Chapter 808. Monster’s Weakness


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Jiang Shaoxu didn’t have any movement magic, so she wouldn’t keep up with the rest on her small legs.

Zu Jiming, who ran alongside, completely forgot about the girl and used the element of earth to move, leaving her alone.

“Scoundrels! You are all scoundrels! Come back and save me! ”, – Jiang Shaoxu fled and cursed at all the others.

The girl at the same moment used the magical shoes in order to accelerate. However, this artifact would suffice at best in order to escape from the beast level commander in chief.

A huge shadow was already hanging over the girl, Jiang Shaoxu could already feel the stench coming from the monster.

“Jiang Shaoxu is falling behind!” Exclaimed Nan Jue.

“There is only one beast, yes?” Asked Ai Jiang Tu.

“Yes one”

“Get ready for battle!” Exclaimed Ai Jiang Tu and stopped running.

The magician immediately surrounded the appeared star cloud of silver color.

He was a more skillful high-level magician than Mo Fan, so the spell casting speed was significantly higher. After a couple of moments, his body was surrounded by a silvery sheen, and he was gone.

The next second, Ai Jiang Tu appeared at the end of the group, next to Jiang Shaoxu.

The girl quickly ran away, but when she saw that someone appeared next to her, she suddenly stopped …

The ferocious blue beast did not swing its forelimbs, it used its thorns on its hind legs and attacked Jiang Shaoxu.


Ai Jiang Tu calmly, fearlessly looked at the monster who could destroy the whole block into pieces.

At the same moment the magic of the element of space stopped sharp thorns right in the air!

“Captain, why is it so heartless!”

Many people turned around and saw how a monster’s not-too-big but very strong paw hovered right above people!

Jiang Shaoxuy knew that she could not fight at that distance, so she immediately ran off to the side.

The others, seeing that the team captain had already started the fight, dispersed and prepared for battle. In the eyes of everyone was burning desire to kill the monster!

More than ten mid-level spells simultaneously attacked the monster. Among them were a flaming fist, and an ice dungeon, and a wind disk, and peals of thunder, and creepers …

In the battle with the monsters is very important to act cohesively. Teamwork is very important because the spells of different elements, combined together, are stronger!

Of course, a monster of this level will not receive significant damage from the average level magic. The only thing this magic was suitable for was to hold up the beast and damage the scales a little.

“Is there anyone with an element of poison?” We need to first weaken the protection of this monster, and only then attack, otherwise we will waste all our strength! ”Shouted Li Kaifeng.

Zu Jiming, who stood behind everyone, was a magician of the element of poison. Immediately after Li Kaifeng’s words, he used a poisonous grotto.

From the poisonous grotto, little bees immediately flew out, of which there were so many that it seemed like a net.

The speed of flight of poisonous bees was slightly slow, so the monster had a lot of time to react. A fierce blue beast opened its mouth and made a loud cry.

A flurry of wind quickly dispelled a poisonous “net.”

“And you are cunning! We immediately see that it is not the first time that you are fighting with people, ”said Zu Jiming.

Most monsters would not emphasize small animals such as bees. After this monster did not shy away from any intermediate-level magic, such a reaction to the bees could only mean one thing: someone had already used this spell on him and he knows how dangerous it is for his scales.

“He broke loose!” Step aside!”

Ai Jiang Tu was at the limit and could no longer hold back the ferocious blue beast! The guy concentrated and used the element of space in order to evade the frontal attack of the beast.

Ai Jiang Tu appeared on the roof of a twenty-meter house that stood nearby. From there you could clearly see the fish head of the monster …

He looked at the monster and immediately realized something. The whole body of the monster was covered with dense scales, but the head remained unprotected!


Ai Jiang Tu was delighted, he could not even imagine that, having moved to the roof, he would immediately notice the weak point of this beast!

“He has no scales on his head!” Ai Jiang Tu immediately exclaimed.

Seeing that the monster escaped, magicians, one after another hid in the narrow streets. The architecture of the fortress seemed very simple, but if you look closely, you can understand that this is no accident. This architecture will be very useful for magicians, leading the battle with monsters! Buildings and streets were designed in such a way that those who cannot fight monsters in close combat can immediately find a place convenient for them.

“Bro, we can’t fly, what’s the use of having a weak spot on his head!” Said Jiang Yu Ai Jiang Tu.

As soon as he said these words, a fierce blue beast appeared in a narrow passage and stared at Jiang Yu.

The monster’s head completely blocked the source of light, plunging the narrow street into the shadow.

In the eyes of the monster, Jiang Yu was like a little rat hiding in a burrow. If it were not for the special, durable material from which the buildings in the Tokai fortress are made, the monster would immediately destroy them and attack the person. However, to destroy buildings of such strength, even a monster at the commander-in-chief level will take some time.

The ferocious blue beast became angry in earnest, and then hit all the limbs at the buildings, destroying the street.

Jiang Yu did not wait for his own death and ran to another, similar street.

“Your mother, he’s really smart!” Jiang Yu shouted when he saw that the monster was destroying the street with all its might.

“Jiang Yu, Jiang Yu, do not run there!” Jiang Yu heard a voice say.

“If not there, then fall into the mouth of this damned monster!” Jiang Yu said emotionally.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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