Chapter 844. Unexpected Offer


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Suddenly there was a knock on the door, and Mu Ning Xue hurried to rub her face.

For some unknown reason, she thought it was Mo Fan, but when she opened the door, she saw Guan Yuya’s snowy face.

He had a stupid face on which one could say that he was going to give a big speech.

Mu Ning Xue looked at him and said nothing, but her look expressed a question.

– What’s the matter? Have you been crying? Guan Yu asked when he saw the girl’s face.

He could not even think that Mu Ning Xue was one of those who would hide in the room and cry. When she said that she was going to become a state security guard and return to the national team, he began to respect her in a new way, but in fact it turned out that she was not so strong.

Seeing her weak, Guan Yu seemed to have changed.

– Until the next place a few days, during this time I can convince my grandfather … I think that they will be happy to take under his protection such a powerful ice mage like you. Only for this you first have to become a member of our family and convince your grandfather that you really are your own person, and then the family will become your shield. We can arrange a meeting of your father with the elders from my family, they will decide everything, and then you can take the time, because the main thing for us now is the performance of the national team. In this case, you can not worry about anything, – said Guan Yu.

He believed that in such a situation, Mu Ning Xue needed nothing more than a strong support.

In his eyes, against the backdrop of a place in the national team, for which many were willing to give their lives, the question of the wedding was something insignificant, so Mu Ning Xue has no reason to disapprove him.

You can even say that in this situation, the main thing is that she does not feel obvious disgust for him, and then everything will work out!

Given the resources his family can provide, everyone will benefit!

Mu Ning Xue did not attach great importance to the words of Guan Yuy, because the words of her father were still spinning in her head. Recovering, she looked at the guy somehow joyfully.

She felt strange.

– I will call first, I will make a call right now, expect news from me! – Guan Yu was very excited.

Silence means agreement, but this girl is also so reserved that she never utters unnecessary words ….

So without waiting for the final answer from the girl, Guan Yu went to call, and Mu Ning Xue did not even understand where he ran so fast.

Guan Yu hastily typed numbers, and even made several mistakes.

– Hello, grandfather?

“Yes, and you know when to call your grandfather,” a old voice was heard at the other end of the line.

“I wanted to tell you something,” Guan Yu said.

– You do not want to say that you failed in your breakthrough to the next level? Do you have any idea how much one galactic vein costs?

– No, no, I made a breakthrough. The thing is … Do you remember that girl from the clan Mu-Mu Ning Xue? – Guan Yu immediately went to the main point. In fact, he was worried that Mu Ning Xue would suddenly change his mind, so he hurried to contact his grandfather, because the main decision remained precisely for him.

– I heard. I also heard that you are very interested in her, – the voice of an old man sounded again.

– I know that now is not the best time to raise this topic, and I should concentrate as much as possible on my stay in the national team, but I hope that grandfather will help me. She can become a member of our family, we will provide her with resources, and so both of us will be in the national team! Is it unprofitable for our family? – spoke Guan Yu.

– Hmm …, help her intermarry with us, and after that you will be able to give even more strength to the competition? – asked grandfather.

– Exactly, exactly! Grandpa, you understand me so well! – Guan Yuy was overwhelmed with emotion.

– Have you moved off the coils or are you absolutely fascinated by this girl? How dare you tell me such nonsense? If you were standing in front of me, you would get a slap from me! Shouted the old man furiously.

Guan Yu just went nuts, not understanding why his grandfather is so angry.

“I … I actually think about our family too,” Guan Yu made an excuse.

“He thinks … how can I have such a stupid grandson?” – the old man continued to swear.

“Grandfather, I know, my expenses are limited, I don’t need it,” said Guan Yu.

He knew how much money was required to cultivate a member of the national team, and since Mu Ning Xue was a natural talent, he would not need a lot of resources to achieve a high level.

– I say that it is you fool! Also argue with me! Do you know how much strength it costs for us not to be thrown out of the team? And you also drag a girl behind you!

– Well, even so, the benefits of the two magicians are also quite a few, but you can’t even imagine what situation the girl you want to bring is in! Do you think that the clan Mu just give it to another family? Clan Mu held the country under the hood for so many years and could not do anything normally, it is not they who make the decisions. Since they marry her so quickly, it means there will be trouble on our head. From now on, keep her as far away from me as possible. If I hear that you are spinning around her, I will not only stop funding you, I will cut your father as well. The consequences of the disaster in Xi’an have not yet settled, and you … you still want to finish me off! – grandfather was clearly in a rage.

Guan Yu was already bathed in cold sweat.

He knows that Mu Ning Xue is no longer that arrogant girl from the Mu clan, is it really that important?

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