Chapter 834. Finish off


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The explosions were heard one after another, the fire flew into the sky. The earth shook so that the other detachments of the 19th quarter felt it.

A fierce blue beast lay among the ruins and raging fire. That time, his scaly shell did not help him much. The fire burned it, and the beast struggled to find a wave.

But the more this beast panicked, the more he hit the surface of the building. It was very difficult to find a place where the ice melted a little. In the end, the beast punched a hole and plunged into the water with his whole body.

The water level rose by 10 meters. The body of the fierce blue beast was about 15 meters. And it was not clear how he needed to cringe so that after immersion in water, even his shadow was not visible.

– He ran away? – asked Guanglai, which still did not leave fear.

“It seems to me impossible.” He was badly wounded. – answered Mu Ning Xue.

The ferocious blue beast was not so weak. Immersed in water, he put out the fire on his body.

However, very soon, Mo Fan, standing on an icy surface, saw blood deep in the ice. A thick layer of ice was cut by the beast, and, taking no precautions, Mo Fan struck the beast. The beast reacted and deep bloody tracks appeared on the body of the magician.

If Mo Fana didn’t have serpentine mail, he would have been cut in half.

– This damn creature even strives to hit in the water! – Mo Fan, covering his wound, retreating to a place with a thicker layer of ice.

This blow was more painful than the previous ones. Mo fan felt it was harder to breathe, and the wound on his lower back was just tearing from the pain. He did not know whether the internal organs were damaged or not.

“Nan Rongni is still waiting for us to bring her an antidote.” So let’s hurry! – seriously said Mu Ning Xue.

A ferocious blue beast could in a short time deliver a serious blow to Mo Fan, it means that the injury that Mo Fan caused him was not fatal.

It would be nice if this beast stopped pursuing them in the open and returned to the 20th quarter, while he has such a chance.

– Yes, let’s go faster. – Mo Fan poked his head.

– How are your injuries? – just saying this phrase, Mu Ning Xue immediately saw two wounds on Mo Fang’s body, which were quite serious.

“I don’t know … Maybe the internal organs are damaged …” Mo, speaking, Mo Fang’s face began to turn white.

A creature at the commander-in-chief level is an unusual creature. Mo Fan had not yet realized the victory of the blow struck by the beast, as the beast struck back without any omen.

– Use the hemostat. – said Mu Ning Xue.

– Yeah, and the kidneys left or right? – asked Mo Fan.

Mu Ning Xue raised an eyebrow in surprise and once again thought that this guy was not right with his head.

Right or left?

After all, the kidneys are on the right and on the left! Normal people have two of them!

“Rather answer, if my kidneys are damaged, you will not be able to despise me anymore.”

– Can you shut up? – inattentively answered Mu Ning Xue.


Mo Fan felt unwell and did not understand why Mu Ning Xue was talking to him in this position. In addition, I had to take the saliva of that feline creature against my will.

The saliva of this creature was very effective, the blood was quickly stopped. Only felt aching inside. If I had not been damaged internal organs. If the kidney of a simple person could be exchanged for an iPhone, then his kidney, at least, deserved a MacBook!

Mo Fan all the way, pray that the internal organs are in order.

When Nan Rongni was not infected with poison, she would easily have been able to cure his wound in an instant. And now her life was in the balance …

This part of the journey was fairly safe. The feline creature really had surprising combat capability. Meeting with monsters, this creature killed them in a jiffy.

Reaching the 20th quarter, Mo Fan and Mu Ning Xue saw the corpses and pieces of the meat of the toothy green monsters!

– Nichrome itself, how much! – Mo Fan, having seen the corpses, was very surprised. The number of toothed green monsters was twice as large as he had expected.

It is good that they had Vanyue Qianxun, who was a high-level magician, otherwise they would not be sweet.

Seeing that Mo Fan and Mu Ning Xue returned, the faces of Nan Jue, Zhao Man Yan and Jiang Shai Xu immediately became cheerful. However, it could be said for sure that the two magicians survived several serious battles, as their clothes were covered with bloody stains.

The night rakshas gave the antidote to Jiang Shaoxu, the girl immediately began smearing a little hardened substance on the girl’s terrible wound.

Nan Rongni was unconscious, her face was deathly pale, it felt like her breathing stopped …

The effect of the antidote was a bit slow, perhaps because it was already beginning to harden. It only remained to wait.

– If you were a bit late, you would have achieved yours. – said Mu Tinyin with a cold grin, in her speech was heard contempt.

Mu Ning Xue stopped looking at Nan Rongni, who was in mortal danger. Her anger began to roll up her throat.

Mu Ning Xue really wanted to help Nan Rongni, but she had no choice but to wait and look at her semi-unsteady body. And then there is this Mu Tinin with her grin, she could no longer tolerate …

* Meayayayayau

Night Rakshasa made a sound, putting his sharp claws to Mu Tinin’s neck.

Moo Tinin started screaming, jumping away from fear.

– Fefey, stop it! Jiang Yu immediately ordered the Rakshas to stop.

* Meayayayayau

Night rakshasa was washing its paws.

“You fucking cat, I’ll take off your skin!” “Mu Tinin noticed that she had several scratches on her neck that were quite shallow.

“Stop it, you don’t seem to know how difficult it was to find a whitish, weeping monster!” Don’t open your mouth anymore, okay ?! – Nan Jue scolded Mu Tinin for her mockery.

Mu Ning Xue wanted to deal with all this herself, but after looking at the rest of the magicians who were very tired and all wounded, she decided to contain her feelings.

“I’m not going to mess with her and sink to her level, otherwise she will have to leave the detachment — saying these words, Mu Tinin angrily looked at Jiang Yu:“ And watch your stinking cat well! ”.

– No one paid attention to Mu Tinin. Jiang Shaoxu saw that Mo Fan was sitting apart, without saying a word.

It seemed strange to Jiang Shaoxu, if Mo Fang was all right, he would not let Mu Ting Yin say bad things about Mu Ning Xue. Why did he not respond?

“Hey hey are you okay?” – Jiang Shaoxu ceiling Mo Fang.

Mo Fan raised his head, his face was white.

Jiang Shaoxuy, looking at the magician, covered her mouth with her hands in fear …

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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