Chapter 81: One shell necklace


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When I left the College of the Brave, I saw Sasha leaning by the gate.

“You waited all the way, Sasha”

Speaking up, Sasha breaks her face and turns this way.

But he stared at me like he had immediately reconsidered.

“You’ve been waiting, haven’t you? It’s late, it’s late. I was wondering what was going on.”

“What are you worried about me?


Sasha thought and said.

“but before the college exchange, I was wondering if I had killed them all”

I laugh.

Quite, don’t you know?

“College interactions teach each other magic ceremonies, too, but after all, dillheid and azeción friendship are the purpose, so if you do something as unscrupulous as when you’re in Delzogate, it’s gonna be a big deal.”

I don’t know if that’s what they’re gonna do.

Sasha pushes her silence like she’s been shattered.

“… Sure, I doubt it’s really friendly to be making up such a history…”

As I walked out, Sasha lined up next to him.

“As I said earlier, it is premature to assume that humans are hostile to the Demons as much as Kanon the Brave told future generations the false history of defeating me”


“An outrageously powerful demon king brought peace to the world just at random. Now man cannot forget the fear of the Demon King. The reincarnated demon king won’t destroy the world on a whim this time.”

Sasha nods as convinced.

“Even if you knew it was a lie, you decided that the brave men had defeated you to reassure the people?

“It would be best to do so. It is true that the tyrannical demon king is dead. And even if the enemies who did everything in their power wanted peace, few believed in it.”

So much so that two thousand years ago in the war, resentment and resentment swirled and overflowed.

Enough to dislike it.

“It is also impossible to believe in that heritage and take a strong attitude in front of the Demons because we are descendants of heroes. Lovely stuff.”

“Pretend I have an understanding, and who was it that was busting out of popularity just now?

Sasha stares at me.

“What, you’re so cute. Until I played him.”

“… Ah, that. I’m gonna be traumatized for the rest of my life.”

I don’t think so.

“So what do you mean friendship may not be the purpose? Besides what you just did, what did you find out?

“If you say you do, you do, but unfortunately you’ve got more mysteries.”


Two thousand years ago, the brave Kanon was killed by humans.

It would be after I reborn, building a wall in the world.

What the hell happened?

Why should we kill with our own hands the heroes who have fought repeatedly against the demon king of tyranny and saved humanity?

Were you involved in a power struggle?

Or is it the work of Avos Dilhevia?

Asking Eleonor is probably the quickest thing to do so far.

“Hi, it looks like that guy named Laos was pretending to be fucked by me on purpose.”

“… a college-by-college adversarial exam to alert us?

“And he seemed to want to measure my power. Until I went out of my way to sell my fights in an open manner.”

“Hmm. I’m busy.”

Sasha’s gaze gets sharper. I’m sure you’re feeling depressed because of what you said earlier. If you look at them in the exam, do you have a curtain for me?

“Hey, Anos”

Pull my sleeve, like Sasha noticed something.


Ahead of her gaze was a grey-haired, neutral-faced man and a customary chestnut-haired girl.

It’s Ray and Mass. The two are walking round trip amicably.

“Looks like you’ve finished advising the fan union.”

“Oh, wait. Yo.”

As I tried to speak, Sasha grabbed my hand.


“Yeah… ‘Cause I’m sorry to bother you”

“In the way of what?

“Uh, maybe I’m not in the way, but, look, maybe I’m in the way.”

Hmm. That sounds like something stuck in your back teeth.

“Ugh. Would you stop looking at me like that? So simply put, Mass doesn’t mean I like Ray.”


When did that happen?


“How’s Ray?

“… he has no idea what he’s thinking. But you’re talking to Mass here, right? I mean, don’t men know better about that?

“Unfortunately, I never talked about it.”

“… right”

The Rays turn the corner and go into the central street.

“I can tail you.”

“Ha!? No, you can’t. That’s careless.”

“If you’re not interested, you don’t have to come”

Chasing after the Rays, I’m going into the center street.

It was quite crowded, but if it was my demon eye, I wouldn’t lose sight of it.

If I listened, I could hear you two talking.

“Hehe, that’s amazing, there’s a lot of stalls out there.”

“Is it also a festival?

Ray and Mass, as usual, are laughing at Nico.

“Sure, I think it was the Christmas of the great brave Jerga. It was written on the paper I got before the expedition exam. It’s almost the day Jerga was born, and they’re celebrating for over a month to go with it.”


The Rays walk with pleasure as they see the stalls and performances lined up in the streets. I stopped looking at a stall where there was a mass.

“Do you want to try?

“Yes. I’m going to give it a try.”

