Chapter 830. Bloody Thorn


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Mo Fan activated the bloody boots and, using their astounding efficiency, rushed right onto the fierce blue monster!

Mo Fan ran at high speed, his silhouette was barely visible to the human eye. As soon as he merges with the shadow, he will immediately be right next to the monster.

The ferocious blue beast has already managed to rise to its feet. The fire was still burning on his body, which did not cause any harm to the monster, but was outraged.

Seeing that this little man dared to run in his direction, the monster moved his pointed limbs and roared.

The fog filled the whole area again. Mo Fan, at this time, crept through the back streets and found himself right in the middle of the ruins. The guy between his fingers had already hidden shadow spikes …

As soon as the animal struck Mo Fan, he immediately split into two shadows and immediately disappeared.

The shadow that the ferocious blue beast cast was enormous. Mo Fan appeared right behind the monster’s back, after which he jumped and thrust the thorns right into the place where the monster’s limb connected to the body.

Usually one thorn was enough to immobilize the monster of the leader level of the pack. However, in the battle with the monster level commander in chief, to immobilize only some part of the body is already a success.

Mo Fan wanted to immobilize the monster’s limbs, they were painfully destructive.

By this time, the monster had already noticed Mo Fan in his back, but as soon as he wanted to hit the mage, he realized that his limbs were not obeying!

“Icy dungeon!”

Mu Ning Xue could not just watch Mo Fan bravely fight a monster. She was surrounded by an icy sphere.

The ice dungeon spell created inside the icy sphere is much stronger than usual. Ice chains immediately appeared in the air and flew into the monster.

Chains of ice like silk ribbons flew toward the six limbs of a monster. These six limbs were particularly sharp.

Another feature of these limbs was that they were extremely plastic. They could even reach the back. Therefore, they immediately tried to stick into Mo Fang.

Mu Ning Xue had time to notice this, and her ice chains immediately tied up the monster’s limbs.

Even if the ferocious blue beast wants to cut the chains one by one, it will have to spend some time for it.

“Try my fist!”

As the flaming fist struck directly into the shell of the animal, a crunch of broken bones was heard.

After such a strong blow, the monster had no opportunity to maintain balance, so the body fell on the frozen surface.

Sharp limbs were good offensive weapons, but if the body of the beast falls on them, then they can not stand and break!

After Mo Fan hit the monster from behind, he didn’t waste time and immediately ran away with the help of a shadow …

One of the limbs suddenly stirred and struck.

Mo Fan was frightened. A limb struck straight to where he had just been.

It’s good that he managed to merge with the shadow in time. If the blow fell right on it, it would have been torn to pieces, or, at best, it would have been thrown a few tens of meters …

The limb began to beat again and again, Mo Fan hurriedly ran away in the form of a shadow. Once the monster still managed to touch the guy, and he heard the loud and nasty screeching of armor.

Head bowed, Mo Fan noticed that the strike instantly left a mark on the armor. What a monstrous power of this monster, since with one blow he could damage such high-quality armor!

“That’s strange limbs! They can also bend and unbend in the opposite direction! ”

The commander-in-chief animal is really strong, and it is not so easy to kill him. Even though Mo Fan crushed him with his spell, it could still hurt the mage.

Barring a wound on his back, the beast was still in fair condition.

A ferocious blue beast rose, sharp limbs pierced the icy surface, and the animal’s eyes filled with red glitter!

“He wants to use magic!” Said Guanglai quickly.

The magic of sea monsters is not always directly related to water. All this is due to the fact that a lot of sea monsters. There are a huge number of different species and subspecies. In addition, many monsters, the father and mother use different types of magic, because of which the offspring can use different magic. That is why it is impossible to say with absolute certainty what kind of magic a monster can use.

It looks like this kind of fierce blue monster is a hybrid. His eyes are red, his body is of a dark shade, and his limbs, which are usually of snow-white flowers, were iridescent.

The animal raised a limb and struck into the void!

A bloody spike immediately appeared in the air, which quickly began to grow in size and flew towards the people!

The bloody spike passed through the ruins and ice like a knife through butter. The speed was simply amazing, no one would have had time to react.

Mo Fan saw this bloody spike and froze.

Suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his chest, this pain was so sharp, as if it had been cut into two parts …

Mo Fan fell to the ground. A rainbow of blow and scarlet blood appeared on his armor.

The armor could not protect against such a strong blow. Strong, hellish pain filled Mo Fan completely.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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