Chapter 816. The Tide Is Near


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“Wait, wait, help me carry this thing, and I’ll take you to Tokai Fortress,” said Vanyue Jianxun, using magical creepers to stop the nimble wolf.

“Listen, girl, what are you doing? You instructed me to assign this little thing – I took it. I didn’t get any rewards, but you also want further help? ”Said Mo Fan.

“Didn’t you want to know about the crimson demon of the past generation?” Vanyue Jianxun told him.

“Okay, okay, okay, we’ll talk about it later, as soon as we get to the Tokai Fortress”

“Are you sure you want to ride a draft animal in Tokyo?” Special permission is needed for this, ”said Vanyue Jianxun and pointed to the wolf.

“Yes, inside my country … go anyway!” Said Mo Fan and waved his hand.

The agile wolf raised its face to the sky and howled shrilly, scaring all the people nearby.

“You can’t run right away?” Be sure to howl before this? Come on, get in, don’t waste time! ”

The mountain paths were winding, so the wolf decided to cut the path slightly and run straight down.

“Wolf, remember this girl, she sticks out your soul to raise the level!”

** Aww-oh-oh **

The wolf wanted to howl, however, he remembered that it was better not to do this, and therefore he stopped right there.


To get to the Tokai Fortress, Mo Fang needed to cross all of Tokyo. It would never occur to him that the capital is so big.

When Mo Fan felt the breeze of the sea, he noticed that the sky had already changed a little. The sky turned gray, it seemed a little bit more and it would rain.

“Judging by the wind, the humidity of the air and the clouds, now there will be a big tide. God forbid it still rains … “, – said Vanya Jianxun and frowned looked toward the fortress.

“And what’s so tidal?” Asked Mo Fan.

Vanyue Jiangyun graduated from a university in Tokyo, so she practiced many times at Tokai Fortress. She didn’t like that place very much.

Along with the tide come the legions of monsters. The stronger the tide, the more sea monsters will be. Tokai Fortress is located right by the sea, so at high tide the water floods entire neighborhoods. These quarters become a battlefield, ”explained Vanyue Jiangyun.

“Wow! How interesting, ”as soon as Mo Fan heard these words, he immediately became animated.

Fighting in the city – this is what he knows best! Mo Fan has been working as a hunter for several months already, and besides, he fought with the black church. And each time, the battlefield was some city.

“Are you strong in the battle on the water?” The girl asked.

“Not too much. My main element for killing others is fire, ”answered Mo Fan.

“Tokai Fortress has a special architecture. It is designed in such a way that magicians who cannot fight on water can easily fight from rooftops. And the distance between the houses is specially made small so that everyone can move freely. If you cannot cope with monsters at all, you can retreat to small streets that have not yet been flooded. There you can hide … “, – Vanyue Jiangyun explained to Mo Fang some of the features of warfare in the fortress.

“Yes, after these words, I want to get there even more!” Said Mo Fan. Not a single Japanese man ever actively sought to fight.

“First ask what area they are in,” said Vanyue Jianxion.

“Yes Yes”


As soon as they reached the fortress, Mo Fan saw the majestic walls. The guy immediately felt as if the city was completely saturated with magic. The magical energy of different elements appeared here and there …

The city continuously received water, but the walls of the fortress did not allow it to penetrate Tokyo. The waves hit the walls of the fortress, raising a lot of spray.

The small walls of the fortress were a kind of symbol, a mark where the battlefield began and ended.

The Japanese were still not able to drive the water back into the sea, just like the monsters who sailed along with the water. That is why now there was not a single guard on the wall, all the magicians went into battle!

The big wall is the real defense against monsters. She was as high as a mountain and as strong as steel.

The city was divided into thirty two blocks. In each quarter, on the roofs of houses there were many magicians. They were just an amazing amount …

Waves at high tide were huge! One had only to see them once, and immediately there was a feeling that a person was simply insignificant against the background of such unbridled elements.

Though Mo Fan and Vanyue Jiangyun had not yet arrived on the battlefield, from here they heard the sound of the sea and felt the vibration that was going along the ground.

The sky was completely and completely covered with clouds, which caused the raging sea to merge with the sky, which amazed Mo Fan.

There were black dots in the light blue sea. Each of the points raged, from afar would never have guessed what it is. However, it was worth getting closer and immediately came to an understanding: these are all sea monsters!

“Oh my God! This is a huge tide! ”, – involuntarily exclaimed Vanyue Jianxun.

“You could not speak, and so it is clear! This tide seems to want to swallow even the sky! ”, Exclaimed Mo Fan in horror.

“Which quarter is your team?”

“The Twentieth Quarter …”

“During such large tides, all quarters that go after the tenth are completely submerged. I am afraid that in the twentieth quarter the buildings will be half submerged. Sea monsters will be able to maneuver there with ease! ”, Said Vanyue Jiangyun.

“Will they be okay with them?”, Mo Fan worried.

Mo Fan believed that such a person as he, past events in Xi’an, is nothing scary. However, it was worth seeing the picture with my own eyes, as the guy immediately realized: everything is much more serious here!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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