The two headed for the shooter’s stall. Using a wooden bow, it looks like it shoots at a set target. There are several types of targets, each of which gets a different prize when it hits.

The currencies of Dilheid and Azesion are different, but they are redeemed in advance. Mass got a wooden bow when he made the payment.

Is the distance to the target about eight meters?

Three arrows. Mass set his aim and pulled his bow, but he missed target brilliantly on all three occasions.

“Hahaha, not at all”

Though I failed, Mass seemed like fun.

“Why don’t you try Mr. Ray, too?

“I’ve never used a bow.”

Ray pays the shopkeeper and gets a wooden bow from Mass.

“Which one were you after?

“Uh, it’s targeted.”

Mass points.

The prize was like a seashell necklace.

“I guess I’ll hit it.”

Ray pulls the bow and sets the aim.

The fired arrows blurred slightly.

“Oh, that’s a shame. Yikes. Not much more.”

“I’ll hit you next.”

Refreshingly Ray smiles.

“Uh, can I say that? If you don’t hit it, you’re embarrassed, aren’t you?

“You want to bet?

“Well, if it comes off, have a treat.”


And by the time Ray said it, the arrow had already hit the middle of the target.

“Wow! That’s right. That’s amazing. And it’s in the middle of nowhere.”

First time with a bow. That’s it.

You say it’s not a sword, but, as always, you’re a fast growing man.

“… you’re totally flirting…”

Sasha is peeking at you both over my back.

After all, you seemed interested.

“Those two, aren’t they always oh?

“No, I’m not. It’s about three times sweeter than usual.”

Sasha gave me an enviable look somewhere.

“Oh my goodness. With all that skill, you can rest assured that deep darkness will come.”

And the store owner says.

“… deep darkness?

“Whoa, I’m sorry. You weren’t talking about Christmas. Which one?

The store owner shows some shellfish necklaces.

“Do you have one shellfish?

The shopkeeper reached for the shelf in the back and got the shellfish necklace.

“Aye. Don’t put it on her.”

The store owner gives Ray a necklace with two pairs of shells.


The two follow the stall.

“Haha, you got me wrong. Excuse me, I got something.”

“I don’t think so.”

“Ah… well… haha…”

Mass laughs as illuminated.

“Are you glad?

“Huh? What is it?

“If you like Anos, don’t you have trouble getting mistaken for me?

After a moment of proper expression, Mass waved in haste.

“Chi, no. Yikes. That is a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding! Master Anos certainly respects and admires you. But I’m too afraid to just think about that in the first place, and even fan unions are a hiding place for unity. Shit. And…”

Then Ray smiled refreshingly.

“Good for you, then.”

“… uh, good… is that it?

Ray gives away the shellfish necklace from earlier.

“I thought I’d give it to you.”


Mass looks back at Ray’s face as surprised.

“My mother took care of me, thank you for that. Not a big deal, I’m sorry.”

“No… I’m nothing, after all, and it didn’t do me any good. Mr. Ray’s mother was saved, thanks in large part to Mr. Anos.”

“You risked your life, trying to save my mother. Not really. For me. Enough to thank you.”

“… I don’t know, it’s illuminating when they say it again…”

“Neither do I.”

Ray stares into Mass eyes.

“But… can I have it…?

“Betting is my win, isn’t it?

“Ah… right…”

Mass was slightly dyeing his cheeks to the vermilion.

“Will you have it?

She nodded in stiffness.

When I receive a shellfish necklace from Ray, I try to put it on quickly.

“Is that it? How is this going to come off? Structure is different from that of Dillhayd……?

“Lend it to me”

Ray holds the neckline and easily removes the fastening.

I gently turned my arm around Mass’s neck and put the necklace on her.

“Haha…… sorry for what…… what do you think…?

“You look great.”

Mass leans down in the light.

“Beautiful, isn’t it, this necklace, it has two seashells, it has two strings, the type I rarely see when it’s dillheid, is it popular in Azesion?

“I think so.”

That’s where the conversation breaks off.

In the hustle and bustle of the city, the two just stare at each other, as if time had stopped.

How long have you been doing that, eventually, Ray said.

“Shall we go see the other performances?


The two walk out side by side.

It’s a crowd that came to Christmas, the rounds are a bit more crowded than just now, and Mass looks like he can’t walk as well as he thinks.

“Mr. Mass.”

And, Ray holds her hand.

“… er… the…”

“I don’t like Thought Communications. If you lose it, you’ll have trouble.”

“Ah… right, yes…”

Hands in hand, the two were smiling and enjoying a busy Christmas with people.

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