Chapter 839. Team Strength


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The galactic vein was like a diamond, only it was more refined and brilliant. If you look closely, you could see that it resembles a galaxy in its glow.

This is the cherished dream of many magicians. Galactic vein – a very important thing for the magician. With its help, you can overcome the barrier and turn the inner nebula into a galaxy.

In order to turn the nebula of stars into a galaxy, you need to overcome a very strong barrier. Without help, this is extremely difficult. The galactic vein, in turn, contains a magical impulse of such a force, which is enough to break through the barrier.

To reach the level of the galaxy is to become a high-level magician. The magical power that can be released with the help of the galaxy is no match for the power provided by the nebula.

But whatever you say, the galactic vein does not give a hundred percent guarantee for a breakthrough. The magician must himself be ready to hit the barrier.

Of course, there are those who can do this on their own, without the help of the vein, but there are very few such people. At ten thousand magicians, at best, there is only one such lucky person.

Mu Ning Xue just really needs a galactic streak. The fact that everyone was now sitting all four walls could only mean one thing – they got their galactic veins and are trying to make a breakthrough.

It will take a little more time and all team members will be high-level magicians. Here is the strength of the national team!

Everyone in the team climbed to the peak of mid-level magic. How soon they would become high-level mages – it depended only on how quickly they got the galactic veins.

In addition, the day will soon come when someone will be otseyan. And since this day is soon, then it is absolutely impossible to delay.

“When did you manage to buy it?” Mu Ning Xue Mo Fang asked touched.

A huge family that maintains close ties with each other would not make such a gift to her, and some guy alone would buy such a valuable thing for her … Mu Ning Xue would never have believed if she had not seen.

“When you went to bed with me, and I went to you, I could not sleep. I went to the auction and bought it, ”said Mo Fan.

If Mo Fan had such an opportunity, he would stop this moment and quickly ask on the Internet whether he should stand on one knee in such a situation?

However, in such a situation, such stupid behavior is unacceptable. He just wants to look after Mu Ning Xue. He wants the girl to know that his intentions to marry her are very serious. Since then we could not escape from everyone together, then we need to crank everything officially. And it does not matter whether she is that sweet, loving kitty and rabbit, a little princess, or a cold goddess …

Mo Fang is worth being grateful to the Mu family. If it were not for such a confluence of circumstances, he would never have received such an excellent chance. You have to be grateful that he managed to sell the soul of the commander-in-chief level and buy the galactic vein. And you need to remember to thank your country for the opportunity to meet in the same team. Mo Fan thought that he wouldn’t have time to take care of the girl for a long time, but it was worthwhile to find himself in such a situation as everything changed.

“I have already planned everything, thank you, Mo Fan,” said Mu Ning Xue, her eyes sparkled.

She was glad that in this world there is at least someone who treats her that way. However, she did not want to take this gift.

As she said before, Mo Fang has a lot of elements. He, like no one else, constantly needs resources. He was already very strong now, but the girl knew that Mo Fan could become even stronger …

“No need to do that. In the national team is very tight. If you really want to get to a high level, then you really need this thing. Don’t be afraid of being impolite, ”Mo Fan quickly replied.

After this remark, Mo Fang’s heart beat very fast, about the same as during the events in Xi’an …

Mo Fan thought he said something different from what he wanted. But what is said is said. It remains to hope that Mu Ning Xue will understand and accept the gift.

Now Mo Fan thought that he, too, would like to see the blooming season of sakura now. Falling petals would help him have the courage. However, the reality was slightly different, they stood in the middle of a deserted park, and behind them was a statue of some of the German-Scandinavian gods.

The guy did not notice when this murmuring creek nearby managed to freeze.

After some time, the stream defrosted and began to murmur again.

Mo Fan thought he had never been so worried. He was just like a high school student who wrote a love letter for the first time.

“Come on, you take this galactic vein, let’s say, into debt. Then, when you go through this difficult period, you will return. And the rest then, ”Mo Fan quickly said when he saw that Mu Ning Xue wanted to say something. He did not know what Mu Ning Xue thought about this, but it seemed to him that with this act and words, he won her heart.

The girl looked at Mo Fan and thought that this guy directly did not give her the opportunity to say something.

The guy wanted to say something else, but she stopped him.

“Oh, I’ll say afterwards … let you”, – My Fan became uncomfortable.

Mu Ning Xue would never have imagined that such an insensitive person like Mo Fan could be so worried. She was confused.

“I tell you again, I have a plan. And it is true. Even if this galactic vein is in debt, I won’t take it anyway. You must understand that everyone in the team competes with each other. Not only individual people compete, but also the people behind them, families. Even if with the help of this vein I get to Venice, I will not be able to distinguish there. In fact, this thing alone will not be enough for me, so I will not pass the selection sooner or later. And if you lend it to me, it will affect your cultivation. The rest have already reached a high level, some already even have three elements. If you don’t take the galactic vein, you lose the advantage, ”as Mu Ning Xue tried to explain.

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