Chapter 825: Masked Monster


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* Myaayayayayau

In the mist, Mu Ning Xue suddenly heard a familiar voice.

She turned and saw that it was a black cat creature that stood 50 meters away from the girl, and the eyes of this creature glowing in the mist were staring at Mu Ning Xue.

Mu Ning Xue was delighted, is this really the night rakshass of Jiang Yu?

But she did not know that Jiang Yu sent his contract beast to help her.

* Myaayayayayayayu!

Suddenly the night rakshash made a sharp sound. It was possible to see how it accelerated and it seemed that a meteor was near the girl.

Mu Ning Xue ofigel. Why did this creature pounce on her?

Obviously, rakshasas controlled the night step. Therefore, he did not need to touch the ground; he flew to the girl in shadow, scaring her to death.

When the night rakshash appeared in front of Mu Ning Xue, his claws lit up with a bright light and opened up the space.

Only at this moment Mu Ning Xue responded. She didn’t notice exactly when white silk threads appeared near her, which wrapped her. Because of the sea mist, she did not see them near her.

The night rakshash began to violently cut the air with its claws, cutting these silk threads. The beast raised its feline eyes and stared at the nearby skyscraper.

The height of the building was not the same as that of the nearby. At first, Mu Ning Xue did not pay attention to this, but when the cat’s creature stared at this building, the girl noticed that it was not the high roof of the building, but the monster that was on it! Those silk threads that enveloped her were released by this monster.

Monster could change color in accordance with the environment, like a chameleon. Becoming as gray as the building, as if he were one with him. Therefore, the monster was difficult to notice.

Mu Ning Xue’s heart unwittingly began to beat more often. You do not even know what these sea monsters can throw out in the next second. It should be just a little inattentive, and you will find yourself in their stomachs.

“Feifay, we are looking for a whitish, weeping monster.” Don’t attract this kid. – common sense was heard in the words of Mu Ning Xue.

Mu Ning Xue now could not exactly see what kind of beast that wore the shape of the building. But you could definitely say that this monster was very strong!

If you start a fight with him right here, then time will be wasted!

Seeing that the mustache and wool of the night rakshass rose on end and became like a wire, it was possible to accurately tell that the feline creature saw in that monster a strong enemy.

Mu Ning Xue understood that the monster was not going to attack and decided to go in search of a whitish crying monster.

* Meayayayayayayau

Only Mu Ning Xue wanted to go already, as the night rakshass called her.

Rakshas rose, pointing his cat’s paw in the opposite direction from Mu Ning Xue.

-You need to go there? – asked Mu Ning Xue, realizing the direction, which pointed her cat creature.

* Meayayayayayayau

“Do you know where the whitish crying monster is?” – surprised Mu Ning Xue.

Suddenly, Mu Ning Xue remembered that the one who wounded the whitish, weeping monster was the night rakshash, so he had just deliberately sniffed his claws, torn this monster, on which the smell of this blood remained.

Rakshas escaped from the masked monster, located on the roof of a nearby building. Taking Mu Ning Xue with them, they continued to move in the direction of the 19th quarter.

Mu Ning Xue was already very far away when she heard the “bitch” curse word.

This curse and intonation meant that there was a person somewhere nearby.

But a new wave came and Mu Ning Xue could not hear the words properly.

* Myaayayayayayayuuuuu

Night rakshasa urged the girl to go faster.

Mu Ning Xue did not hesitate to use the path of the wind, hurrying behind the night rakshasa. Time slipped away, but in her soul she was restless. Even after the girl turned off the radio, she still heard the groans of Nan Rongni’s pain …


– you moshe foul? – Wanyue Qianxiun was unhappy with this habit of Mo Fang.

No upbringing, how was he taken to the national team? Is this all because there was nobody to take?

– Fuck, I swear in Chinese, can you understand that too? – inadvertently surprised Mo Fan.

– I don’t want to hear this anymore. Your Chinese curses and in Japan are used. – Qianxiun was in a rage.

– What kind of nonsense, I came to Japan not to be pleasing to girls like you. There is a disguised monster on that high-rise building, but now I cannot fight him, since I have important things to do. Not only can I not fight with him, it is impossible to obmayat him either! .. – Mo Fan has not yet finished his angry speech, when Wu Qingyun already understood everything perfectly.

The masked monster created silk threads, waiting for a creature to fall into its network.

Wanyue Qianxun’s face reddened. So it means that Mo Fan from the very beginning began to swear because of this masking monster!

– Quiet! The radio has a signal! Said Mo Fan.

The radio had a signal, and that meant that it was located not far from the 20th quarter. From it was heard how people fought a fierce battle.

“Um … Mu Ning Xue is here?” Mo Fan asked quietly, turning on the radio.

“So Mu Ning Xue also went in search of a whitish, white-faced monster … Fool, fucking … Mo Fan, traitor to the motherland, why the heck did you come back? Nan Jue, Nan Jue! Behind you is the second leader! Jiang Shao Xu, do not let him spit water! – it was heard abuse Zhao Man Yan. – Mu Ning Xue left alone. It should be somewhere around the 19th quarter. Go and find her!

– Maybe it is better to come to your rescue? I have a feeling that you have a hard time there too. – asked Mo Fan.

“Nan Rongni is infected, she is about to die.” Rather, find Mu Ning Xue! Oh, and also, if you see a white monster crying like a baby, grab him in whatever it is. This is a whitish crying monster – he has an antidote for Nan Rongni. – someone very quickly told Mo Fanyu about the seriousness of the situation.

Mo Fan was in a panic.

Nan Rongni is infected and her life hung in the balance!

“Qianxiun, help them, and I’ll go look for Mu Ning Xue.” – Mo Fan understood that the situation was very serious.

– What happened?

“Nan Junni is a healing magician in our team.” But she was infected, and the rest, too, can not help her, as they were surrounded by monsters and are in mortal danger! – answered Mo Fan.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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