Chapter 847. Big Business


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Upon returning to Shanghai, inhaling such a dear smog of the heart, Mo Fang’s mood was noticeably more cheerful.

Familiar smells that flew in the surrounding atmosphere, and lured!

Fortunately, the office of the state guard of China was precisely in Shanghai. Mu Ning Xue returned for a few days to the Imperial University to settle something, while Mo Fan, meanwhile, was thinking about how shamelessly he would roll up to her when she arrived in Shanghai.

Going into such a familiar hostel, he pulled out the key and opened the door, only then he thought that there might be Mu Nu Jiao and Ai Tu Tu, who are walking around the living room half-naked.

Unfortunately, he did not find anything like that. At the entrance, only an empty room was waiting for him.

He took a deep breath. It is not clear, the fragrance of whose spirits remained in the hostel for some time, but, apparently, nobody has been here for the last 2-3 days.

“I wonder where they could go, I brought them gifts,” Mo Fan said, taking off his shoes and going upstairs.

He knocked on their rooms, it turned out that they were not locked, and there was no one inside. However, on the beds were scattered female underwear, which still excited the guy’s imagination.

You can not, you can not watch!

Do these little panties really fit into the wide hips Mu Well Jiao?

Not that Mo Fan had ever seen the girls’ rooms, but he was interested to find out if they were waiting for him and decided to hide.

He opened a cabinet, the inside of which was filled with colorful rags, it was impossible to hide there.

Making sure that no one is there, he left the room.

“When can I buy this building?” Preferably with two of them, Mo Fan was lying on the sofa, thinking about his future.

After a while the doorbell rang.

Mo Fan was stunned. Usually the guests do not come back here, and if those two returned, they should have the keys.

He walked to the front door and looked through the peephole, not seeing anyone in the end.

What the hell? The bell rang again, but there is nobody there!

Is this some kind of ghost who fools around Mo Fan?

“Ahhh … so are you!” – Mo Fan opened the door and now was able to see a short girl with two pigtails. Her eyes were clear, but at the same time they gave away some old frown.

“The beacon on your phone informed me that you were back in the country,” Lin Lin said, taking off her shoes. At the same time she sipped cold yoghurt, – while you were not there, I studied all the time, and I managed to feed all this to death. My sister literally pushed me to school, forcing me to study with these mentally retarded schoolchildren. I left the lessons to see you.

After listening to the complaints of Lin Lin, Mo Fanyu immediately presented a picture of how smart it was for years Lin Lin is sitting in a society of underdeveloped dolt.

Mo Fan realized how good-natured she was after seeing that she brought yoghurt to him too.

– Right, you should go to school. What class are you in? In the first (* we are talking about the first grade of high school)? – asked Mo Fan.

“Yeah, only now I go there for half a day,” said Lin Lin, licking yogurt from her lips.

“I was just looking for you in one case,” said Mo Fan.

Accumulative pearl he brought to China. It was not possible to proceed according to the original instructions of Wanyue Mingjian. However, being wrapped in a silver wrap, the pearl did not emanate a destructive impact.

We can say that she did not create any special problems, she only began to seduce Mo Fang when he fought with a blue ferocious beast.

Being a pearl, she is like a witch obscuring the mind of people.

Mo Fan hurried back with Mu Ning Xue to China, because the wrath of Wanyue Mingjian would be waiting for him.

Thinking that this cumulative pearl can be very useful in investigating Lin Ling, Mo Fan grabbed her with him.

Recalling that Ling Ling was just attending school, Mo Fan at first did not want to mention this, thinking that it would be better to start talking with the old man and Ling Qing. Ling Ling is still too small and can mess things up.

– I wanted to ask if there have been any recent events? “I’m sorely lacking money,” said Mo Fan.

– The point is, that is, just take you for it! – the girl’s eyes flashed sharply. She looked like a girl who was sitting all day at the classes, and at some point her older brother told her that she would take her shopping, to the amusement park, buy some goodies – there is no limit to joy!

“I’m not talking about a case of several million, but for several tens of millions, I don’t have any money at all, but I still have two wives, and my daughter has appeared … I need to cultivate a few elements myself,” Mo Fan admitted.

– Honestly, there is one little business, the cost of which is exactly what you need. My heart is trembling right! Only now the team should take on this business, and if we cooperate with you … – said Lin Ling.

– Add more Mu Ning Xue – her fighting ability is simply amazing. She now also needs money, and if you offer a job to her, then everything will work out, ”Mo Fan added.

– I understand the situation in which it is now. Come on, I will first carry out the preparatory work, take a closer look, can we take up this business … oh, yes! You made a breakthrough, now you can become a venerable hunter, and your experience points are more than enough, ”Lin said.

“Great, I’ll go there,” Mo Fan nodded his head.

Without the title of a venerable hunter, many missions in the hunters’ league are unavailable: many customers simply do not trust such matters to ordinary hunters.

That is why the higher the rank, the more salary!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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