Chapter 83: Class of brave academy


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Heine gave an innocent grin a peek.

“If you lick too many humans, you’ll regret it, brother”

With that said, they left for the front row of the grand auditorium.

“Mr. Anos.”

Eleonor makes a small call.

According to the buckwheat, she whispered.

“Here. I advised you. You forgot?

“It must be a story that hasn’t changed in 2,000 years.”

She nods.

“Then nothing’s wrong. It’s always up to humans to figure out what it’s useless to plan. Two thousand years ago.”

Hearing the words, Eleonor was decent.

“Anos, what a demon tribe you were originally named?


“Does the same mean Anos Voldigord?

When I nodded, um and Eleonor twisted his neck.

I guess that means I don’t remember.

“Man seems to have completely forgotten my name.”

“But be careful how many demons you name.”

Yes, stabbing the nail, Eleonor turns around and returns his heel.


Turning only her face, she turns her doubts with her gaze.

“What was your name before reincarnation?

“Anos, it’s just like you. I’m Eleonor, too. Ever.”

If you’re an important person in Azesion, you’ve got it all in your head, but you don’t sound familiar.

So much so that we can see the roots firsthand. I don’t think my name is even known in the age of mythology.

“I don’t think we’ve ever met. Because I don’t know you.”

You mean you have pre-reincarnation memories?

Then you’re likely to have been born after I was reincarnated.

Perhaps after the name of the tyrannical demon king was rewritten to Avos Dilhevia.


She left for the Heinees.

“When did you see him?

Misha asks.

“Occasionally on the day I got to Gailladite”

Misha stared at Eleonor in the front row.

“… looks sad…”


Misha nods coldly.

“Seemed a lot more of a smooth personality though?

“The surface is.”

He flies his gaze at Eleonor, but still has a slightly less tense look on his face.

“But maybe not”

“You mean it’s hard to understand?

Misha nods.

“Forget it.”


At least, I’m sure Eleonor knows what the College of the Brave is up to.

And I guess she can’t agree with that.

Otherwise, you wouldn’t be advising me.

For, behind that fluent personality, no wonder he was suffering.

The demon eye that spots Misha’s people is quite something.

“Let’s keep it in mind”

Then Misha blinks her pussy and eyes.

“Anos is sweet”

“You have good demon eyes.”

Sifting, Misha shook her neck to the side.

“About Eleonor”

“You think I’m trying to burn unwanted care?


“You seem to know what happened while I was reincarnating. Maybe that will lead to Avos Dilhevia”

Even so, Misha is staring up at me.

“If you’re caught up in a boring plot, I can help you.”

Heh heh. Misha laughed.

“Sounds like Anos”

Misha turns her gaze to see through my heart.

Oh, man, what a tickle.

“Sit down?”


The seats in the Great Auditorium are divided into two main parts.

According to the sticky paper, from the center towards the blackboard, on the right is the College of the Brave, and on the left is the seat of the College of the Demon King. I sat on the left side with Misha, in the middle seat.

As we wait loosely, the students gradually continue to attend school. Mass, Sasha and the royalists, as well as the fan unions, gathered in the auditorium.

All the students at the College of the Brave also attended, or the seat on the right left one and everything was filled.

Just as Demon King College is divided into black and white garments, so is the College of the Brave, whose uniform is divided into scarlet and blue.

I guess the fact that Redriano, Laos and Heine are scarlet means that the selection class’ Jergacanon ‘is that uniform. Even considering that there are not so many students in scarlet uniform, there is a mistake first.

It’s time to start classes.

Tons, fingers slapped on the back.

“Dear Anos. What happened to Mr. Ray?

Mass says worried.

Speaking of which, you’re not here yet.

“I slept twice.”

I guess I couldn’t wake up.

Despite my first day of class, I’m a fat man.

“Well, it’s kind of a class. It’s about that man. Even if you’re late, you’ll show up with a face that doesn’t eat anything.”

