Chapter 848: The New Level of the Dark Talisman


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After Ling Ling left, Mo Fan, without shirking, returned to the room and engaged in cultivation.

He still had a galactic vein, and since Mu Ning Xue refused it, he decided to use it in lightning magic.

In the battle with the blue ferocious beast, Mo Fan was in fact subjected to his own blow, which is very dangerous. The release of magic by a magician is like a sword with a hilt: since the sword is always directed outward, the magician cannot hurt himself, however, if the sword is turned on the magician himself, then the latter can suffer very much. Mo Fan was very angry when he saw how Mu Ning Xue suffered.

Indeed, magic needs to be released at the right moment, besides, maximum lightning control, on the contrary, contributes to the greater merging of Mo Fan with his magic.

Primary and intermediate levels of magic are always released with inaccuracies, and no matter how the magician works on his constellations and elemental systems, true mastery is achieved only with a breakthrough to a high level, when in the inner world of the magician there is a complete merger with the elements, magic also progresses noticeably.

Now, if Mo Fan sends lightning to his own body, what happens is that around his body are so-called. electric armor, which can serve as an excellent defense, especially if there is a beast nearby.

However, Mo Fang himself was more disturbed by the fact that such a danger contributed to the achievement of a barrier in his nebula element of lightning.

The size of the nebula and its radiance in the spiritual world of the magician are usually constant, and only after overcoming this barrier is it possible the further development of the nebula.

Recently, the galaxy of the element of fire itself moved in Mo Fan’s inner world, representing a long fiery red river, while the elements of lightning, invocation and shadow were still presented in the form of nebulae. The movement of the nebula, in comparison with the movement of the elemental galaxy, was very clumsy, and therefore the magic produced was not powerful enough. For example, the now produced fire magic of the initial level requires very little energy, and besides, it also recovers with time.

In simple words, the destructiveness and vigor of lightning in a battle still exceeded the destructiveness of fire, but with a breakthrough of lightning magic to a high level, the next encounter with the blue ferocious monster will not be so fierce.

Mo Fan sat comfortably and entered his inner world.

Different colors shimmered there: fiery red, purple-black, silver and dark …

Only six elements. Recalling that of all six elements only the fire broke through to a high level, Mo Fan thought that it would not be enough money to buy another galactic vein.

Of course, he killed the red crackling monster and got one spiritual essence of the commander-in-chief level, which is enough to exchange for one galactic vein … how much time does it take to make a breakthrough to a high level in all its elements?

Upon entering the lightning nebula, Mo Fan noticed that the stars in her constantly beat on the barrier.

Nebula on its square looked like a room of 100 square meters. If the number of stars increases from 49 to 343, how do they fit in here?

Mo Fan understood the mood of these stars, but he was not sure that now was the right time for a breakthrough.

The galactic vein is very expensive, so many magicians prefer to clean up their nebulae before they use the vein.

If you use the galactic vein in the lightning nebula, which is still so small, the vein will be wasted and about 100 million will fly into the tube!

– It is necessary to adjust the lightning element, I have not been engaged in it for a long time, while I was busy with the fire element. Having reached a high level in the fire, I probably annoyed the element of lightning, which manifested itself the very first! Said Mo Fan.

Regarding the development of an element, each magician is guided only by his own feelings, because it is he who can match the most suitable moment for a breakthrough.

Mo Fan thought for a very long time. Every time he thought that the hundred millionth vein could be wasted, doubts began to torment him.

– Eh … okay, try to break through. Dark talisman, I hope for your help! That time you digested the eternal lotus, I don’t even know if you had the strength … you have to help me if my internal strength is not enough to break through, ”Mo Fan told his talisman.

The dark talisman is really very powerful, and always helps his master, working to the benefit of his cultivation.


The dark talisman perfectly heard all the thoughts of Mo Fan, therefore he slightly vibrated in response. Mo Fan always perceived this pendant as something alive, since an ordinary thing cannot move like that!

Mo Fan was stunned. It seemed to him that the talisman stopped him … On entering the talisman space, he discovered that the river inside had completely changed …

The river was no longer a river, but turned into a powerful stream! He was so wide that from one look at him he caught his breath!

– Are you advanced to a new level? – with surprise, proclaimed Mo Fan.

The river has really increased in size, Mo Fan could not even count on it!

Then, when the talisman devoured the eternal lotus in the tomb of the emperor, he sent the forces that appeared after this to help his master to break through his fire magic to a high level. However, the eternal lotus is not the similarity of a gentle sacred source, and after eating a flower, the talisman still had indigestion for a very long time. Who could have thought that, having entered the inner space of the talisman today, Mo Fan would see not a quiet river, but a dark river flow!

Mo Fan looked closely at. He noticed that the flow was still blurred, indicating that the progress of the talisman was not over yet!

– You want to say that I have to wait until you fix everything here, and then I can try to break through to a high level of the lightning element? Mo Fan asked mentally.

The dark talisman immediately responded.

– Well, I will obey you. If you develop to a new level, then my magic of space can reach the average level! Exclaimed Mo Fan.

Emperor Qin Shihuang cannot even imagine what needs the valuable little thing left from his tomb!

If you think carefully, then everything becomes logical. The eternal lotus, which could only be destroyed by top-level magic, could not have such a weak energy, which would suffice only for one galactic vein, there is still a very large supply, which became the cause of a long indigestion of the talisman!

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