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Inside the secret room.

Chu Xingyun felt the departure of Qin Yuyan, his look was slight, and with his ability, he could really help Qin Family through the storm, but these still have the full power of Qin Family.

If Qin Tianyu’s ambition is dead and he just wants to end his life, then even if he has the unpredictable means of Ghost Spirit, it will not make the Qin Family prosper.

With both eyes closed, Chu Xingyun threw these distractions into the topmost clouds and separated a portion of Mind, arrived at Dantian.

At this time, in the center of Dantian, a fine needle-like halo was quietly suspended, and the halo continued to rotate, exuding pure spiritual power and merging into the body of the meridians.

This halo is naturally the spiritual sea of Chu Xingyun.

“The old man of Gu Qingsong, in order to let me succumb to him, actually used the Black Tortoise Martial Spirit without shame. I did not know that I used the Black Tortoise Martial Spirit to oppress me and inspire the body potential. I stepped into Spirit Gathering. Situation.” Chu Xingyun stared at Linghai, and his mouth curled up a touch of curvature.

Originally, according to Chu Xingyun’s estimate, it would take at least a month for the Linghai to become saturated.

However, Gu Qingsong’s stupid move allowed Chu Xingyun to seize the opportunity and absorb a large number of Earth Spirit forces, in a spurt of energy, to make the Linghai condensed, and took the most crucial step.

Now, Chu Xingyun’s Linghai is perfect, and the spiritual power of the swallow is not much, but it is nine times purer than the ordinary person.

If Gu Qingsong knew about this, I am afraid that it would be difficult to vomit blood. He obviously wanted Chu Xingyun to give in, and finally, he helped Chu Xingyun.

As for the power of the world, Chu Xingyun was able to use the resonance of himself and the world to make a move at the moment of breakthrough. If it is normal, let alone call, even if it is perceived, it will not be perceived.

The so-called world and earth, in simple terms, is the power of heaven and earth.

After entering the Earth Spirit, Martial Artist can enhance the understanding of heaven and earth by absorbing the cloud evil energy of Between Heaven and Earth, and realize the use of heaven and earth. The same is true of Heavenly Spirit.

Chu Xingyun The last generation was the Martial Emperor powerhouse. It has already been thoroughly understood for the world.

It’s just that his realm is too low, there is no cognition, but there is not enough power to use it. It can only be called out in the moment of the Spirit Gathering Sea.

“When the ordinary Martial Artist condenses Spirit Gathering in the sea, it can also feel the resonance of the world, but it is only very small. I also condensed the Spirit Gathering Sea, but this time, after the nine times of compression, I feel the world. The resonance is especially strong, and even allows me to call the world and display the broken sword. From this point of view, the foundation I have laid has surpassed the mixed Martial Emperor.”

When the original Martial Emperor taught “Nine Revolutions Spirit Gathering” to Chu Xingyun, he said that when he condensed the Spirit Gathering Sea, he could call a hint of heaven and earth.

Chu Xingyun, this time, condensed the Spirit Gathering Sea, but called a whole world of power, high and low, and judged!

However, this is also normal.

After all, Chu Xingyun Two Lifetimes is a human being with a huge cultivate experience. If this is not enough to surpass the mixed Martial Emperor, Chu Xingyun is afraid to hit the wall.

Just as Chu Xingyun looked at Linghai, suddenly his eyes fell on the stone platform of the inner space.

“I am now in Spirit Gathering and should be able to continue to read the Samsara Heavenly Book.”

According to the guidelines of Samsara Heavenly Book, as long as Chu Xingyun stepped into Spirit Gathering, he could continue to flip the Heavenly Book. At this moment, Chu Xingyun waited for a long time, and his heart was full of expectations.

Going to the Samsara Heavenly Book, Chu Xingyun gathered his spirits in his arms, picked up the Samsara Heavenly Book, and slowly flipped the second page.

