Chapter 803. Who Will Deliver the Pearl


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Mo Fang’s head ached. After he learned about the crimson demon, he could not even guess where he was and what he had done.

If so, how can he help Ling Ling in her revenge?

“Student Mo Fan, the old man is asking for your help,” said Vanyue Mingjian.

“You know, I’m very busy,” Mo Fan refused directly.

– The cumulative pearl is a very bad thing. Honestly, I will not be calm as long as she is with me. I know that your team is now heading to Tokyo, and I hope that you can deliver this gem to my old friend from Tokyo, he is the only one who can clear all the negative things of this thing, ”said the old man.

– No, no, I do not agree, and do not vtyuhivat me this mission! – answered Mo Fan.

Now absolute power in the western security tower was in the hands of General Takagi. Sooner or later he will find it, and then the consequences of all this will be simply unpredictable, so the old man wanted to send this pearl as far as possible from these places.

– In this accumulative pearl a very bad power is hidden, if you use it for a draft animal, then the side effects will noticeably decrease. If you help us deal with this pearl, you can use part of its power. If my memory does not fail me, then you are a conscription magician, so you need this power more than others, which can influence the progress of the draft beast. And yes, if at the top they find out that I offer these resources to a magician from the Chinese national team, then they will punish me. However, now I have no other choice … the cumulative gem has only recently been formed, therefore its internal demon is not yet so strong, and the sooner we deactivate this gem, the better, said Vanyue Mingjian.

This suggestion of the old man involuntarily made Mo Fan to think about it.

The development of an agile wolf has always been one of the most pressing issues, besides Mo Fan has long since abandoned him. If he wants to move on, then the wolf must undoubtedly develop.

The agile wolf was always very devoted to the magician, so Mo Fan didn’t want to change him.

However, as soon as he recalled the treachery of the pearl, Mo Fanya began to be tormented by doubts.

“Why don’t you find another person?” – asked Mo Fan.

– Do you think that this thing should fall into the hands of other people? The old man asked in reply.

Indeed, Vanyue Mingjian knew from his own experience that this thing could make sworn enemies from the closest people, so it should not fall into the hands of anyone anyhow.

“Master, give her to me, I can deliver her …” said Vanyue Qianxun.

– Mo Fan at least will be able to remain in the mind, even under the influence of a pearl. I will not tell anyone that you will deliver her there. Mo Fan, in no case should you mention her in conversations with your team. In the silver wrap, it is no different from the usual bead – you only have to deliver it to Tokyo and give it to my friend, then you can get spiritual power for your pet, said the old man.

“It sounds good, but as soon as it comes to the crimson daemon, I immediately remember my partner from the hunters league.” All this time she is in search of the seal of the burgundy soul, without even thinking about the fact that the whole story originates in Japan, in your eastern tower. This person is very important to me, so I hope that you won’t be against me if I hide something too, ”confessed Mo Fan.

“Even if it is, then you must pass the pearl into the hands of my friend,” said the old man.

– Why?

“He was the one who, before General Takagi, was in charge of everything in the east tower.” I think that he is the only one who knows about the crimson demon, and therefore only he can resist him, ”said the old man.

“Since you say so, well, I will deliver it,” said Mo Fan.

“Qianxiun will go with you,” said the old man.

– I? – the girl was stunned.

She, the teacher, will accompany the Chinese team in Tokyo … it looks a bit out of place, what will they say?

“Give me the Hatyan case.” Deliver the pearl … I hope that after that he will be able to return to normal. Takagi will not be able to hold him there for no reason, ”said the old man.

A lot of things happened overnight, but for “grated kalach”, it can be said that everything is relatively calm.

When Mo Fan returned to his room, he already had an accumulative pearl in his hands, which was tightly wrapped in silvery matter. As soon as he recalled the demonic power that was hidden in her, he immediately began to run out with goosebumps.

– Mo Fan! Mo Fan! Wake up quick! – Shouting, Zhao Man Yan was pounding in his room.

Mo Fan opened the door.

– What happened?

“This girl, busty Vanyue Qianxun, she is traveling with us to Tokyo!” – excitedly said Zhao Man Yan.

“Ah,” Mo Fan replied.

– BUT??? How can you react so cold ??? Such a beauty goes with us! The road is long, you can get it! – mumbled Zhao Man Yan.

– I’m not one of them.

– You’re so persistent. What about whips, candles, chains? – the guy’s imagination broke out.

– Dick.

“Hey hey hey, why is that so?” Do you know something that male hormones can play a cruel joke? It’s not easy for me, Zhao Man Yan complained.

– Yes, nothing will happen to you. I want to sleep, – Mo Fan has already lost his temper.

– sleep? Have you not slept all this time ?!

“Something happened,” Mo Fan did not want to drag his friend into the pearl case.

This thing is very dangerous, so the safest thing would be if Mo Fan doesn’t tell anyone about it.

– By the way, I wanted to tell you something. Recently, I have strange dreams. I will tell you, and you will tell me what to do, ”said Zhao Man Yan.

– Come on then, I want to sleep.

“My God, you were really very busy last night.”

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