Chapter 817. Whitish Crying Monster!


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– Who you are? During the battle, no one is allowed to enter the fortress! Get out of here! – The military blocked the path of Mo Fang and Vanyue Qianxun.

Mo Fan turned and looked at Qianxun, in the hope that she would pull out an identity card that had authority. It would have forced the Japanese military to submit to the girl.

But Wanyue Qianxiun did nothing, saying in a quiet voice to Mo Fang: “And you yourself think how to find a way out of the situation.”

Mo Fan submitted to this girl, but he didn’t have any pass.

It’s good that Mo Fan took the hunter ID with him, it was international. Mo Fan gave his icon to the hunter of the Japanese military.

In the end, the military shook their heads, the level on this badge is not high and still it will be impossible to pass into the fortress.

“Wait, I have something else … Mo Fan searched in his pocket for a higher-level ID.”

Just at that moment, a huge wave from the sea struck Tokai Fortress. It was possible to see how the houses nearest the low dam collapsed. Twenty-meter buildings could not withstand the pressure of this wave.

Hearing the crash, the military looked at the place of origin of this sound. There was panic and joy on their face. They rejoiced that they stood here, at the high dam. Most sea monsters will have difficulty getting them here. In the end, 32 blocks are in front of this high dam, and no wave can reach the military!

– It will be a fierce battle! – said one of the military.

“Of course, there are so many … Hey!” Hey! You two! Where did you run?

– That same bastards! Stop! Tokai is a serious crime!

These military were imprudent. And, Mo Fan and Wanyue Qianxun jumped off a hundred-meter dike, sitting on an agile wolf. The huge dam seemed to be a mountain, jumping from it, it was possible to break!

But the agile wolf did not stop. He descended from a hill, his blue wool fluttering in the wind. Vanyue Qianxun, who was sitting on his back, did not know that Mo Fan would be so brave. If he said that they will enter the fortress, then they will enter! Starting to lose her balance, she hugged Mo Fan, who was sitting in front.


An agile wolf jumped onto the roof of a thirty-meter building, but cracks began to appear in the concrete surface of the roof …

Mo Fan and Qianxion strongly planted, they fell to the ground from a height of 70 meters.

The agile wolf gave a break to the paws, because two people are sitting on it, from which the fore and hind limbs are a little numb.

– Where is the 20 quarter? – Mo Fan asked Qianxun.

– Right – the girl pointed forward.


From the roar of the eardrum was about to burst. A cry of Japanese magicians came to my ears. Judging by the expressions of their faces, this wave exceeded their expectations, so they had to make changes to the balance of power.

The water has already reached the fortress, all buildings suffered enormous damage. They were falling apart, and the wreckage fell on the streets of the fortress …

There were debris everywhere in the water. If all these debris had not floated in the water, there would have been nothing, but because of them, the force of the impact of the water doubled.

The 16th quarter, which was located behind the low dam, was located in such a way that the buildings should not have allowed the wave to penetrate here and into the quarters that followed it. But this time the wave passed these defenses and now everything was completely sea!

– I think I know why all the buildings in this fortress are new! Blow by blow and every time you have to restore them, your mother! – Zhao Man Yan involuntarily swore.

The wave brought after itself and the fog, from which everyone was soaked to the skin.

– All these buildings were specially built as fortifications, and as a result, most of them were destroyed. Our field of activity is narrowing down … – Jiang Yu stood on a high-rise building and watched one building after another fall into the water, and the heart was constantly jumping up and down with a roar.


At this moment there was a cry of a child who was frightened by this natural disaster.

– Fuck, some child takes a wave! – As soon as Zhao Man Yan heard a cry, he immediately shouted.

– I will save him! – Nan Junni, without thinking for a long time, jumped to the next building.

From there, she saw a sleeping bag drifting across the surface of the water. Crying baby was heard precisely from the bag.

Nan Rongni encouraged the vines that she used as a staircase. They allowed her to successfully descend.

There were raging waves underfoot, fog covered the space. Nan Rongni’s visual line was a bit blurry. She used the vines again, bandaging her sleeping bag, and then pulled it onto herself with all her might.

In order not to injure the child who was in the bag, she was extremely careful.


The crying child became clearer. Because of the fog, Nan Junni could hardly see her smooth forehead in the sleeping bag.

Hearing that the baby is still crying, Nan Rongni calmed down a bit. It is good that they heard his cry, otherwise he could die.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take you out of here.” Nan Rongni stretched her arms to her sleeping bag, intending to take the child out of there.

– Nan Rongni, do not come close! – At this moment Jiang Yu’s cry suddenly rang out.

But the roar of the waves drowned out his voice, and the girl did not hear the magician.

The baby’s smooth forehead appeared again from the sleeping bag, but it soon turned out that it was not the baby’s forehead, but a huge noggin with a tumor on it!

– This is a whitish crying monster! Run away !!! Shouted Jiang Yu.

Nan Junni was very fast, taking the vine in her hands, she began to pull herself up.

But this white crying monster was not an ordinary sea monster, he jumped out of his sleeping bag and chased the girl.

Instead of the monster’s arms, there were tentacles, their ends were very sharp and sparkling with violet light.

One tentacle reached out to Nan Rongni and stung her shin, the girl felt like she was pierced with electricity!

Nan Junni no longer had time to summon a protective magic tool. The girl’s white shin pierced the tentacle and nailed it to the wall of the building …

Her leg was injured; red blood flowed in a rapid stream. Even if efforts were made, the vines would no longer be able to lift it upward …

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