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Rays of light inner strength contains a huge flow of information, almost released with a arrogant attitude, so that Chu Xingyun is suffering, feeling that the head must be blasted alive, extremely uncomfortable.

Fortunately, this pain did not last long. Soon, he gradually recovered his original calm appearance, his eyes opened and flashed a clear color of comprehension, and finally understood everything.

It turns out that this True Fire Phoenix is a close-fitting mount of the Samsara Heavenly Emperor.

In the past, Samsara Heavenly Emperor fell in the Heavenly Spirit Mountain. As a mount of True Fire Phoenix, the Temple of Heavenly Emperor was guarded in the Heavenly Spirit Mountain. Unexpectedly, such a move attracted hostility.

The two Divine Beast launched a desperate fight. In the end, the smashing soul was burned on the spot, and True Fire Phoenix failed to display the Divine Ability, which was turned into a life source blood essence and sealed in the Samsara Heavenly Book.

The Blood Pond in front of you is made by the life source blood essence of True Fire Phoenix!

At the thought of this, Chu Xingyun was a little excited.

True Fire Phoenix The legendary Divine Beast, the most famous, is Nirvana.

This life source blood essence is made up of the body of True Fire Phoenix. It contains a lifetime of hard work. Although there is only one drop, it has a huge vitality. As long as it is not fatally wounded, it can be restored in a short time!

“Samsara Heavenly Emperor is not a powerhouse. It is really rich in life. It is just this life source blood essence. The preciousness is not under the Emperor Item. If I cultivate a Body Tempering Martial Study, can I create one? Is it perfect?” Chu Xingyun flashed a divine light in his mind, full of excitement.

Cultivated Body Tempering Martial Study, which can strengthen the body and greatly improve the defense ability of Martial Artist.

And life source blood essence, can provide vitality, in a very short time, quickly repair the internal and external damage of the body.

If the two work together, Chu Xingyun is equal to having a perfect body, amazing defense, amazing recovery, almost impossible to be killed again!

However, the excitement of his face did not last long, Chu Xingyun suddenly frowned, and then sighed with great annoyance.

In the last world, Chu Xingyun didn’t have much interest in Body Tempering. The Body Tempering Martial Study was just a cultivate, and didn’t go too deep.

Just when he thought about cultivating what Body Tempering Martial Study, he suddenly found that the Body Tempering Martial Study owned by the old, the most powerful, only reached the Heaven Rank level, and it was the Heaven Rank low level.

This level of Body Tempering Martial Study, it is impossible to play the role of life source blood essence!

“I knew that there would be today. At the beginning, I learned Body Tempering with the Martial Emperor. The Martial Study innate talent is so high, and I am sure that Self-created the Body Tempering Martial Study of Good Fortune level.” Chu Xingyun sighs again and again. The more you think, the more you get annoyed.

“Forget it, Heaven Rank low level on Heaven Rank low level, let’s work together and see if you can find a better Body Tempering Martial Study later.” Chu Xingyun finally accepted this cruel reality, thinking in his mind The Martial Study method.

At this time, in Chu Xingyun’s mind, a memory suddenly appeared.

That was when the endless seas were repaired, Chu Xingyun and Xiao Sentence of heaven were still worshiping brother. They both tempered the cultivation base in the Bohai Sea and suffered a life-and-death crisis.

Chu Xingyun remembers that they had just come out of an antiquity secret and had a lot of treasures. When they were preparing for the carve, a black clothed old man appeared in front of them.

This black clothed old man, the same as the Martial Emperor powerhouse, but the atmosphere is not too thick, at best, it is into the Martial Emperor realm, and not much fame.

Chu Xingyun has long been famous for a long time, and with the help of Xiao Sentence of Heaven, naturally not afraid of this person, ready to kill him.

But the result is beyond the expectations of Chu Xingyun and Xiao Sentence of heaven!

The strength of the black clothed old man is not strong, but his flesh body defense is extremely terrifying, Chu Xingyun full power make a move, can only make him suffer a slight injury, can not kill it.

Finally, under the joint efforts of Chu Xingyun and Xiao Sentence of Heaven, it took a whole day and a night to get the black clothed old man Kill and Behead, and the two were seriously injured and even dying.

After that, Chu Xingyun knew that the black clothed old man’s flesh body defense would be so amazing because cultivate a Body Tempering Martial Study called “Destroy Body Tempering 诀” and also cultivate to the first Seventh Level realm.

The birth of Body Tempering is not a shocking Martial Study. On the contrary, many people know the meritence of this Martial Study, but there are very few people who cultivated this Martial Study.

The small number of people is not to say that this Martial Study is very difficult, but because most of the people who cultivated this Martial Study are dead, over time, they are no-one cultivated.

The method of cutting the Body Tempering is very simple, summed up in two words, cut.

The so-called cut-off is that Martial Artist takes its vitality out of it and uses it as a basis to achieve the purpose of tempering.

For those who are cultivate this Martial Study, the flesh body’s defense is extremely terrifying. Among the Martial Artists in the same class, it can be called invincible, and almost no one can break open.

But the deeper the Martial Study cultivation is, the more vitality it will take. In the end, it will often become a cold and dry body because of the exhaustion of vitality.

According to Chu Xingyun, “Bearing Tempering 诀” is divided into Ninth Level realm. The more you go up, the more vitality you consume. If you find the ordinary person to reach the Fourth Level realm, you will die.

The black clothed old man was able to cultivate “Destroy Body Tempering 诀” to the Seventh Level, and most of them got some kind of treasure, which greatly improved the vitality of own.

“I also thought about cultivate “Body Tempering”, but this Martial Study is too overbearing, so I gave up. Now, I have True Fire Phoenix’s life source blood essence, is it just enough to offset the cut? What are the side effects of Body Tempering?”

Chu Xingyun’s heart is striking, life source blood essence can provide endless vitality, and “Destroy Body Tempering 诀” is constantly consuming vitality.

The two complement each other, simply can be said to be perfect!

Chu Xingyun took a deep breath, immediately recalled the cultivate method of “Destroy Body Tempering 诀”, knees bent in place, the whole person slowly back backwards, such as a curved bow, a strange breath filled from the body .

“Coag!” Chu Xingyun whispered, almost instantaneously, a terrifying tingling sensation spread throughout the body, as if it had been torn by countless sharp edges, so that Chu Xingyun couldn’t help but shout, his face became incomparably pale.

“Light is first, it’s such a pain, no wonder it will be called a self-abuse Martial Study!” Chu Xingyun hated, but did not give up, he was able to cultivate to Martial Emperor realm, perseverance, his pain, and pain He will let him be impressed.

I saw him stand up, the back bones bent again into a bow, forcibly squeezed out the vitality of the inside body, to tempering the body of each piece of flesh skeleton.


About ten seconds later, Chu Xingyun’s body fell down, directly to the ground, the internal organs were shaken by Blood Qi, and the pores of the body oozing hot blood.

“Come back!”

Chu Xingyun loudly shouted, my heart is full of enthusiasm: “I rely on “Nine Revolutions Spirit Gathering”, has condensed the strongest spiritual sea in history, if you can use life source blood essence, cultivate “Destroy Body Tempering 诀” to perfection, Under the heavens, almost no-one can kill me!”

The black clothed old man, only cultivate “Bearing Tempering 诀” to the seventhth level realm, can block the joint offensive of Chu Xingyun and Xiao Sentence of heaven, hard against the day and night.

If you can cultivate it to the Ninth Level, you may be able to resist even the attack of the powerhouse!

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