Chapter 840. Those Behind


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Mu Ning Xue did not want Mo Fan to waste his resources on her. She clearly understood that rivalry in the national team is just beginning. The closer they are to Venice, the more crazy the struggle will be. And the galactic vein is just the beginning.

If it is so difficult for her to catch up with everyone at this stage, then everything will only get worse!

“You are the most unusual person in our team. No one knows who supports you, no one knows where you have such power. All your life you could count only on yourself. Therefore … I hope that you will understand my refusal, ”said Mu Ning Xue.

She hoped that she spoke quite accurately, hoped that Mo Fan would understand that this was not a matter of the galactic vein. The girl did not want to pull anyone along, she had her own plan.

Mo Fan sighed heavily.

What a moron said a girl would rush into your arms if you give her a hundred million yuan.

What nonsense!

And if a girl already has a hundred million, then your hundred million is nothing for her. Then you need several billions, or even more!

“Your lightning element has probably already reached its peak, therefore …”, said Mu Ning Xue.

“Well, what are you planning to do?” Asked Mo Fan.

Mo Fan did not demand a gift. And so it was difficult for him to say so much of Mu Ning Xue. He has said less words to her in the last month than today.

Mo Fan, of course, was worried, but he was not stupid. Seeing her reaction, he was filled with hope.



It cost Mo Fang to return to Tokai Fortress, as he immediately burst into Zhao Man Yan’s room.

Zhao Man Yan cultivated, so he was frightened when Mo Fan opened the door loudly.

“Bro, what are you doing?”, Zhao Man Yan looked at Mo Fang, and he had a bad feeling.

“Wow, yes, you, contagion … did you make a breakthrough?”, – Mo Fan immediately noticed a change in Zhao Man Yan’s energy and was therefore surprised.

“Yes, I spent as many as three galactic veins. You close the door first, I’ll tell you something, ”said Zhao Man Yan, as if he remembered something.

Mo Fan was in a daze, but the door was still closed. The guy could not understand what these secrets are?

“I deceived my father, said that only the third time I can make a breakthrough. I wanted him to give me one more … I generally wanted to give one to you, but the inspectorate noticed that I was scolded for what it was worth, ”said Zhao Man-Yan with weight.

“Three … you’ll ruin your family while you are in the national team,” said Mo Fan.

“I was taking a risk, trying to buy four things. At the shareholders’ meeting they already wanted to agree, they said that I was wasting too much resources … your mother, do you listen to me at all? I’m trying to help you. Aren’t you going to help Mu Ning Xue? I still have some reserves. Look how much you have and run, buy her a galactic vein. She is exactly touched and throws herself into your arms. You can still earn money, but the girl’s heart may not come out. Besides, with your abilities, it’s easy to make that kind of money, ”said Zhao Man Yan.

The corners of Mo Fan’s mouth began to twitch.

This Zhao Man Yan has touched him right for living! His gift just rejected!

Mo Fan got a vein and showed it to Zhao Man Yan.

He, in turn, stared at the little thing and showed a thumbs up.

“I came to ask you, what Mu Ning Xue said is true? Behind each of the participants are rich families and organizations? ”Asked Mo Fan.

“Just try to say that you are not an idiot – I will not believe! Did you really think that we, young magicians, would be able to attract the attention of the whole world? These competitions are more like competitions between families. Each of the families set in motion a lot of money, reputation, and now, these competitions are the ultimate goal. Yeah, what are you for a dupe, how did you not understand this? Are we from at least one world? ”, Said Zhao Man-yan contemptuously.

Mo Fang became unpleasant. How does he even know about these things? How should he know that the competition is so fierce …

“For example, this Jiang Yu, do you even know who is behind him?”, – Zhao Man Yan realized that Mo Fang was not obvious, so he continued.

“And who?” Asked Mo Fan.

“A team of imperial mages. Yes, he is the brother of Panlay himself! ”Answered Kyaw Man Yan.

The wizards of the imperial palace are the most powerful sorcerers in the country. Some of them are members of magical associations or representatives of a magical court. Who-who, and they certainly understand a lot of magic.

Besides, Zhumen is one of them!

“But you can’t tell!”, Mo Fan was amazed.

“And Li Kaifeng! Yes, if he is expelled from the team, then a month will not pass, as all the magic schools south of the Yangtze will be closed! Absolutely everything! ”, Continued Zhao Man Yan.

“How come?”

“When you were in school, remember that the school had different magical tools? Which were given to those whose family could not afford to invest a lot of resources in magic … So, all these magical things were provided by the father, grandfather and previous generations of the Li Kaifeng family. His family is the savior of all of China. It’s hard to even imagine how many novice mages got their support, ”said Zhao Man Yan.

“Ah, yes, I am also one of them,” said Mo Fan, remembering how his talisman had swallowed a school magic tool.

“It’s not worth talking about Mu Tinin. She is from the Mu family. They have people in all major cities of China, they own many factories and factories, ”said Zhao Man Yan.

After listening to Zhao Man Yan, Mo Fan recalled Mu Zhou Yunya. He was a big man in the city of Bo. But he is just one of the branches of the Mu family. It seems that there are a lot of people like him in the Mu family.

If you think – it becomes scary. After all, for him sixteen years ago, the city of Bo was a whole world.

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