Chapter 806. Fallen Column


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As soon as the team reached Tokyo, she was inspired to receive a high level of magic so much that she did not go to the city to have fun. They headed straight to Tokai Fortress.

Tokai Fortress was known to the whole world. Fights with monsters in this place of Tokyo have not stopped for centuries. And in the water near the wall constantly flooded the bloody limbs of monsters.

A fortified fortress stood near the shore, it was she who was the Tokai fortress.

From a bird’s eye view, one could see that the fortress was built in the shape of a crescent and surrounded by a wall. Anyway, to call this “wall” the language did not turn, it was rather like a dam. The steel wall was huge and stately. It does not matter, whether it be floods, monsters or any other disaster, the wall is well protected the city from destruction. People living in Tokyo call this fortress “Tokyo Shield”.

The wall consisted of two parts. The first part was not very high, it did not play a significant role in the defense against monsters.

However, the second part was very high. Even a hundred-meter monster could not step over the wall.

“Tokai Fortress looks quite new,” said Jiang Yu.

“Yes, if it were not for the building stone, it would be no different from other places. It looks no different from other cities, ”said Jiang Shaoxu.

“This is one of the four largest fortresses, and seemingly nothing special, except that the sea is very close,” said Mu Tinyin.

“Let us first announce our arrival,” said Nan Jue, and went ahead with such a look as if she was familiar with these places.

Tokai Fortress was gray. Everything here was the same as in other cities: streets, shops, residential buildings. There were neither monsters nor their remains on the streets. The only thing that caught my eye was that all the buildings looked newly built. The streets were filled with people moving back and forth. The first time, the team even thought that they were not there.

However, if it were not for one feature of this place, then such doubts would continue to exist. The peculiarity was that almost all the people whom they saw on the streets were magicians. There were practically no ordinary people here. Even traders in small shops, and those were magicians. And the goods in such shops were appropriate: skins, claws, internal organs of sea monsters and the armor made of them.

Mo Fan was now not with the rest of the team. As soon as they arrived in Tokyo, he immediately went along with Wanyue Qianxun on an important assignment. Still, he had the most dangerous pearl.

Despite the fact that Zhao Man Yan and Mu Ning Xue were substitutes and would not receive any resources as they would not have tried hard, they still joined the rest of the team. The opportunity to gain experience in battle still remained invaluable. For any mage it is very important to fight with real opponents in order to become stronger.

“Nan Jue, you’ve already been here, right?” Said Ats Jiang Tu, noting how well a woman orientates herself in a fortress.

“Yes, a few years ago I was here. Then I saw the largest battle of people and animals. We were lucky that there was no tide, ”answered Nan Jue.

As soon as she finished, there was a loud sound.

It was like an earthquake – the street was shaking. From this people immediately dizzy.

Many people squeezed their ears, while Ai Jiang Tu and Nan Jue, those who were ahead of everyone, saw a terrible picture: a stone column began to fall!

“Fuck it!”, – Zhao Man Yan was so scared that he completely forgot that he could use magic.

None of the people on the street could imagine that this was possible. The falling column was about a meter in diameter and ten more in height.

“Run!” Shouted a man with red hair.

This man was a hero. He saw Mu Ning Xue standing nearby and decided to save her.

Stone pillar fell directly on the team. If they were entry level mages, they would have been crushed by this column.


The body of Ai Jiang Tu was surrounded by magic. His face was serious, and his look stern. Even in such a situation, he was able to keep his composure and use magic. There is nothing in this world that he could not control with magic!

The column has now almost fallen on people, as it suddenly trembled and stopped in the air two meters from the ground.

Eyes Ai Jiang Tu filled the silver glow. He persistently looked at the column, after which he transferred it and laid it on the ground.

“This is … the magic of the element of space!” The red-haired man said in surprise.

“Let go!” Said Mu Ning Xue coldly.

The man just now came to himself, after which he apologized to the girl.

In such a situation, he decided to save Mu Ning Xue by jumping and knocking her to the ground. His hands were all this time on her shoulders and back.

Mu Ning Xue realized that he just wanted to save her, so she did not find fault with the little things.

“You really scared me, I thought this column would crush you now,” said the red-haired man.

“You’re pretty good at choosing who you need to save,” Jiang Shaoxu said.

When Mu Ning Xue walked down the street, many turned around to look at her. Silver hair riveted many views. This redhead also looked at the student, and seeing a flying convoy, he decided to take advantage of the right moment and save her.

Who would have thought that Ai Jiang Tu would be able to stop the flying convoy. Mu Ning Xue also wanted to use magic as she was knocked down.

“She was just nearby,” said the red-haired man, and immediately changed the subject: “My name is Guanglai. Nice to meet you…”

“No one wants to get to know you!” Said Zhao Man Yan rudely from a man who appeared from nowhere.

“How the column could have fallen … pussy * uh, look!”, Jiang Yu began, but he was interrupted by an amazing scene.

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