Chapter 836. Strong as a bull


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12 million …

For a magician who has just reached an average level, this can be a huge amount of money, with which you can buy only half of the spiritual seed. Only here for all the other middle-level magicians this amount will not bring much benefit.

In order to break through to a high level, you need at least one hundred million, and in this case, everything will depend on the degree of cultivation of the magician himself.

Mu Ning Xue left the Tokai fortress early in the morning and went straight to the Tokyo auction.

Examining the information, she learned that the galactic vein (which helps to achieve a high level) costs about 100 million, in the end, the cost of such in Tokyo was about 110 million.

The money gained in the Tokai fortress is not enough to buy even the seediest vein, and this is very frustrating and funny for Mu Ning Xue at the same time.

Of course, having lost in one moment all the resources that she had, Mu Ning Xue now may have to lag behind at the very end.

Mu Ning Xue, being not a stupid girl, was well aware that many of the team had already reached a high level, they just don’t rush to advertise it.

She felt that if everyone in the team could only release mid-level magic, they would just be washed into the ocean along with the monsters!

The replacement time in the team inexorably approached, and if she, Mu Ning Xue, is not able to break through to a high level up to this point, then it is quite possible that she will remain the only intermediate level magician in the team!

Each test in this internship awakens a great spirit of rivalry in the team, because every time the leaders will replace the weakest!

Upon returning to the Tokai Fortress, Mu Ning Xue remained in a melancholic state.

If she relies only on her own strength, when will she be able to make a breakthrough? She definitely does not have so much time.

Passing through the hall, she opened the door ….

Upon entering the room, she saw that some guy was lying on her bed, and this finally infuriated her.

– You have completely crossed all the borders! She screamed at Mo Fang.

Thanks are grateful, but this does not mean that he can at any moment fall into her room and lie on her bed! This is extreme lowness for such a girl as pure ice!

– I … and what am I ?? – hatched Mo Fan.

Mu Ning Xue wanted to start a scandal, when she noticed that there were absolutely no things in the room – Mo Fang’s rags were scattered there.

And only at this moment she realized that she was mistaken in the room.

The arrangement of the rooms from the hall was the same, so it was very easy to get confused.

“Um … I didn’t want to know how your wound was,” Mu Ning Xue began to wriggle out.

Mo Fan has already begun to emanate from the sweat, and having greeted Mu Ning Xue with a smile, he continued to stare at the Japanese girls in the telephone.

“I am fine, only I am bleeding, I did not notice myself.” But with the kidneys, everything is fine! Said Mo Fan with a smile.

“Well, since it’s okay, then I will go,” Mu Ning Xue in Mo Fang’s room felt uncomfortable.

Uncomfortably, she was not due to Mo Fane’s frivolous views — she had already become accustomed to them for so many years; she was given a strange smell in his room.

“Yes, sit down, I look, your mood is really bad,” said Mo Fan.

He talked to her, while at the same time hiding his smelly socks.

He threw his socks out the window!

Seeing such a reaction of Mo Fan, Mu Ning Xue began to laugh involuntarily.

“Um … let’s go for a walk or something, otherwise the air is stale here,” said Mo Fan.

– I have just returned.

“Let’s go, Tokai Fortress also has a market, see if there is anything valuable there,” said Mo Fan.

Mu Ning Xue thought … The money she had was not enough to buy the galactic vein, and there wasn’t enough to buy any valuable artifact either – it was pointless to go there. The market of the Tokai fortress was very famous in the international arena, where you can find both ordinary junk and valuable rarities – so many magicians rush in there hoping to get something very precious.

“Aha,” Mu Ning Xue nodded her head.

– Wait for me five minutes, I need to wash! – jumped Mo Fan.

Mu Ning Xue saw his red underpants, which made her feel completely uncomfortable.

Da Mo Fan seemed to have fully recovered already!

Mo Fan had suffered so much from his injuries a day before that, as if he were to spend the next few months in a lying state. Now he was riding a deer, and this made Mu Ning Xue think about whether he was pretending to suffer …

“And you are quickly recovering,” she said to Mo Fan.

– Go, go, – he joked off.

In truth, the element of demonization was a very deceptive element. After waking up this magic, Mo Fan never felt any change in his cultivation or abilities.

The only thing that the element of demonization really influenced was the speed of regeneration of the organism — Mo Fang’s forces recovered with magical speed.

The agile wolf belongs to the wolf family, which automatically gives it the ability to recover quickly, but Mo Fang would have needed at least 4-5 days to heal in the usual course of things. Given that he did not receive any treatment, he recovered in a couple of days …

He was healthy as a bull, only in battle he could not control this his strong man.

Of course, demonization is not one of those types of magic that can be used in half … and Mo Fang very hard had to do with this element.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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