“haha…… right……”

The bell just rang. Unlike Demon King College, it’s a gentle tone.

It was Menow who came into the auditorium, and then, a magnificent man with a tough face.

He wears a red coat and has a face that doesn’t seem accommodating. He would be a teacher at the College of the Brave.

“Everybody take your seats.”

When the man spoke low, the students who were still standing took their seats immediately.

“As I told you before today, we will have a college exchange. Ladies and gentlemen of Demon King College, my name is Diego Canon Ijaysica. He serves as Dean of the College of the Brave and Selected Class’ Jergacanon ‘”

Do you mean the selection class is taught by the Dean of the College?

Let’s put a lot of effort into this.

I guess Diego is also the rebirth of Canon, to be seen from the names of the descendants of the brave.

I mean, he’s a graduate of the College of the Brave. Something like someone who learns at the College of the Brave now takes a whip at the College of the Brave and then conveys the same teaching to future generations?

But I don’t think this guy is that Canon from 2,000 years ago either.

That’s off.

“Let me introduce you to my gatekeeper. I’m Dr. Menow Heastria, a teacher at Demon King’s College. He’s a brilliant teacher at Demon King’s College for many years. Don’t be rude.”

Menow leaves a step forward.

“It’s Menow Heastria. I’ll take care of you for a while at the academy. Nice to meet you.”

Smiling, she greeted him that way.

“Okay, class, but today is the first day of college interaction, and we don’t even know each other very well about each other. Begin with a simple recreation to become an alumni”

Diego magically writes letters on the blackboard.

– Confrontational classes by college -.

“Countervailing classes by college. It may sound exaggerated, but each college student does the assignment and the other college answers it. The rule is to compete for correct answers.”

I see.

Do the questions and answers give you an idea of their college specialties and levels?

“Let’s start with an assignment from the College of the Brave to show you a sample. Sequence 2nd, Redriano”

In Diego’s voice, Redriano stood up.

“Go ahead.”


Redriano quickens up his glasses with his index finger.

“So shall we start with the primary issue? The magic of a brave man is called Sacred Separation, but please answer for this effect and magic formula.”

The seat on the side of Demon King’s College was squatted.

“Huh…? There’s no way you know this…?

“Oh, I don’t learn at Demon King’s College…”

“Oh, but maybe, if it’s a 3rd regeneration, you know…?

Then Menow slaps his hand.

“Yes, yes, everyone be quiet. So, Mr. Lee Best from 3rd Regeneration.”

Lee Best rises.

“I’m sorry… duh? Do you understand?

“… no, I don’t know. But, Dr. Menow. Is this not flawed in the counter-class itself by college in the first place? There’s no way you know what you’re learning in a different college, and it won’t be decent recreation unless you ban it except for general issues”

Lee Best complains.

“I think it’s common enough.”

It was Redriano who disputed it.

“I wonder what you’re saying like there’s a hole in the class itself to put your own lack of study up on the shelf?

Lee Best was mucky.

“So you know the effects of Demonization and Magic Ceremony?

Lee vest with a look like you can’t possibly tell.

But Redriano smiled.


He draws a magic ceremony on the blackboard.

explained at the same time.

“The magical effect of Demonization (Nedra) is primarily to change animals by magic. Basically, physical abilities are enhanced, but changes vary depending on the type of animal, as well as the magic user. Some cases of diminished intelligence and vice versa. The way animals have changed in < Demonization (Nedra) > is called demons. Current dilhades seem to prohibit animals from using Demonization (Nedra) unless certain conditions are fulfilled.”

Lee Best doesn’t seem to make any noise.

“How about that?

“… you’re right…”

Seeing Redriano’s description and the magic ceremony he drew, Menow says as impressed.

“But, well, that’s how 3rd regeneration looks like you don’t have any teeth at all for the primary problem either, and if you do think about the level difference between them, you might want to stop taking this college-specific adversarial class. Or what about putting a handful on it?

Says Redriano.

“Um, right. I didn’t even know there were students…”

Diego roars like trouble.

