Chapter 84: Confusion of the braves


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Turn your heels back, I’m going back to my seat.

A female student from the fan union raised her voice with a lucid look.

“Oh, it’s the highest, after all, Master Anos. Ah!

“Yeah yeah, when you want me to, you’re gonna do it! Follow me for another lifetime!!

“Me too. Ooh! But is he the Dean of the Academy, that guy? You’re the greatest in the College of the Brave and you’re in the selection class, aren’t you? I can’t believe you don’t know more about the magic of the brave than the students at Demon King’s College.”

“Master Anos, I think you’re being a little pathetic about the students over there. I don’t think you’ve been anointed.”

“Dear Anos, how long have you been a verb!?

“What shall we do! I just realized something amazing!

“… I only have a bad feeling about it, but I’ll ask. What?”

“You know, demon swords are for boys. The Devil’s Sword.”

“… that’s what I meant by the Devil’s Sword…”

“So what about the Holy Sword?

…… Master Anos is a duplicant!

And looking at the overwhelming momentum of them, the students of the College of the Brave are like half the people who look like they don’t know why, half the people who look like they don’t know why, but they’re humiliated.

“You’re a little surprised.”

Redriano lifts his glasses with his index finger.

“But thanks to you, I understand very well. Overwhelming knowledge of magic, uninterrupted immense magic, and magic technology that deviates from the regular track of manipulating magic that can only be used by brave men”

Glittering a cold gaze from the back of his glasses, Redriano said in a tone full of certainty.

“Anos Voldigord, you are the reborn demon king of tyranny.”

As soon as I said so, there was now a simultaneous loss of laughter from the seat on the side of Demon King’s College.

“Pu Ha. What did he say, cancer? Anos answered me well and showed me his power, so I know how to move.”

“Oh, can’t you even tell the difference between white and black clothes? Keep your eyes on me, you’re embarrassing me.”

“Come on. You don’t even know about the Demon King because it’s a brave college.”

“Then don’t tell me you found out.”

“No matter how awesome, Anos’ magic has no dignity. I guess you don’t know that, like humans.”

Ledriano looked surprised by the showered voice. I’m not surprised that I missed my expectations.

“If you’re saying he’s not the Demon King of Atrocities, who is he?

Redriano pursues sharply.

But the royalist students even mocked the question.

“Mr. Redriano, was it?

3rd grade students, says Lee Best.

“You seem to be somewhat familiar with the magic of the Demon Clan, but do you know what the Demon King’s College badge stands for?

“Of course it is. It would be the result of the Aptitude and Magic Diagnosis of the Demon King. The shapes are always represented by polygons, or moonstars, and the more their vertices are, the better.”

“Heh. Must it be a polygon or a moon star? So, what’s the Anos school badge?

Redriano glances at the school stamp on my uniform.

It’s not a polygon, it’s not a star.

“… the branding of the cross… any such information…?

“Mr. Redriano, that’s the brand of the non-conformer. The one farthest from the tyrannical Demon King, the non-conformer since the beginning of Demon King College, that’s Anos. If you call him the Demon King, you’ll be laughed at with your nose in Dirhade.”

Following Lee Best, the third-rate royal-like students raised their voices.

“Yes, yes. I mean, the dean at your place was no match for even the fallen students at Demon King’s College.”

“I can see the level of the Brave Men’s Academy at all.”

“You’ve been hit by a nonconformist and mistaken for a tyrant demon king. Don’t be shy.”

“Anos, no one has ever admitted it.”

I guess I was belly-up to the attitude of the College of the Brave just now. Even the determination of me as the Demon King of tyranny heightened the anger of the Royalists at once.

“… with all that power, he said he was a non-conformer…? For example, how many other students…?

As if he had remembered the war, Redriano swallows his sauce and spit.

The air and environment that holds the royalty and me together has been brewed in the last two months or so. It’s hard to grasp the situation just from the edge, and I guess I haven’t been able to find out just about the College of the Brave.

“Chi… aren’t these guys just hacking…?

Laos is blurry with a whisper.

But Redriano shook his head left and right.

“The Devil King of Atrocities is so honorable in Dirheid that he can even speak his name. Even acting is impossible, such as cursing a bad person in this way and even pressing the brand of a nonconformist…”

“Then what? Are they right that Dr. Diego was inferior in magic knowledge to just a nonconformist?

“Take it easy, Laos. It’s just one time.”

“Can you stay calm?” It’s not just magic! It’s about the magic of the brave!

Laos stands up and says to me.

“Hey, you. Anos Voldigord. You must be the demon king of tyranny, right?



Admittedly, Laos, on the contrary, stepped up his vigilance.

“Anyway, so let me tell you another thing. The name of the tyrannical demon king is Anos Voldigord. History books and textbooks would be wrong, so rewrite them.”

“… what… oh…?

I guess I don’t even doubt the name of the tyrannical demon king taught at the College of the Brave.

I don’t know what to think, Laos looks confused.

“Oh, come on, look at him. You’re about to believe the usual Anos lies, aren’t you?

“I wonder if you found out because this is it. Don’t take it seriously.”

“In the first place, he’s not royal. You haven’t completely inherited the blood of your original ancestors, so there’s no way the Ravaged Demon King can be reincarnated!

Royalist students fly wild.

“Hmm. Well, don’t worry about what these guys say. I can’t get you to admit I’m a tyrant demon king either, and I’m in trouble.”

There’s no way, Laos frowns in such a way.

“… chi… what… I don’t know why…!

Hmm. Anything you don’t know determines things with unsolicited guesses and keeps turning away from the truth that is beside you.

No, no, not quite. Why, isn’t it a pleasant show?

“Ha, yes, yes! Everybody’s not making a scene!

Menow slaps his hand and calms down the students who keep talking to him as they please.

“Dr. Diego. Count the earlier demonization (Nedra) as this one, so the next one is for the College of the Brave.”

“Ah, oh. Right.”

Diego turns his gaze to pick out the contestants from the students.

“Hmm. Don’t make your chest jump about what’s next. Now don’t get me wrong, okay?

When he said so, Diego made his expression stronger.

“Anos, can’t you just say that? Even Dr. Diego just happened to make a mistake earlier. There’s no way that the Dean of the College of the Brave can go wrong with the magic of the brave. Hey, Doctor?

Menow told Diego just now in return for his interest.

Don’t you know that well?

“Oh, hon. You have a little plans ahead of you. I’d like to continue my recreation, but I think I should move on to my next class.”

So let’s get out of here without any more rundown.

“Uh, does the College of the Brave run away -?

“Yeah, well, it’s been so exciting.”

“Now you have the same percentage of correct answers, and you have the soul nerve to draw. Ka, you’re not here. If we go on like this, we lose.”

“Mostly, you’re wrong about that one from the teacher, so you lose how you did it, right?

That’s the devil tribe, should I say my countrymen?

That’s a straight ball the way you stir it.

“… say crap. If you’re into that, you can lose our college.”

Then Heine said.

“Doctor, I’d like to continue. I need to show you some of the pride of the College of the Brave.”

Diego goes down the lecture hall and walks to Tsukatsuka and Heine’s seat.

That’s how I scolded him in a whisper.

“In front of the Demon Clan, I’m willing to embarrass me any more…!

Heine gives a facetious look.

When Diego turned back on his heel, he shrugged his shoulders like he’d given up.

“Resume Class”

In a low voice like the one we fixed, Diego said.

Kuha. What the hell is that?

Too small for the Heinees to pity.

Compared to that, don’t even make Emilia feel more like a teacher yet.

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