Chapter 805. Resources Will Not Replace


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If at the beginning what Mo Fan said seemed quite wild, now, everyone already believed him for the most part.

This was especially true of Ai Jiang Tu. He, together with Mo Fan, visited the world of dreams. He saw with his own eyes how Guntian committed suicide in order to clear his name. The girl who chose death over dishonor could not lie so foolishly!

“That’s what I think. That day it was foggy, not to mention that the body of this animal is very large, and it is easy to confuse it with the island. And if we also recall the fact that Gong Tien is a girl coming, then the appearance of another island could easily go unnoticed. Therefore, she was on that island … Although I don’t know why this animal just froze there, I won’t think of another explanation. Therefore, the island that I saw is nothing like this animal, which again appeared in the same place, ”said Mo Fan.

“What kind of animal is this?” How does he manage so easily to penetrate the boundary of the safe world? And why should a beast pretend to be an island …, ”said Jiang Shaoxu. She already fully believed Mo Fang.

If they had not seen the silhouette in the Pacific Ocean, they would never have believed that there was an animal that could have pretended to be an island. However, Mo Fan noticed and connected these details!

This is not an island, this is an animal! And not just an animal, but one that easily penetrates into the zones where people live!

“Then was the alarm yesterday because of this animal?” Said Jiang Yu.

“Although I don’t know what you are talking about, last night really saw a huge animal that soon disappeared. Obviously, it did not want to fight with us, ”said Vanyue Qianxun.

“But then why should he follow us. After all, it turns out that while we were moving overland, this beast swam around half of Japan, ”said Nan Jue.

But it was quite difficult to explain.

If the animal wanted to kill the magicians, it could do it right in the Pacific Ocean.

However, it seems that it simply follows the group without attacking. If it were not for the observation system in the western security tower, they would still not know about all this.

“I don’t understand anything at all. This animal can break the mountain with one blow, it can drink the river entirely, to accomplish something large-scale for it is not a problem, ”said Jiang Yu.

“And what are we going to do?” Asked Jiang Shaoxu.

“Wait and see. It is possible that we wind ourselves up. We do not know what this monster intended, so anything can be true, ”concluded Mo Fan.

“Yes, enough of what I know about it. And we can not worry about the rest, ”said Ai Jiang Tu.

Mo Fan’s words easily destroyed the calmness of every member of the team.

Well at least, that now they were far from the sea, one could not be afraid of a huge beast.

Soon the bus drove to the expressway, and around you could see the houses and towns. This is nothing but proof of the fact that this territory is safe.



The road was long. To get from Osaka to Tokyo, you had to drive the entire expressway from start to finish.

“When we arrive in the capital, I will lead you to interesting places in Tokyo,” Jiang Shaoxuy noticed that everyone was slightly out of sorts, so she decided to distract them from bad thoughts.

“Jiang Shaoxuy, as soon as we get to Tokyo, we will immediately head to Tokai Fortress,” said Ai Jiang Tu sternly.

“Why so rush? We’ll rest one day, nothing will happen, ”Jiang Shaoxu said gently.

“Tokai Fortress is the goal of our trip to Japan. It is worth noting that the teams of all large countries go to such places to get resources. The number and quality of resources directly depends on how the team will work, ”said Ai Jiang Tu.

“Even if it’s so, there’s no point in hurrying so much,” said Jiang Shaoxu.

“We have a lot of people in the team who have not reached a high level. Our visit to Japan is a great opportunity to fix it. If you do not want to use such a chance – you can go have fun in Tokyo, ”- Ai Jiang Tu was ruthless.

“Reaching a high level … it also takes a lot of resources!” Said Zhao Man-Yan with a glint in his eyes.

“You should not hope for anything. Even if we have resources, they will not reach you. This also applies to Mu Ning Xue and Mo Fang, ”said Mu Tinjin smiling.

Zhao Man Yan indignantly looked at Ai Jiang Tu.

“That’s right, resources won’t get replaced,” said Ai Jiang Tu nodding.

“E * your mother! Yes, you do not hold us for people! ”

“The fact that you have joined the team is already a great pleasure, not taking into account that you are pulling the team down,” Guan Yu quipped.

“Bl *, and you said that he was a high-level magician himself! You’re just a mid-level pettiness! ”Exclaimed Zhao Man Yan.

“* Khe-khe *, there are plenty of middle-level magicians in the team,” said Jiang Yu.

“I beg your pardon,” said Zhao Man Yan.

Ai Jiang Tu did not deceive his teammates. The fact that the resources do not get replacement, it was said at the beginning of the journey.

In addition, if someone from the replacement, Mo Fan, Mu Ning Xue or Zhao Man Yan, do not show themselves in the best way, they will be immediately replaced by talented magicians from the security organization of China.

In the end, then they are a substitute to be not as privileged as the main part of the team.

The chance that Mo Fan would be replaced by another magician was negligible. Still, the guy is a high-level mage. But Zhao Man Yan and Mu Ning Xue were threatened.

Mu Ning Xue is strong, but she still has not reached a high level.

She got a lot of resources. However, after the incident with the black church and Mu He, the Mu family stopped giving her all the resources. Now most of it was in Mu Tinin.

Mu Ning Xue was not too far from a high level, but without the help of resources it would still take some time.

Mu Ning Xue worried about this very much.

These resources would be very useful for her, but nothing can be done, the resources get to the main part of the team.

During the journey in any way there will be at least one replacement.

And this means that either she or Zhao Man Yan will be under attack.

And if you remember that Zhao Man Yan got here because of money, then there is no doubt that they will keep him in the team.

Thus, Mu Ning Xue has the highest chance to fly out of the team.

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