Chapter 835. Water Retreats, Monsters Retreat


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“Are you … are you all right?” Asked Jiang Shaoxu.

– Will go, in any case, I will not die, is there water? Said Mo Fan.

Jiang Shaoxu pulled out a bowl of water and let Mo Fang drink.

His lips were very dry, and after he drank some water, the human form returned to him.

– Is there some more? Mo Fan asked again.

– Yeah, you seem to be very dehydrated. What happened in the end? – Jiang Shaoxu asked.

– Nothing. I just thought … really hard to fight with an animal of the commander-in-chief level, ”said Mo Fan.

“Lie down here, rest.” The hemopreparation is not particularly effective against wounds inflicted by magical creatures, said Jiang Shaoxu.

– Give more.

– How can you drink so much?

Seeing that Mo Fan’s condition was gradually improving, the girl was able to calmly sigh.

She brought a first-aid kit and first helped Mo Fang to treat his wounds so that they would not fester. Then she gave him a shot, it’s good that Mo Fang’s body recovers much faster than the body of an ordinary person.

At the same time, the state of the poisoned Nan Rongni also began to gradually improve. The effect of the antidote manifested itself more and more clearly, and the poison left her body.

Nan Rongni came to herself, she looked very weak.

The tide was not over yet, and there were still battles around the battlefield around Tokai Fortress – sea monsters could still appear.

Mo Fan and Nan Junni now could not help the course of events, it was lucky that there were few creatures in this quarter, otherwise the team of magicians would not be able to resist.

– Seem, sea water recedes! – Jiang Yu happily reported.

Mo Fan also jumped up. Having a little recovered, he ran to be convinced of it.

Indeed, the water began to recede, baring the ruins of the destroyed structures, which reached a height of 2-3 meters.

The surviving sea monsters gradually retreated, and the battle line shifted with them.

“I never would have thought that in the Tokai Fortress this happens!” – Mo Fan returned to the horizontal position, sighing heavily from his injuries.

Nan Rongni lay beside her, and she looked rather dreary.

– You survived and should dance with happiness, why so sad? Asked Mo Fan, glancing at her.

“At the end of this ordeal, someone will have to leave the team,” Nan Junni said in a low voice.

She was worried about Mu Ning Xue from the very beginning, and Mo Fan was now plunged into hard thoughts.

– She saved you … can you stumble and give her your place in the team? – suggested Mo Fan.

Nan Junni stopped dead without saying anything.

– I also thought about it at first, but the probability is still too low, and in this case someone can be kicked out. I am the only healing magician in the whole team; our leaders will not allow me to leave. Even if I deliberately leave the team, they will find another healing mage, but they will definitely not give up this place to Mu Ning Xue, ”said Nan Rongni.

Mo Fan nodded his head. She was right … Regardless of the command, the magician of the healing element will never be superfluous.

If we talk about Zhao Man Yang, another spare, although his fighting capacity and the weakest in the team, as he said, with the finances of his family, he definitely will be able to become a high-level magician in the near future ….

This is a dilemma!

If there is no Mu Ning Xue, what’s the point of Mo Fang continue to stay in the national team?

The water almost receded, and now buildings are visible on the streets, or rather, what remains of them.

It was not clear how many sea monsters had already been destroyed. The bulk of sea creatures retreated along with the ebb, since without water, their protective functions deteriorate markedly, and hence the mortality of monsters increases markedly.

The sewage drainage system of the Tokai fortress also exceeded all expectations: it poured huge streams of water, and now it seemed that the district just had a heavy rain, as there was not a trace of 10 meter waves!

The quarters were destroyed, however, they began to be restored at great speed. As soon as the water had gone, the military showed up on a low dam that they had shot the remaining monsters and removed the carcasses of those already killed.

The corpses of magical creatures are very expensive. Being much more powerful than ordinary people, the insides of monsters are valued much higher than human ones, since they contain the magical powers of natural origin.

Only by collecting all the corpses from the streets, you can calculate which quarter killed the most monsters.

Now this question was of the least concern: everyone wanted to wash in hot water and get some sleep in a fresh bed as soon as possible.

This is the difference between the magicians of the national team and the elderly magicians: being students, with their magic talents they can be compared to the venerable wizards, but they lack the patience and wisdom that can become decisive in battle.

How much money will give for the corpses of monsters?

It didn’t bother them. How many will give – will give so much. The amount will be divided into all.

Of course, it peeped over their inner impulses.

Only now Mu Ning Xue was still hanging around, the question of money for her was very important now!

– The shares of Jiang Shaoxuy and Nan Rongni will go to you, since it was you who saved them. Total, three shares – you get 12 million, – said Nan Jue, who was responsible for the distribution of money, transferring the resources of Mu Ning Xue.

Mu Ning Xue, without arguing with this, silently took the money.

Now she, like no one else, needed money!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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