Chapter 829. Pass the Lightning Through Yourself


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“If this pearl evilly sparkles, doesn’t it mean that she conceived something wrong?”

Mo Fan picked up the pearl. The guy noticed that there was something wrong with her.

As soon as I deal with this matter, I immediately give it to Vanyue Jiangyun. And she will decide how to dispose of her, so she will decide. Who knows, maybe his mind will take control of this thing after some time. Then he will become more violent, more insidious, more evil …

“It’s strange, it’s so cold here,” said Mo Fan himself to himself. After that, he noticed that the fog began to slowly freeze.

Mo Fan jumped to a higher point, wanted to find the cause of the cold. The guy noticed that somewhere in the five hundred meters there was a zone of ice. The ice covered the building, descended to the water and froze it.

“That’s for sure!”

What a nice surprise! Mo Phanu was well acquainted with this ice.

It seems that he was not mistaken with the direction. It’s good that Mu Ning Xue used her ice magic, otherwise finding it in such chaos would be difficult.

Mo Fan immediately rushed in that direction. After a moment, the young man noticed a mock shark in the same place.

Mo Fan looked closer and noticed something. A hurricane raged in that place. The hurricane was about several tens of meters in height. However, he had one unusual feature. It seems that the hurricane sucked in ice chains, after which the same chains destroyed the group of mock sharks.

It seems that these sharks were a level lower than those he had met earlier.

They hid in different places, trying not to fall into a hurricane. Animals were afraid of such magic. As soon as someone approached, he immediately fell into a hurricane, where he was immediately killed. Such an eerie sight would scare anyone.

“The level of the commander in chief …”, said Mo Fan and hurried.

“Mu Ning Xue!”

Mo Fan finally saw her, she was in the midst of this icy chaos. Her clothes were bloodied, the ice around was also covered in blood. It cost Mo Fang to realize what he saw as he exploded.

“Go away!”

Mo Fan jumped and dark-violet lightning immediately surrounded his body.

Mo Fan filled his body with the power of peals of thunder and rushed towards the monster.

Lightning flashed in the sky, then immediately struck right next to the ferocious blue beast.

“Destructive lightning!”

Mo Fan shouted the name of the spell, after which the lightning intertwined with each other, forming a network, and hit the monster.

The fourth stage of mid-level magic is no joke. Even the monster of the commander-in-chief level cannot fully defend against such destructive magic!

Lightning flashed around. Mo Fan felt that immediately after he passed a lightning through himself, his nebula of a lightning element became unstable. It seemed that the nebula could not withstand such treatment with itself …

But now Mo Fang did not have time to delve into what is happening with the lightning element. Now the guy wanted only one thing – to destroy the monster standing in front of him!

“He is not your enemy …”, said a strange voice in Mo Fang’s head.

“If this insignificant sea monster dared to touch her, then let him experience my power!”

It cost Mo Fang to get angry, as the same voice sounded even more distinctly in the head.

“Go to hell!” Mo Fan cursed.

Mo Fang did not have time to deal with this voice. One spell was clearly not enough to destroy the monster. However, think of Mo Fan quite a bit, you would immediately understand that this was the voice of a pearl!

“Fake claws!”

Mo Fan looked at the monster, after which two pairs of claws appeared next to the beast.

The monster was paralyzed by lightning, so the claws were able to lift it into the air.

Mo Fan made a throwing gesture with both hands, after which the fake claws were immediately repeated after him. The beast very quickly flew towards the frozen buildings. A second later, he hit and broke two or three buildings with his body.

The nearby Guanglai looked dumbfounded at all this.

From where in the magician so much strength to take a monster of several tens of meters in size and throw it to the side?

Exactly, exactly, he is the magician of the element of space!

Of course, even a mage is unable to take and throw such a carcass. But with the help of an element of space this is possible!

Guanglai was surprised. He had recently met the magician of the element of space, but he was different. That one had a stern look.

“Mo … Mo Fan?”

The wind around Mu Ning Xue dissipated, and the girl looked scared at the guy completely surrounded by lightning.

The magic of space! Only now it has reached her!

There can be no mistake, Mo Fan used the element of space!

The same silver color, this magic was of the same kind as that of Ai Jiang Tu!


Mo Fan decided not to save power in this battle, so he immediately called on the fiery hetero!

No sooner had the draft animal appeared, as the flame immediately enveloped him. After a moment, the fiery hetero turned into a ball of flame and flew into a fierce blue beast!

A three-meter-four-meter ball of fire collided with a monster with crushing force! The flames spread throughout the quarter, melting the ice!

“Snake mail!”

“Bloody boots!”

Mo Fan looked insane. He used both of his magical artifacts, which meant only one thing – he was completely ready to fight the monster!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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