Chapter 828: A Seductive Voice in Your Head


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“Monster, don’t you touch her!” Shouted Guanglai loudly.

Of people, only the magicians of the element of sound can scare with their voice, while the cry of an ordinary person is like a squeaky little mouse for a magic monster.

Guanglai, seeing a blue ferocious beast, hurried to the aid of Mu Ning Xue and began to rake the waves.

Sea water under the control of Guanlaya began to climb, and then with a crash broke into drops.

The monster began to grow fierce. These waves, of course, could not cause him great damage, but could spoil the already sad mood.

His eyes, which he had so carefully guarded, looked out from deep eye sockets, and now looked deadly at Guanlaya, which was moving from side to side.

The foot with the edge rose sharply and instantly stretched toward the mage.

A foot passed through the curtain of water droplets created by Guanglai, and now hung over the building’s highest point — where the magician was.

This point on the leg should have pierced the magician directly into the heart.

Guanglai managed to escape, but the tip seemed to wait for him to rush back, and at that moment a wound appeared on the man’s shoulder, the blood from which was now oozing in all directions.

Guanglai gritted his teeth, he is not one of those who will scream in pain.

The monster’s leg appeared too quickly, Guanglai did not even have time to activate any protection.

– Run faster! Shouted Guanlai, clamping his hand over the wound. Between his fingers, blood continued to leak.

Mu Ning Xue did not understand when another magician managed to draw in these environs. Hearing his cry, she did not respond.


She herself knows very well that she must run!

The problem is that the speed of this beast exceeds even the speed of movement of the wind mage. She will be able to fly away only if she has wings.

– Fast freezing!

Mu Ning Xue, realizing that the monster is half in the water, blew at her.

Splashes of waves already in the air began to turn into ice crystals, which descended on the water, gradually turning everything around into ice.

After a few moments, the water froze half a meter deep.


Half-meter ice continued to conquer the territory with a bang, and after a while the ice surface reached hundreds of square meters.

The whole district was dominated by sea fog, which was formed from the raging waves. Only here these waves, having gained height, fell down by white crystals.

Water droplets turned into snow, and the water column – into ice. With this method, Mu Ning Xue was able to recapture the space around her.

The ferocious blue beast, having seen that it was imprisoned in the thickness of the ice, was a little frightened.

Last time, he had already seen the power of human magic: only one ice arrow turned him into an ice sculpture, and in his body there were still those parts that did not have time to fully recover … Now the ice again attacked him … did this girl really release the ice arrow again?

The blue ferocious beast began to look around the district with the vision that only the beast of the commander-in-chief possesses.

Feeling that this girl’s ice breath is not as strong as it was last time, the monster gathered courage and began to approach.

Thick ice was an obstacle for him, but it was not difficult to break it.

Two snide sharks were blocked by surging ice – all their water control abilities were useless on ice.


Mu Ning Xue took a deep breath, and now icy mist poured from her mouth.

In ordinary times, the ice sphere of Mu Ning Xue would continue to expand, similar to what happened on the three islands, when it was able to freeze all the sea water in the area.

However, the recent use of the murderous ice bow has taken so much power from her that now she could not release her ice sphere to the full.

– This is a very rare case, isn’t it?

Mu Ning Xue frowned, and a strange sound came from her ears.

This voice was heard clearly next to her ear, and even the growling of the blue ferocious beast and the crack of ice could not interrupt him.

Mu Ning Xue looked around, but did not find anything suspicious.

– After that, you will finally have a replacement, and you will become this replacement!

This voice was very strange, and it was even impossible to pinpoint whether it was a woman’s voice or a man’s voice. Having listened more attentively, she realized that the voice was not heard in her ears, but in her head.

This voice was like the voice of the elemental spirit mage.

– Who are you? Why are you talking to me using the language of the spirit? – Mu Ning Xue alert.

“Look at the animal in front of you, do you really think you can bear it?” Even if you are stronger, you can die! If you want to survive, you should immediately get out of here! No one knows what you had to endure, and no one can share this pain with you!

“This is a wonderful opportunity … it is poisoned by poison – and this is not sad news, but the blessing of heaven!”

– And you do not need to do anything! You just need to dispel your icy fog, and I will send this ugly monster in pursuit of a cat animal! You have already done a lot, and she just had no luck …

The voice was very gentle and soft, and it sounded like raindrops in the middle of the night, it soothed, eased vigilance and repeating that it just didn’t have to do anything else ….

Reason Mu Ning Xue dimmed ….

No you can not….

– What are you, after all, is that ?! No need to reproduce these terrible thoughts in my head! And all the more it is better for you not to tell me where you are hiding, otherwise I will live with the light of you! – maliciously screamed girl.

Apparently, from this cry, the voice in her head completely dissipated, clearing the mind.

This magic voice appeared so suddenly that it greatly influenced her control of magic, and the blue ferocious beast, seeing that Mu Ning Xue was distracted, was already right in front of her!

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