stood for a hundred years in the Imperial Dynasty, relying on the wisdom and efforts of countless predecessors to achieve today’s Qin Family.

If you want to abolish these Chamber of Commerce, it will be too difficult to rebuild, almost starting from the beginning.

More importantly, the current stream of Imperial Dynasty, the family powers countless, any field, have been divided into bits and pieces, they have to find opportunities to develop and grow, it is tantamount to the tiger’s mouth to eat, extremely difficult.

“I have said that, I have already finished, you have to watch Qin Family fall in the hands of Qin Tianfeng, or break up and stand up, kill a bloody way, how to choose, you can think about it.”

Chu Xingyun walked to the front of Qin Yuyan with a deep color in his eyes. He said, “Tell today’s words and tell you faithfully. If you decide to choose the second road, you can come to Lingwu Wufu to find me. But if you choose the first route, please don’t bother me because of this.”

In the words, Chu Xingyun strode in the direction of the cultivate chamber. When he saw that he was about to get started, he suddenly stopped and turned back: “I have said twice, anything, if you have not tried it, Don’t make a conclusion, it’s impossible to have three words. In my dictionary of Chu Xingyun, I have never had it!”

Stepping into the cultivate chamber, the sound of hōng lóng lóng sounded, and the heavy door closed immediately.

However, his irony words have been echoing in the head of Qin Yuyan, and the remaining sounds are endless.

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