On the page, it depicts a magnificent magnificent landscape, the mountains are continuous, and the Long River is rushing. Even if you stare at it, you can feel the vastness of it, as if it was arrived at antiquity.

In the center of the page, a huge bird and beast is suspended, and its mouth is like a scorpion. It looks like a scorpion, and its wings are like a pen, each feather is like a sharp sword edge, giving off a hot breath and giving people a sense of shock.

“True Fire Phoenix?” Chu Xingyun recognized the huge bird and beast at a glance, and his heart was shocked.

Phoenix and True Dragon are the Supreme, the legendary Divine Beast.

Such terrifying existence and strength are all at the level of the emperor. Even Chu Xingyun of the previous world has never seen it before. Only in some ancient books can you see the truth.

In front of this True Fire Phoenix, it is vividly depicted as if it were a living thing. Chu Xingyun speculates that I am afraid I can only have such an Intent Domain if I have seen the real True Fire Phoenix.

“Samsara Heavenly Book is the life source of Samsara Heavenly Emperor. Could it be that Samsara Heavenly Emperor has seen True Fire Phoenix?” Chu Xingyun’s thoughts appeared in his mind, and his eyes looked deep into the pages. I felt a hot air blowing.


At this moment, a high-pitched phoenix sounded, and immediately, under the horror of Chu Xingyun, the True Fire Phoenix actually survived, the wings fluttered, and the endless heat of the flame rose.

Under the flame of this flame, the pages actually became transparent, and True Fire Phoenix swept away and rushed straight out of the page, plunging into the void.

In an instant, the entire interior space became a scarlet-red color, and True Fire Phoenix regained its freedom and soared happily, sometimes bursting with high-pitched sounds of phoenixes.

“I actually lived!” Chu Xingyun took a cold qi, True Fire Phoenix in the Samsara Heavenly Book, it was a living thing, and it really appeared in front of the owner, which is really shocking.


True Fire Phoenix in the void seems to have discovered Chu Xingyun, his body swaying, and then swooping down, the hot flame, twisting the void, and passing it as if it were flame hell.

“this guy, it won’t be trapped for too long, want to kill me to vent your anger?” Chu Xingyun looked awkward, trying to avoid, but found that own has been locked by True Fire Phoenix, can not move half a point.

Like this legendary Divine Beast, the strength of its terrifying, even if it is a look, is enough to let Chu Xingyun collapse.

Hū hū hū !

The closer the True Fire Phoenix is, the more the Chu Xingyun’s eyes are filled with the rolling flame, and his body is shrouded in a moment, completely bathed in the flame.

“Well?” The moment the flame came, Chu Xingyun was surprised to find that he was not dead.

All around flame, and not the expected terrifying temperature, but a warm feeling, very comfortable, completely feel the slightest pain.

“No, this True Fire Phoenix is not really a living thing, it seems to be just a sigh of relief.” Chu Xingyun quickly calmed down.

If the True Fire Phoenix in front of you is a living thing, it is a flame wrap, even if it is a flame, it is enough to burn him thousands of times.

However, in the Samsara Heavenly Book, why is there an exclamation of True Fire Phoenix?

What is the role of this remnant soul?

Just when Chu Xingyun was full of doubts, the True Fire Phoenix slowly fell, and the phoenix trembled, spilling a little scarlet-red light, completely immersed in Chu Xingyun’s body, let his consciousness fade away. .


Another phoenix’s cry came, but this time, the sound came from Chu Xingyun’s mind.

He slowly opened his eyes and found that the scene in front of him changed. It was no longer the inner space of the Samsara stone, but the atr was at the endless vast mountain range.

The True Fire Phoenix, hovering over the top of his head, with his wings open, the fire overflowing, soaring above the sky, seemed to compete with the sun on the sky.

“This mountain range seems a bit familiar.” Chu Xingyun’s gaze was slightly solidified. He looked around at the mountain range, and the heart twitched. Here, it was the place where he fell in love – Heavenly Spirit Mountain!

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