Chapter 846. I’m afraid I will tear it to pieces!


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Cold drops of rain continued to fall to the ground. The silhouettes of seven people behind the veil of rain became more and more vague, only Mo Fang’s voice flirting with Mu Ning Xue sounded distinctly, but the most surprising thing was that she reacted to his jokes.

Guan Yu stood, biting his lip, a little more and it will explode!

– What are you? Asked Jiang Shaoxu.

– What’s your business ?! – Guan Yu swore.

– Then you, too, should not be any business to Mu Ning Xue! Mo Fan, won, threw everything for her, and even agreed to become a state guard, and you are not capable of anything, except to stand here and get angry! – Jiang Shaoxu put him in his place.

“You …,” Guan Yu just opened his mouth, as he realized that he had nothing to say.

Is he capable of that?


After that conversation with his grandfather, he no longer dared to contradict. Since childhood, he was dependent on his grandfather, and as soon as he goes against him, all family support will cease.

But Mo Fan ventured. He just left. Mu Ning Xue chose a hard way to return, and he went after her.

Guan Yu was not stupid and therefore clearly understood that in the battle for the ice heart of this beauty will be defeated.

The rain continued to drip, the silhouettes of the people also grew farther, and anger in Guan Yu’s heart gradually dissipated. Yes, he was annoyed.

– Guan Yu, what are you afraid of? You’re a member of the national team! After the performance in Venice, any girl, even such as Mu Ning Xue, will immediately become yours! Mo Fan is garbage that you can do with your little finger. People worship the strongest, and women are no exception. Mu Ning Xue has always been one of those for whom the high position is important, which means that you are ideally suited for her, Ju Jimin soothed him.

Guan Yu has already thought about this several times and constantly came to the conclusion that Mu Ning Xue does not belong to this type of girl. He believed that if he had given up everything for her and went after her to the state security, then he could have melted her heart, only now he did not act like that ….

“And there are still such people in the world …,” said Nan Junni, looking at the receding silhouettes.

– True love!

Zhao Man Yan was already crying with hot tears.

He always considered himself to be a cool ladies’ man around whom swarms of girls revolve, but Mo Fan made him too!

He, Zhao Man Yan, would never have decided on that!

It continued to rain even when they were already on the plane. Mu Ning Xue sat by the window, and her thoughts were far, far away.

The man sitting next to her, do not go to the fortuneteller, was Mo Fan. Initially, he had another place, but he somehow persuaded the other passenger to swap places with him. This behavior was very familiar to Mu Ning Xue.

In fact, Mu Ning Xue continued to think about what happened. She could not even think that Mo Fan would dare to do that.

– touched? – asked Mo Fan, looking at her.

“No,” said Mu Ning Xue.

“Still a hypocrite,” Mo Fan grinned.

“You really shouldn’t have done that.” Get better away from me, or else you get tired, ”the girl said sincerely.

– You know, when you achieve everything on your own, there is one definite plus: in cases when you need to make decisions, you should not look around at the opinions of other people. By the way, that idiot who called you an adept of the black church, I swatted him. They are just like people who met Black Church members, ”Mo Fan cursed.

– Relatives of the victim? – asked Mu Ning Xue.

– Yes, they better come to a compromise.

– Why? – Mu Ning Xue did not understand at all what Mo Fan meant.

“They could not fail to recognize me,” answered Mo Fan.

– You speak as if the whole of Xi’an was saved by you alone. Well, now it does not matter now, – Mu Ning Xue already knew how to proceed.

A person who is at an impasse becomes fearless!

– I’m serious. As there will be time, you should go with me to Xian and personally see how the local inhabitants idolize me and take me for my dear!

– What does this have to do with me? – Mu Ning Xue, of course, could and believe him, except that Mo Fan tried too hard.

– You’re my main wife.

– …

In principle, Mo Fan could not add the words “main”, Mu Ning Xue would not bite on such.

Never has she met such a dishonest person!

Mo Fan simply did not want to deceive her.

Teapot of green tea, two cups, bamboo grove ….

The magical court of Lin Yin was always in a place cut off from the endless noises of the metropolis.

Brewing tea was Tang Joon. He poured tea into a cup, in the watery surface of which the appearance of a man with a long mustache and hair was clearly reflected.

– If we talk about this boy, Mo Fana, I am also curious. Feng Li is not one of those people who easily agrees to other people’s proposals, how did you get him to take Mo Fang to the team? Asked Tang Joon with a smile.

“Do not think about it, otherwise my heart immediately begins to bleed,” said the man with the black mustache and hair.

– If it affects you like this, then it is absolutely out of the ordinary! – Tang Joon frowned. He was so fascinated by this thought that he did not notice how tea began to flow from a cup.

– And the truth is, I am not so favorable even to my daughter. I sent this thing out of my eyes …. However, this baby did not disappoint me. Drink, drink tea and do not remind about it, I just want to drink tea, ”said the man with the black mustache and hair.

Tang Zhong wanted to think it over, as his telephone rang sharply, announcing that he had received a message.

Looking at the message, he immediately changed his face. Now these emotions could only be called perplexity, turning into confusion.

– What, something serious happened? The interlocutor asked.

“Here … uh … Mo Fan left the national team,” said Tang Zhong with surprise.

– E * oat, this fool expelled him? Hurry, call this Feng Lee and the other four leaders to me! Now! – a man with black hair and a mustache violently jumped from his seat.

– He left.

At this point, the interlocutor fell silent.

– What did you finally send ??? Asked Tang Jun.

His interlocutor’s face twisted.

– So do you want to meet him or not? – Tang Joong asked the question directly.

“You shouldn’t,” the man breathed, “I’m afraid I won’t hold back and tear him to pieces!”

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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