Chapter 818: Danger from Danger


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Nan Rongni let out a cry. A sharp pain shot through her shin, causing her to no longer pay attention to her magic.

The whitish crying monster was very cunning: his goal was to pierce Nan Rongni at the waist, then she would surely die!

Monster did not differ in tenderness – the power with which he could pierce the body, simply amazed the imagination!

Nan Junni tried to hide, but her leg was already injured, and at the slightest movement, blood began to seep from her even more.

With an effort of will, she went over to another place, and the monster’s tentacles nearly sank into her lower back. Even a little bit and her insides could suffer!

Whitish crying monster missed. He was very angry, uttering a scream, which really was very much like a crying baby. The similarity with the cry of a child was so amazing that the human ear could not catch the difference.

Nan Rongni understood that this cry was meant to lure the victims.

What a treacherous monster!

– Guan Yu, chop off his tentacles! – shouted Jiang Yu, realizing in what a difficult situation Nan Rongni found herself.

Guan Yu, using his wind magic, instantly sank down, preparing his mail claws as he went!

They were so sharp that they could easily cut the monster’s tentacles from his body!

– Show me what you can do! – Guan Yu landed on the edge of the building, never taking his eyes off a whitish crying monster.

Guan Yu was completely focused on the enemy, while Jiang Yu was assisted by Nan Rongni.

Seeing that the girl’s leg was injured, Jiang Yu also involuntarily felt this pain.

– I’ll get him out, be patient a little! Said Jiang Yu, dragging a piece of the severed tentacle behind him.

“Ho … good!” – through the pain pronounced Nan Rongni.

Jiang Yu hurried and soon pulled the girl out.

After Nan Rongni was on the ground, Nan Jue hurried to give her a hemopreparation.

Although Nan Riungi herself was a magician of the healing element, she could not let go of magic, experiencing severe pain.

– Here are the teapots! Didn’t they even have an idea of where the babies could come from in the Tokai fortress ??? – I heard a voice from another building. There was a security team of the twentieth quarter.

– I will ask not to be expressed! – Jiang Shaoxu snapped at them sharply.

In the twentieth quarter, there were a total of seven guard detachments. They were seventh, the other six were distributed to other parts of the quarter.

“You cannot even survive here, let alone be with us, with a team that has already reached three stars!” Newbies! Learn, and more respect for elders! We can share with you our valuable knowledge that will help you suffer less! Tokai Fortress is not a university with greenhouse conditions! Don’t underestimate this place! Said one of the squad arrogantly.

– Enough gab, better watch the water carefully! Said the captain of the sixth detachment in a cold voice. On his face a hawk nose stood out clearly.

– There is!

– Beginners, carefully watch your territory. We will move to the south! – shouted a man with a hawk nose Ai Jiang Tu and his team.

Seeing such an arrogant attitude, the guys were even too lazy to respond to them.

Nan Rhunni took a hemopreparation and after some time was able to calm down. However, Mu Ning Xue, who watched her torment from the side, constantly looked away.

The point is not that Nan Rongni is stupid – she is very kindhearted, so she could not help herself when she heard children’s crying.

“For the time being, rest and leave the rest to us,” said Nan Jue, handing over her outer clothing to Nan Rongni.

Now Nan Jue was very lightly dressed — her hips, lower back, and arms were bare. She looked very belligerent.

– How are you? – asked Ai Jiang Tu.

“The level of the whitish crying monster is not so low, so we need more people to deal with it,” said Jiang Yu.

The whitish monster lost one of its tentacles, which served as one of his hands. He still had one more tentacles as a hand, and two more that were his legs — even with such a reserve, he was still very dangerous.

His body could easily move in the water, and even had good combat capability on land. A whitish crying monster continued to attack Guan Yu, who could not hide from him even though he used the magic of the wind!

The monster opened its mouth, and from there spilled a poisonous liquid that scattered along the wall.

The corrosive ability of this poison was striking: the stone surface of the wall on which the poison fell was covered with holes!

Guan Yu just ofigel from what he saw. It is not surprising that this monster was able to attack Nan Junni, it is not a simple beast of the level of the pack leader … Even intermediate-level wizards hardly endure confrontation with him.

Whitish crying monster attacked very quickly. Its tentacles could cringe, hardening at the same time, as if turning into sharp peaks!

Guan Yu all this time continued to move in the air, using the wind.

The sharp peak-tentacle again tried to attack him, scaring him even more!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
Read from for authentic translation

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