Chapter 811. What can be opposed?


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The magic of the murderous ice bow manifested itself instantly, and it seemed as if the magic of the Mu Ning Xue wind was still mixed with it.

Ice crystals, scattering around the district with arrows, froze absolutely everything. Even the air shook from such an attack!

Directed toward the building, which consisted of three parts, the ice shells began to cover it with a thick layer of ice, which gradually began to move on to the fierce blue beasts!

The monster that was on the left side of the building began to swing its limbs, trying to destroy the frozen structure, but after a while its huge body itself turned into an ice statue!

In a very short period of time, the whole area became extremely quiet. Under the cover of ice, it seemed as if the area had plunged into nirvana.

At a distance of 500 meters from here, three high-level magicians appeared in the air, soaring in the sky. Seeing that the whole district is literally covered with a thick layer of ice, they simply lost the power of speech.

“This is … this is …,” said one of the middle-aged wizards with a hairstyle in the form of a high braid. He was so amazed at what he saw that he could not even express his thoughts to the end.

Two huge ferocious blue monsters were immobilized by statues – such a freezing speed is beyond the power of even many high-level ice mages!

– Yes, the master has worked here!

All three mages were very surprised, not risking more that day to rise into the air over the territory covered by ice.

On the other side, Li Kaifeng, Guan Yu, Zhao Man Yan and Mu Tinyin also wanted to go to rescue a team member, but remained standing on the roof of the building, not understanding where the icy rush suddenly took, which swept the whole district.

The ice space was so specific that it seemed as if they fell into another dimension!

Everything around was covered with ice, only the ice didn’t do any harm to them! Obviously, this is the magic of Mu Ning Xue who tried to protect them!

“The fairy of the Mu family …” Zhao Man Yan shouted.

Nan Jue and Zhou Xu overtook Mu Ning Xue. Seeing that the whole ice show was a work of her hands, they were also overtaken by the feeling that she was an ice fairy.

How can a mid-level magician release such magic?

Even at the Imperial University Mu Ning Xue, in order to get into the reserve team of the national team, she also released a killer ice bow, then the entire training arena also shook with the power of this magic, only at that moment Mu Ning Xue did not compete with anyone.

Now everything was different: two ferocious blue monsters in fact turned into ice statues in a matter of moments. With all this, Mu Ning Xue made it clear that she is the most powerful student in the ice element in the whole country!

“Jiang Shaoxu … save her faster!” – came a voice.

Jiang Shaoxu was practically in the very center of the magic spell, and although Mu Ning Xue tried her best not to hurt the members of her team, her control over the killer ice onions was still not so perfect.

Very quickly, Li Kaifeng and Guan Yu ran into the frozen building and found Jiang Shaoxu, which turned into a piece of ice.

It’s good that she was wearing her protective mail … taking into account the control with which Mu Ning Xue tried to release magic, Jiang Shaoxu began to thaw immediately as she removed the surface layer of ice. Nothing threatened her life.

* Crackle

After some time, the ice on the fierce blue monsters began to crack. Li Kaifeng and Guan Yu, pulling out Jiang Shaoxu, hurried back to the rest of the team.

“Why was the freeze so fast this time?” – asked Zhao Man Yan Yan Ning Xue.

“Jiang Shaoxu could have suffered …” said Mu Ning Xue thoughtfully.

Apparently, this release of magic cost Mu Ning Xue all her magical energy. Of course, she was always very pale, but up to this point her paleness was very gentle and aristocratic, but now her pale expression spoke only about the decline of internal forces.

Even Nan Rongni could not help with such exhaustion. She said that she only needed to come back and have a good rest.

– They run! – from a distance there was a cry Jiang Yuyu.

– Of course, they will run away! They have just begun to thaw, their bodies are still in a hardened state, and there already high-level magicians will arrive … if they do not run away with all their urine, then their lives are in grave danger! Oh yes, these high-level magicians better hurry! Said Zhao Man Yan.

“Yeah, well, now it’s still very dangerous too,” breathed Ai Jiang Tu.

A team of mages could cope with one creature at the commander-in-chief level, but simultaneously fighting two such monsters … would survive here! On top of that, Mo Fan, who was distinguished by his fighting ability, was not with the team at that moment.

“We just arrived at the Tokai fortress, and already stumbled upon such problems … it is clear that there can be nothing good in such a place.”

– It’s good that Mu Ning Xue started to attack in time.

– This attack was just awesome!

– After easily we can also beat the other teams, hehe.

– Yes exactly! There is no such problem that the attack of the murderous ice bow could not solve!

Hearing all the team members admire Mu Ning Xue’s magic, Mu Tinying’s face became grim.

Mu Tinin knew about the murderous ice onions before. If it were not for the strange incident, then Mu Ning Xue certainly could not surpass her in the magic of ice!

“Thank you,” said Jiang Shaoxu.

She could not even think that Mu Ning Xue would save her from such a danger. In truth, Jiang Shaoxu did not like this girl from the beginning.

Now her attitude has changed to the exact opposite.

Jiang Shaoxu was also not stupid and clearly understood that if it were not for additional control over magic, she could have received such physical damage that then no healing magic could remove it.

Under the influence of ice magic, she froze to death, and Nan Rongni immediately began to help her.

In the eyes of Zhao Man Yang, the current situation was much more dangerous than the one that had happened in the city of Jinlin, and he understood how much Mu Ning Xue advanced.

But he did not understand what could be opposed to such magic?

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