Chapter 843. Double Hit


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– Yes, what else is there to ask? From the very beginning, you were reluctantly taken to the team, and you didn’t even figure out whether you are qualified or not, ”said Mu Tinjin.

The girl’s face became even more malevolent.

Mu Ning Xue, looking attentively at the leaders, asked: “The distinguished representatives of the state security organization have the opportunity to get into the national team. I want to know if I can become a member of the state guard after I leave the national team? ”

This question put the leaders at a standstill.

In simple terms, being out of the team is not something to be proud of.

“This is …,” Feng Li was still in a state of inhibition. He had not yet heard that the expelled participants tried to get into the team in such ways.

The members of the state guard are the second most powerful team in the country, and they are the reserve team for the national team. Before the competition in Venice, each country conducts a thorough magical selection of competitors, but so that the magicians wander from team to team … then the general sense of the competition is lost!

Japan has its own state security, China, of course, also has its own state security. National teams of other states that come to China for international internships should be tested by the state security organization of China, if they fail, they can be sent back, depriving all resources, on the other hand, if they collect enough state badges, then they have the opportunity to go to Venice.

Thus, the state security conducts a kind of screenings.

No one could even think that Mu Ning Xue could become a state security guard * (Vanyue Qianxun is a representative of the Japanese state guard, and the Chinese team also passed their tests).

“And you seem very determined,” said Feng Li.

– Can I do this? – asked Mu Ning Xue.

– Sure you may. Your ability is enough to become a magician of state protection. Only now you have to understand that the whole team has already reached a high level in magic, and your chances to get here again will remain insignificant until you make a breakthrough, also you should not forget that each of them is continuously developing further . Are you still sure you can come back here? – asked Feng Li.

Mu Ning Xue did not answer.

She could not say for sure if she would be able to return to the national team, but she knew one thing: if she did not try, it would mean a complete defeat.

In fact, she could leave the team with her head held high, because her current level of cultivation clearly exceeds the level of most magicians in the country, she could live in peace and on …

Only now she knew that she would regret in a few years …

She wanted to be the best, to be on top of a magical society, and not for her own sake, but for the sake of her small family, which withers with each passing day.

“Well, I hope you show yourself in state security,” Feng Li nodded.

Everyone was looking at Mu Ning Xue, feeling hopeless.

However, they all understood perfectly well the benefits that Mu Ning Xue brought to the team. It doesn’t matter if it is a case with three islands and sea monsters or about saving Jiang Shaoxu and Nan Rongni – she was very sincere, and now she leaves the team not because she was a spare, but because executives refused to provide her with resources.

Just … just not lucky.

Mu Ning Xue already packed up her things. Everything else that the leaders had to say was not necessary for her to listen, so she returned to the room, waiting for her to return home with them.

Sitting on the bed, Mu Ning Xue thought about how bad she was. It is not clear why, but precisely in those moments when she was alone in the room, she felt harder.

10 years … during this time she stubbornly cultivated, using the resources provided to her by the Mu clan, and even managed to get into the national team, and now … she has to go like this.

Recalling her family, which was falling apart, she thought about the city of Beau, about that little kindergarten, about the place where she was born – in this place she could hide from any adversity.

In just a few years, too many different events happened that could have been prevented … The tragedy in the city of Bo, Yu An, who turned out to be a minion of the black church, her uncle Mu He, who turned out to be one of the leaders of this gang … Overnight, her closest relatives were imprisoned, involved in the investigation, and even innocent, the family’s reputation had already been completely destroyed.

– Hey, Ning Xue … I call to find out, they say …, – Mu Kyo Yoon’s voice was heard in the receiver.

“I was expelled,” Mu Ning Xue replied.

“Um … don’t worry, it’s still clear.” Yes, by the way, when you return to the country, it is better to come back with the leaders, if you fly an ordinary plane, your identity will be revealed, and problems may arise at passport control, ”said Mu Zho Yun.

– I was planning to return with them, something happened? – involuntarily asked Mu Ning Xue, hearing the anxious voice of his father.

– Nothing, talk about it after.

“Tell me now,” said Mu Ning Xue.

“Um … you better use your mother’s last name,” said Mu Kyaw Yoon, gritting his teeth.

Mu Ning Xue froze.

Already come to this?

She should change her last name ….

– So what about you? – She could not stand it.

“I … nothing will happen to me, so I will be called Kyaw Yong.”

– And the rest?

– They have their own relatives, to whom they are better to turn, and even better for them to change their last name – nothing so serious. At first I, too, was very angry, however, after thinking carefully, I came to the conclusion that this would not cause us serious damage, either … I am not exaggerating, they have changed it, they have changed it that way, ”said Mu Kyaw Yoon, not believing his own words.

For him, a man who was already approaching the fifty-year mark, the change of surname was a great shame, but it was even harder for him to report this to his relatives.

Mu Kyaw Yun already said this to everyone else, except that he didn’t know how to tell everything about Mu Ning Xue.

“I … I understood,” Mu Ning Xue replied.

She took a breath, and the air seemed so rancid to her that he tore her throat from within.

She lowered her head. After her death, she shed her last tears to her mom, and now they were again rolling to her eyes.

As soon as the first tear rolled down her face, she immediately rubbed it with her hand, pretending that nothing had happened.

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