Chapter 837. I Don’t Know You!


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The power of the demonizing element was so powerful that even Mo Fan himself was afraid to resort to it.

The principle of demonization is very simple. From a technical point of view, the amount of energy is always constant. The reinforcement that Mo Fan receives during demonization will be reimbursed by the spiritual forces of his organism afterwards. As soon as the spiritual forces run out, he will perish.

Thus, demonization is an agreement with the dark forces: you get strength with a loan, which then needs to be returned with huge interest!

The dark talisman also plays an important role in this. He supports his master in the recovery period, if an ordinary person were in place of Mo Fang, he would not be able to transfer even one such process! That is why all the military experiments about demonization turned out to be a failure. No matter how many elements the magician has, the question is different – is he able to make an agreement with the dark forces, and then pay the bills?

Generally speaking, demonization has already taken root in Mo Fana and has become his sixth secret element, which he can use or not use, depending on the situation.

“I wanted to ask you …” Mo Fan came very close to Mu Ning Xue, touching her snow-white skin.

What a kids game!

“If it concerns replacement, then don’t ask,” the girl said.

It was this topic that bothered her the most.

“And you know how to shake off,” said Mo Fan.

Mu Ning Xue turned her eyes on him. She looked at him for exactly two seconds, and then looked again into the distance.

– What? – puzzled asked Mo Fan.

“Nothing, just next to you, I suddenly realized a simple truth,” said Mu Ning Xue.

“If you want to say these terrible words about the fact that difficulties make us stronger, then you better not say them,” Mo Fan added.

Mu Ning Xue laughed and nodded her head negatively: “Close, but totally irrelevant to what you think.”

“Then say what the truth is?”

– Yes, there is nothing special to discuss here. I just think that absolutely no difference what forces helped you in the very beginning, the most important thing is that you can only rely on yourself, ”said Mu Ning Xue.

She, on her own skin, was able to feel what it was like to be left without the support of her family, which only thinks about the strength of blood relationship, trying to stay in society at the expense of her fame. It is striking that the action of one person was enough to destroy the many years of work of the whole family.

What kind of natural talent, icy field and outstanding ice magic can we talk about when the Mu clan only does that supports only the strongest – they think only of themselves, forgetting all the others.

In just a few months, Mu Ning Xue was so noticeably behind in her cultivation. At the very beginning, she really thought she could get out of the replacement list, but the reality literally drove her to tears.

It is unable to make a breakthrough, there are no resources either, and its internal potential is not enough to overcome all barriers. She can only watch as everyone else in the team reaches a high level ….

– I grew up in a situation where I have to always rely only on myself. I have already got used to trying to achieve everything with my own work, but I must say that a rich family can noticeably ease many processes. Look, for example, at the rich man Zhao Man Yang – he lives with me in the same room, and he just does it all day for chasing women’s skirts, and although he also sometimes makes efforts against the background of a boy who has been for 10 years working hard on his cultivation, he is a common bummer, ”said Mo Fan.

He absolutely did not want to complain about the inequality of people on the planet, but he really believed that if a person wants to change the current situation, he needs to try very hard, putting all his strength into it. Even if you take Zhao Man Yan, doesn’t he despise him in the slightest? If he got on this internship only because of his talents, he would have turned into a person who hates people who came here thanks to the assistance of their relatives.

Want to change something? Then fight it! And it concerns absolutely everything.

Upon arrival at the market, Mo Fan noticed that the place clearly exceeded his expectations.

The inscriptions on the market were meaningless – everyone who came here knew that the local products were sold, bought and updated many times. Price tags needed to seek out for themselves. All those present were clearly chasing after something valuable, because no one would buy simple pieces of iron!

After the tide of monsters in the market was very lively: many watched what’s new appeared among the goods.

Mo Fan hoped that his dark talisman would help him find valuable things in this pile of goods, but the talisman did not react at all. Oh, this arrogant suspension! He is only worried about items that he can devour with pleasure – he doesn’t give a damn about anything else!

In this abundant place, Mo Fan and Mu Ning Xue, two laymen, have already managed to spend a couple of millions, having made just one lap. The cost of gizmos did not exceed 300-400 thousand, so, a trifle.

In this process, the waste earned by Mo Fan did not forget to eat enough.

The Tokai Fortress, being a seaside place, was abundant in seafood – there were also smells of sea meat in the area.

Mu Ning Xue first tried the meat of sea monsters. At first, she was categorically against it, but after the admonitions of Mo Fang, she nevertheless decided.

“If the meat had been frozen, its flavor would have been even more appetizing, except that the monsters’ carcasses were brought here right from the battlefield, so we hadn’t had time to cool them, ”said the shopkeeper with a smile.

– So too come.

So what? With Mu Ning Xue freeze food will not be a problem!

– Xuexue, we need not to engage in magical nonsense, but to open a family business … you will be responsible for freezing food, and I will be rich for their roasting! I even came up with a name! Let’s call it “The Song of Ice and Flame”!

With a person like Mo Fang, you always have to keep your face ready – “I don’t know you.”

Mu Ning Xue used this technique for a long time: in moments of Mo Di Fang’s verbal diarrhea, she simply put on this humble mask of silence, taking on the appearance of a person who had renounced worldly fuss.

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