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Cultivated Body Tempering The suffering that is tolerated is far beyond the tolerance of the ordinary person. It is almost necessary to tear every piece of flesh, each skeleton is crushed, cultivate to the back, and Chu Xingyun completely loses consciousness, relying solely on instinct to support it.

In fact, Chu Xingyun does not have to be so desperate.

He has a life source blood essence, he can cultivate once, soak the body in the Blood Pond, wait for the body to fully recover, then continue to cultivate, continue to cycle, in order to reduce the pain.

But Chu Xingyun didn’t do this. He was almost at the limit of his life, only to drag the riddled body into the Blood Pond.

In his view, only when a person is on the verge of death can he inspire all the potential of the body. Since he has the nourishment of life source blood essence, it is natural to stimulate the potential again and again, beyond the limit of own.

Compared with this, a little pain, what counted!

The next day, Chu Xingyun woke up from a drowsy state.

He was surprised to find that the original scarred, riddled body, under the nourishment of the Blood Pond, has completely recovered from the beginning, without a trace of scars, and even reveals a beautiful jade-like texture.

Chu Xingyun hurried out of Blood Pond, took a deep breath, and banged out in front of him.


The fist shadow was fleeting, and it brought a broken voice, which made Chu Xingyun eyes shine. His punching speed increased 20%, and the body movement obviously had a long-lost feeling of smoothness.

“It’s not the world first Body Tempering Martial Study, it’s just cultivate overnight, it’s so improved!” Chu Xingyun took back the boxing and was very satisfied with the current state.

Of course, Chu Xingyun is able to improve so quickly, in addition to his crazy cultivate, life source blood essence, is also a key.

It not only complements Chu Xingyun’s vitality consumption, but also fully nourishes every flesh skeleton of the whole body, making the vitality more and more tenacious and more and more tyrannical.

This is not a process of compensating, but it is also increasing the vitality during the period of consumption.

In this case, I am afraid that only Chu Xingyun can do it. The ordinary people, without the life source blood essence of True Fire Phoenix, and the terrifying will of Chu Xingyun, are both indispensable.

Out of the Room, Chu Xingyun saw that the drug was sorting out.

Since Chu Xingyun was recruited into Lingxiao Wufu, there have been people who have sent gifts, even the City Lord of Black Water City has personally visited.

There is no reason for him. Chu Xingyun has become a core disciple as soon as he enters Lingxiaowufu. Everyone feels that this child will become a big tool in the future and wants to make good friends in advance.

“Master.” Scorpion poisoned Chu Xingyun, hurriedly put down the gift in his hand, and squatted.

“Get everything done, and Starts Journey will return to Westwind City.” Chu Xingyun told me that he just turned and looked at a jade bottle on the table.

Inside the jade bottle, there is a blue liquid, which radiates a faint scent.

Viciously rushed to explain: “Black Water City is backed by the iron blue mountain range, and there is a Spring under the mountain range called Xuan Lanquan. This is the Xuan Lanquan spring water.”

“Xuan Lanquan!” Chu Xingyun heard these three words, deep in one’s heart, and a dusty memory suddenly emerged.

He looked at the poison and said: “Take me to Xuan Lanquan.”

Although the drug did not know what Chu Xingyun was going to do, but did not ask, with Chu Xingyun, move towards the direction of the iron blue mountain range.

Accompanied by, there are two people, Cyan Mountain and Yang Feng.

They are all worried about the safety of Chu Xingyun, they are going together, and there is also a mutual care.

Soon, Chu Xingyun entire group found Xuan Lanquan.

Although it is Spring, it is better to say that it is a small lake. The area is quite large. It looks like a sapphire inlaid on the earth. After the refraction of sunlight, it flashes the resplendent rays of light.

Chu Xingyun glanced at all around and seemed to be looking for something.

Finally, he laughed at himself and whispered: “It seems that I think too much, how can a woman like her live in the remote stream of Imperial Dynasty.”

The three vicious men looked at each other and they were a little confused. I don’t know what Chu Xingyun said.

“You three are waiting for me in the woods, I want to be alone.” Chu Xingyun’s tone is calm.

The three nodded and retired to the back of the woods, which is very close to Xuan Lanquan. Even if there is any situation, they can immediately make a move support.

Gazing at the blue water in front of him, Chu Xingyun felt a little depressed.

He clearly remembers that when he left Northern Wasteland, he was attacked by the enemy and was smashed down the cliff.

At that time, Chu Xingyun thought that he would die. When he woke up, he found that he was in a hidden cave with a close and numerous bandage.

It turned out that he fell off the cliff that day and did not die immediately. A passing woman found him and took him to the cave to help him heal the situation.

Under the care of the woman, Chu Xingyun recovered very quickly. During this period, Chu Xingyun repeatedly asked the woman’s name. The woman did not confess that she was only a villager living nearby, and her name was not enough.

Chu Xingyun knows that this woman is intentionally concealing.

The woman’s age is not large, about twenty-eight, the cultivation base is particularly terrifying, stepping into the Heavenly Spirit realm, and her Martial Spirit is extremely powerful, reaching the Seventh Grade level.

Such innate talent, it is said that it is not too much to be shocked, how could it be a small villager nearby.

However, the woman did not want to tell, Chu Xingyun did not ask much. She didn’t know much about her. Only knowing that this woman was once in her sleep, she had recited the words of Xuan Lanquan many times.

The two men got together for most of the month, Chu Xingyun finally recovered, just as part of the time, didn’t expect the enemy to kill again, and also regarded the woman as a companion of Chu Xingyun.

After a fight, Chu Xingyun finally killed all the enemies, but the woman was also injured because of injuries, vanished fragrance and crumbled jade.

Chu Xingyun looked at the woman’s corpse and stood for two days and two nights. It felt very uncomfortable.

He felt that he was tired of this kind-hearted woman. She clearly could leave and avoid this robbery, but she chose to stay with him and fight with him.

The most ridiculous thing is that Chu Xingyun doesn’t even know the woman’s name, and can’t find her origin.

This is already a matter of millennia, and it is in the heart of Chu Xingyun’s heart.

When the scorpion venom raised Xuan Lanquan, he suddenly remembered.

“I don’t know the woman, but she is willing to save me and help me to stop the vendetta. Such a kind person is already extremely rare in this weak are prey to the strong World.”

Chu Xingyun sighed and screamed: “The Luo girl is watching the spring, and the hurricane is hanging on the wood.”

In these two poems, Chu Xingyun once heard the woman smashed. He always remembered it very clearly. He suddenly discovered that the scene depicted by this poem is actually similar to the scenery in front of him.

“How do you know these two poems?”

Just as Chu Xingyun recalled, a crisp female voice like a yellow scorpion came over, letting his gaze tremble slightly, and hurriedly looked at the sound.

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