Chapter 810. Life on the Scale


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Ai Jiang Tu lifted his head from the ground. His body was covered with many wounds, and his clothes were torn.

There was a huge bruise on his lower back, which said that all his movements were given off by a huge back pain, from which even getting to his feet was a difficult task.

“Do not move, your loins should be fixed,” said Nan Rongni, who received information about the type of his injury from the healing spirit, which was usually represented by healing butterflies.

Ai Jiang Tu took a deep breath with his nose, inside which was a lot of dust.

“Are the others okay?” – asked Ai Jiang Tu.

In the whole team, only he could confront a monster at the commander-in-chief level, and if he had not got involved in this business, the rest would have been in trouble.

– Do not worry! Since each of them was able to become a member of the national team, it means that they have their own specific skills. In such cases, self-defense is not a problem for them, ”Nan Rongni reassured him.

Having heard the reassuring speeches of Nan Rongni, Ai Jiang Tu now did not resist, but continued to lie down, calmly taking the treatment.

It is worth noting that the buildings and streets in the vicinity of the Tokai fortress played a significant role in this situation. Fierce blue animals have massive dimensions, which makes it hard for them to attack a target if it is inside a building.

People for such monsters were like small rats, and the buildings themselves were more like knolls and hillocks relative to their size, only it was difficult for them to destroy the magicians who constantly moved in different directions.

After all, it’s not for nothing that all the environs of the Tokai Fortress were built exactly according to this principle!

Streets and buildings were new for the most part due to the fact that battles are constantly taking place in these parts, and, as a result, destruction.

The ruins were rebuilt again by a team of builders consisting of the magicians of the earth element.

The animals couldn’t even kill Ai Jiang Tu, they didn’t even find him! Having ruined all the buildings within a radius of one hundred meters, they ran shastali around.

– Where are you? – asked Nan Jue, speaking on the radio to the rest of the team, who were scattered in different parts.

“We’re at the shelter,” Zhao Man Yan’s voice sounded.

“Creature,” Jiang Yu swore.

– No one left alone? Asked Nan Jue.

“I’m alone,” Jiang Shaoxu said.

– Hey hey, am I not next to you? Said Ju Jimin.

– Such garbage as you can be considered a man? Said Jiang Shaoxu.

– What do you mean? Go left then, and I will go right. I, too … I am also not interested in such a short steak like you! “Zu Jiming was clearly not happy about such criticism.”

*Boom Boom

– What are these sounds?

– Pi * dec! These two came for me!

The sound in the radio was heard very loud. This rumble was heard so distinctly that it seemed to everyone else that these creatures were next to them.

– Those who are close to the monsters, faster, run! – shouted Nan Jue into the radio.

“I … Zu Jiming!” Zu Jiming, you bastard! Jiang Shaoxu shouted in fright, but her voice was overlapped by the surrounding roar.

“Zu Jiming, go and save her!” Said Nan Jue in an orderly tone.

Zu Jiming did not answer. Judging by the signal from the radio, he has already disconnected.

– Jiang Shaoxu, passed us your location, we will save you! Said Nan Jue.

– Faster, please save me faster! These creatures blocked me, my protective mail will not last long! Hurry up! – the voice of the girl expressed indescribable fear. Obviously, she was in an even more unenviable situation than Jiang Yu.

From the very beginning, Jiang Yuy had interruptions in communications, nevertheless, he was a magician, whose combat capability was at the level of Mu Ning Xue and Ai Jiang Tu, so the mortal danger was clearly not in danger. Jiang Shaoxu hurried to follow Ju Jimin, who was a magician of the elements of poison and earth, which means he could help her stay alive!

Naturally, Zu Jiming did not bother to help this girl, which upset Jiang Shaoxu very much.

Jiang Shaoxu, being a magician, had no opportunity to influence two monsters at the commander-in-chief level; in addition, she didn’t have the magic of movement, and her protective mail was already used!

“She is twenty minutes away from us,” Nan Jue quickly determined the location of Jiang Shaoxu from the note she sent.

Mu Ning Xue used the magic of the wind to climb the roof. She began to race across the rooftops in the direction to which Nan Jue pointed.

At the same time, numerous ice chains began to appear in the air, which served as a bridge for Mu Ning Xue, on which she could walk without problems if obstacles appeared nearby.

– There!

Mu Ning Xue finally saw a building consisting of three parts, near which ferocious blue beasts were spinning. Jiang Shaoxu must have been inside this building. This building could not really protect it from attacks of animals, for which it was like a house of cards.

One monster began to rake the ruins, forming several recesses.

At some point, Mu Ning Xue wondered if she should fight.

If it were only one commander-level animal, she could tie him up and take shelter in a safe place, thus winning Jiang Shaoxu extra time.

However, immediately two animals were aimed at killing Jiang Shaoxu. Only by concentrating as much as possible, Mu Ning Xue could get her out of there.


Mu Ning Xue took a breath.

“Jiang Shaoxuy, secure your chainmail well,” Mu Ning Xue said on the radio.

Jiang Shaoxu, whose life hung in the balance, literally shouted: “Who would say!”


The icy air in a matter of seconds turned brick buildings into ice.

The silhouette of Mu Ning Xue looked unusual: her left hand was gently extended, and the index finger of her right hand was stretched like a string!

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