The bruises appeared clear on the expression.

“Dr. Diego, hey…”

Menow follows Diego to the corner of the lecture.

“… sounds like we’re talking a little differently. In today’s recreation, it’s meant to make people realize that they’ve been studying things they don’t know about each other at all, right?

No other student would have heard me, but my ears caught the word firmly.

“Yes or no, but I thought I knew just about the common sense level. I didn’t think Demon King’s College was this low… No, I’m sorry, it wasn’t calculated…”

Laughter leaks from the side of the Dauntless College.

Unlike Menow, Diego’s voice was not contained at all.

It’s as if you dared.

“Gentlemen, it’s rude to laugh. I don’t know how low they are, but they’re doing it really hard.”

Turning his back on Menow, Diego tells the students.

One moment later, I didn’t miss him laughing lightly.

The statement itself seems to embarrass the students, and what a fool.

If you care about Demon King College, you can’t say these words.

Anyway, you’re trying so hard to say it’s to this extent.

“Whenever possible, think in a way that fits your level”

Menow bites her lips.

You’ll regret it, but it’s poor quality because it’s ostensibly pretending to be free of hostility.

The same is true for all Demon King’s College students now considered to be inferior to Brave Men’s College. In case Diego doesn’t want to do that, it won’t be disrespectful.

These nasty battles have more humans than the Demons. How can the art of disparaging others without clear hostility be imitated by a foolish demon clan?

A little too much for your eyes.

“The magical effect of Sanctification is to give holy power to weapons, protective equipment, and tools.”

I stand up and answer the question earlier.

“Simply put, the use of Sacred Separation (Rihyde) enhances the function of the object. As a sword can often be slashed, a medicine enhances its efficacy. It is also possible to make just objects into magic pieces if they are extremely sacred. Most importantly, it requires a tremendous amount of magic for over a hundred sages, so that’s not what you can do.”

Draw a magic ceremony on the blackboard.


Menow broke his face and looked at me.

“What do you say?

“… Correct… the magic ceremony fits…”

Diego says as he roars.

“… but it would be too exaggerated to say that if the < Sacred Separation (Rihyde) > is superb, you can make things into magic tools. At best, it has power close to magic equipment, and so on. There is also no fact that I made magic implements in. You seem to be studying there, but you don’t seem to be fooled by exaggerated research.”

After an overlooking description of Diego, the laughter leaks from the side of the College of the Brave.

“I thought there was a guy a little better, but was he stupid after all”

“There’s no way you can turn things into magic equipment. Magically, magically, magic can only be given from the outside.”

“Right. Magic equipment is something that is overflowing with magic from within, so it’s different.”

“Hi, you seem to be mistaken about the foundations of the magic concept, that guy”

Oh, man, as usual, don’t be too trapped in common sense, man is.

I thought you’d say that.

“Hmm. If you don’t know, I’ll show you.”

I get up and walk to the classroom.

Along the way, he points to a sword decorated near the ceiling. Fly the magic and slowly let that sword fall before Diego’s eyes.

When I went up to the lecture hall and put my hand on that sword, the magic formation rose.

I used it.

When you finish it, twirl and rotate the sword that remains afloat, pointing the pattern at Diego.

“… this is… no way…”

Diego touches that sword without fear.

Moments later, the sword body emitted a radiant magic.

The students of the College of the Brave set themselves off.

“Whoa…! You’re lying… that glow…!

“Stupid……! Oh no… fool! Holy, sword…… so…!?

“Impossible… Instead of magic equipment, you mean you made the Holy Sword…!?

“Wait… that’s not the problem. He’s not a demon! You can’t possibly use < Sacred By (Rihyde) > in the first place!! That was magic allowed only by the brave!

Suddenly Diego stares at the Holy Sword.

What happened in front of me is still incredible.

“You don’t just get caught up in common sense, you stare at the abyss better, Diego. The head of the college doesn’t seem to know the right answer, so all the students will be ridiculed.”

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