Chapter 833. Promoting the Fist


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** keke ke ke **

A ferocious blue beast gave a metallic gnash, and Mo Fan noticed that a hand of this type could already move.

In order to stay close to the ferocious blue beast for a long time, shadow thorns were used to hold four paws, but its paw will be released, and when it is completely free, it will be impossible to cope with this sea creature of the commander-in-chief level.

** meow **

The night rakchasa licked its clawed legs, since Mo Fan had given time for it.

He was not like other night predators attacking from cover, but just as they were waiting for the right moment, and was preparing to attack when Mo Fan would divert the attention of the ferocious blue beast to put its claws in his head, where there was no protective scales. That is, Mo Fan was supposed to work as a bait!

“You thought it over well, my ice magic wouldn’t hold him,” Mu Ning Xue said impatiently.

Mo Fan made a whole series of moronic feints, but Mu Nin Xue tried her best to stop the ferocious blue beast with ice, it’s good that everything happened in the area of her icy sphere that strengthened her ice magic to a sufficient level to counter the monster commander in chief. If there was another ice magician in its place, a fierce blue beast would have devoured them in an instant, and left no bones!

– Fiery hetera!

Mo Fan concentrated, and looked rather stern.

The flames dance in the air, gathering together behind Mo Fang, forming a pair of bright and beautiful flaming wings that looked extremely impressive!

– Fiery heterie, listen to my order, I think … aah!

Mo Fan was still trying to control the fiery getter, which quite independently began to kindle a violent flame.

When self-monitoring, the speed of execution suffers quite a lot, just like switching the gearbox on a car, but then Mo Fan was not upset that the fiery hetera “switched to automatic”!

The wings behind Mo Fan, with a crazy speed pushed him forward, and he took off for a short time … Fire feathers quickly exploded, pushing him, and carried him from 60 meters!

– Hoop … crashing … crashing fist!

“Dev … nine … nine dragons!”

Mo Fan really looked like a dragon, he and a fiery hetero agreed that they would strike with fire first, then season with lightning, and then expose a fiery sword, and finish everything with a fist. They seemed to merge into a single consciousness, from which magic turned out to be even more powerful.

Not to mention that the creation of a star system took moments!

Mo Fan’s fist was hot to red, and he cut through the air, fired two flames of different colors that intertwined into one and looked like a dragon, iridescent with motley colors!

** bang! **

Mo Fan was enveloped in flames, and seemed to merge into one flaming creature with this bright and colorful dragon.

A nine dragons knocking down fist could match the power of high-level fire magic, and now a reactive speed has been added to it, against which a fierce blue beast on the defensive could only oppose its own scales and armor!

From the blow of Mo Fan, who fell straight into a weakly protected point on his belly, the ten-meter ferocious blue beast could not stand it, and flew away.

The shell on his belly went cracked, and because of it flowed blue blood …

**boom Boom**

A ferocious blue monster destroyed three multi-storey houses in flight with its carcass, only after that it stopped, the buildings were wiped into dust, with a crash they crumbled to the ground, raising columns of sea water spray …

Like a scar from a burn, along the strike of nine dragons, a deep pothole passed along the ground, at one end of which stood Mo Fan, and at the other a fierce blue monster.

“Hoo-hoo … Is it not a hallucination?”

– What power, finally came to the aid of a high-level magician!

Comrades Guanlaya stood next to a mock shark and argued when they saw this scene that struck them.

They could not recall such a powerful mage in the 19 quarter!

– This is a flaming fist, from what is the feeling that this magic is on a level with a high level? – barely uttered the magician element of fire from the team of Guanlay.

The staring system of the Burning Fist, but the power of the Burial by the star fire.

Yes, that’s just the burial of a star fire – magic beating on the area, and against the monster level commander in chief would hardly have such a striking effect!

– Awful … Our plans did not have him, but here he declares and strikes at a vulnerable place, – Guanglai, mouth agape, stood still there.

The plan was the same plan?

Didn’t they just discuss how they can work together to resist a commander-level monster, how did it happen that the shell of a fierce blue beast was smashed to smithereens with one blow …

The corners of Mu Ninh Xue’s mouth lifted.

She knew everything and from the very beginning did not believe that he would act according to the strategy!

– Meow-a …

The night rakshass decided to improvise, noticing that Mo Fan broke his shell into smithereens on the belly of a fierce blue beast, his eyes flashed, and he instantly disappeared under a lamp.

– Kitten, you still get away, let me finish everything here! – Mo Fan also possessed an element of the shadow, and sensing that something dark was moving at an incredible speed, he immediately realized that it was Jiang Yu’s animal.

Mo Fan was already standing there, where there was a fierce blue beast, the collapsing fist went out, but the fiery wings behind him were still burning, that’s just not much sense in them, because Mo Fan would be better to disperse them quickly!

Fiery wings circled in the air, under the joint control of Mo Fan and fiery heteras, thousands of fiery feathers, fell down with an explosion down onto the ruins and the body of a fierce blue beast.

Continuing to fall, they inflicted heavy damage to a fierce blue beast, falling into unprotected places!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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