Chapter 838. The Galactic Vein


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They walked through the streets, tried delicious food, drank, Mo Fan had already decided that their relationship had moved to a completely different level.

Mu Ning Xue was already pretty drunk, a red blush had already appeared on her snow-white cheeks. It cost Mo Fang only to look at the girl, as his heart began to pound very hard.

When they lived next door, Mo Fan had already managed to love every part of her body.

She had the character of a princess, compared to the other girls, she was a lovely phoenix.

If Mo Fan in childhood and had any dreams, it is to marry this princess.

Today, he managed to go on a date with Mu Ning Xue, moreover, he led her straight to his room, Mo Fan finally realized: his childhood dreams are beginning to come true!

Yeah, the alcohol was strong enough, since Mu Ning Xue had not yet realized that this cunning guy was leading her to her in the middle of the night. At that moment, the girl was like a defenseless lamb!

Mo Fan waited for this day, or rather this night, for a very long time. And now this night will forever be deposited in his memory.

To tell the truth, Mo Fan was still a little worried, opening the door with his key, because of what it didn’t work out the first time …

“This is … this is my room, yes?”, Mu Ning Xue fumbled her temples, she could not have imagined that alcohol would affect her so much.

“Yes, of course,” said Mo Fan.

Mu Ning Xue did not even doubt. Staggering, she entered the room.

Mo Fan was already rubbing his hands, he wanted to go into the room right behind the girl, but she turned out to be smarter.

Mu Ning Xue quickly turned, snatched the key from Mo Fang’s hand, then immediately closed the door!

Mo Fang nearly hit the door. After a second, he heard the lock click in the door …

“Hey, hey!”, Mo Fan began to knock on the door.

Mu Ning Xue did not answer him, she was too drunk. As soon as she saw the bed, she immediately lay down and wrapped herself in a blanket, like a little kitten.

Even if Mo Fan would knock the door down, she still wouldn’t pay attention to it.

At the time, Mo Fan, who was standing outside the door, frowned.

As expected, everything will go through one place.


Mo Fan quietly sat down in the hall and became aware of the memories. He had not had so much fun with Mu Ning Xue long ago, especially after they had matured …

“Okay, sooner or later she will become mine. Today was a good start. Besides, I have nowhere to hurry! ”, Thought Mo Fan.

Mo Fan still thought for some time, then he came to the conclusion that since he could not return to his room, he had to go to Mu Ning Xue’s room. Especially because on her bed was still the smell of her body. To lie in her bed for Mo Fan is like making yourself happy!

Just lay down in her bed, and already such a reaction, but what would have happened if they had lain together …

It seems that you need to hurry, to strike while the iron is hot.

Need to marry her as soon as possible!


In the following days, the team members were very busy, so busy that they had not seen anyone for whole days.

However, Mu Ning Xue and Mo Fan did not go crazy about this. At the current level of magical development, for them what they cultivate, what not cultivate, is all one. This was especially true of Mu Ning Xue. Even if she cultivates diligently, she will not be able to go to the next level. At this stage of development, not everything can be obtained simply by cultivating diligently.

Since everyone is still busy, Mo Fang should continue to see Mu Ning Xue. As soon as they look at the most interesting things in Tokai Fortress, then you can go to Tokyo. And the capital was famous for the fact that you don’t see how much you see, how many people walk along the streets – you’ll still not see everything.

Mu Ning Xue happily had fun, completely throwing out of the head everything related to magic and cultivation.

“I wish the cherry blossoms were now,” Mu Ning Xue sighed.

Japanese sakura really blooms very beautifully. What girl could not imagine herself standing in the midst of slowly feeding petals, dressed in beautiful clothes …

Since Mu Ning Xue was not burdened with cultivation and she didn’t have to compete with anyone, she really enjoyed what she didn’t have for a very long time – freedom. Freedom to enjoy people, events, things.

Cultivation was very monotonous and tedious. The girl does not even remember when she was last interested in chain bracelets, pendants, hair clips. She devoted herself entirely to stars, constellations, and nebulae. Even if the world of magic has its own charm, the same world has turned it into a robot. She always lived with the thought that the current burden of life is only a sign of quick success, that you need to work hard for a few more years. However, it was worth stopping for a second and thinking about how an understanding immediately came: she did not achieve anything, but lost so much …

Her life was devoid of romance, was devoid of color.

“You have been so merry these past few days,” said Mo Fan.

“Well, sometimes you need to change,” said Mu Ning Xue.

“What, do you mean that you at least sometimes“ freeze ””, Mo Fang asked.

“I, too, should at least some rest,” said Mu Ning Xue.

“Let me help you,” – suddenly it came to Mo Fang that it was such a burden to the girl.

Recently, she was not like herself. She needs to pull herself together, voluntarily sharpen herself in the four walls and devote all her time to cultivation, again forgetting about everything.

Only Mo Fan knew she would not happily do all this.

It will take several more days and it will completely go into cultivation. Even though the barrier is still very strong, it will still constantly try to break through it. Even if hope leaves her, she will still try again and again. If she is happy with the flowering of sakura, if she is enjoying delicious food, then she will not be Mu Ning Xue.

Mo Fan was not a fool, he knew that the girl would not actively spend all her time with him. He guessed that Mu Ning Xue needed a pause to take a break from this routine.

“You have so many elements, you need a lot of resources, you can’t help you,” said Mu Ning Xue.

“Resources can be obtained once more, but if you miss the right moment, it will be forever. Here, this is for you, ”said Mo Fan, and took out the shiny thing like a diamond.

Mu Ning Xue was dumbfounded. Mo Fan in his hands was a galactic vein from the Tokyo auction. The girl looked at the patterns, and was sure: this is definitely the very vein she saw.

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