Chapter 85: Severe


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There was a tingling air in the auditorium.

With earlier troubles, royalist students are completely hostile to the College of the Brave, and they are even angry that they have been shamed over there.

Does the class end up in my ear? Only Diego’s low voice sounded pale, remaining in a heavy atmosphere such as one-touch immediacy.

“- Holy Sword refers mainly to the sword blessed by the gods. The sword itself possesses magic and chooses its owner. It may also be a holy sword because the Spirit dwelt in the sword. Except in these two cases the Holy Sword is born, it does not exist”

Mouth it that far, Diego gives a look like he’s been simmered water.

A few voices leaked out of the seat on the side of Demon King’s College like a puff.

Diego coughed up.

“Exceptions exist in everything”

Diego said in a way of misery and continued the class.

“As I just explained, the Holy Sword is an extremely rare delicacy that you can’t make even if you want to. If the Devil’s Sword, capable of mass production, is superior in quantity, the Holy Sword is superior in quality. It’s not just magic, because it houses the power of gods and spirits. That is the source of holy brilliance”

The Holy Sword is of excellent quality, which is not necessarily the wrong story. A demonic sword with weak magic exists, but the Holy Sword has strong magic in all of them. Most holy swords are enchanted with magic that seals the power of the Demon Clan. What it is ultimate in is called the Holy Sword of the Demonic Killer, etc.

That’s one of the reasons why people inferior to power and magic could barely fight the Demons.

“Eight or eight holy swords are said to exist in the world. One of the first to reign is the legendary Holy Sword, said to have been used by the brave Canon. It is the Spiritual Divine Sword Evansmana. Two thousand years ago, a man’s masterpiece forged, and the Spirit of the Sword dwelt, a substitute blessed by the gods.”

Hmm. I miss it.

You had so much ridiculous magic that you didn’t think of it as a sword, that one.

More importantly, it’s a holy sword built to destroy me.

“The Spiritual Divine Sword lost two thousand years ago, but when great evil befalls the world, it is said that it will rise with the legendary brave and bring light to the world”

Lost, huh?

Two thousand years ago, it was Cannon alone in Azesion who was able to pull out Evansmana. If he was gone, it would also be thought that there was no holy sword to choose the owner.

The demon king to destroy hasn’t been here for 2,000 years.

Most of all, it is suspicious to say whether it has really been lost. As Ives predicted, if you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to destroy me for reincarnation, you wouldn’t be talking without Evansmana.

I don’t even think the human being on the side who spread the legend at least believes in the uncertain story of the resurrection of the Spiritual Divine Sword with the legendary brave man.

“Well. Speaking of two thousand years ago, there is an interesting anecdote in Azesion that has been passed down since that time. It’s Michens’ necklace. It’s a story about love and reincarnation, but do you know anyone at Demon King’s College?

There is no reason for the demonic tribe of Dilhayd to know, such as the anecdote of Azesion.

Naturally, I don’t raise my hand, but Diego looks like he saw it and lowered his drinks.

Oh, boy, what a bunch of dwarves.

This one I’m watching embarrasses me.

“Again, don’t you know. No, I don’t have a choice. Now, those of you who are students of the College of the Brave -”

“Michens’ necklace was supposedly given to his lover when he went to war.”

When I answered, Diego chewed on his back teeth.

Hmm, hit it. You won’t even have to bother to fix the common anecdote.

If it wasn’t about magic, you thought you didn’t know, but it was before I was reincarnated. Naturally, I’ve heard of it.

“Two thousand years ago, in the early days of the war, most of the humans who went to the battlefield could not return alive. For this reason, the lovers were reborn in the same time, wishing for Michens’ necklace to be bound this time. Shellfish shells living in the lake of Gailladite called Michens Shellfish were divided into two pieces and two neck decorations were made. I gave one to my lover, the other to myself, and they came to battle.”

Diego stares at me abominably.

Looks like this guy just wants to cock up the Demon Clan.

“Michens shellfish drink and live holy water and are also said to be the use of God. The humans believed that the shells that divided them into two parts would guide and patrol their roots after they died.”

From what I’ve seen, Michence didn’t have the magic to act on the roots. Sometimes I feel like something.

When killing a human with a Michence shellfish necklace, it was done with the magic of Rebirth. When magic depends to a great extent on the mind. If their thoughts were real, they might have met again after rebirth.

Well, it’s just a break.

“Later in the war, the activism of the brave Canon created hope for Gailladite. Those who returned from the battlefield wearing Michens’ necklaces continued, many of whom married their lovers. Since then, Michens’ necklaces have become known as one shellfish necklace, creating the custom of giving two necklaces together and giving them to lovers”

As peace approached, people began to seek hope, which sounds good, but maybe they wanted to turn away from reality.

Although only Gailladite, with his brave men, had barely eaten away the invasion of the Demons, in the whole Azesion, humans were being hunted down more and more.

“The culture of proposing one shellfish necklace that I gave away again was also born by wearing one of them in two. It was passed down and continues to this day.”

When I finished explaining, Diego said softly.

“… you’re right”

The bell just rings at the end of class.

“That shall be it, then. Next class is in ten minutes.”

Diego left the auditorium to flee.

“Brother of Demon King College”

It’s Heine who’s been speaking to me.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t compete because of this opportunity.”

I said to Heine, who smiles with plenty of room.

“What are you talking about? The battle is my win. Your teacher would have admitted to losing.”

“Huh. Nice try.”

Not bad, Heine said.

If this makes me believe that the battle did not come to an end, the contract will be void.

Which is better.

“You want to know about the brave Cannon?


The brave Kanon was killed by humans. It’s the mountains that want to know about it, but Eleonor tells me it’s a secret. You can’t ask.

Only one answer per question is valid. If you ask too many vague questions, you’ll be answered vaguely.

“Ask another question. Do you know the name of the tyrannical demon king?

“… is that okay? You can say it here.”

“I don’t mind.”

Heine said.

Avos Dilhevia.

I don’t lie with the effect of. I don’t see any trace of him forcibly breaking the contract either. Apparently, you really don’t know the name of the tyrannical demon king.

“What’s wrong with that?

“What, I just wanted to make sure”


Heine grins like a prank.

“By the way, did you know? Tomorrow I’m taking a college test.”

“Hmm. You want to bet on something again?

“Ugh. Tomorrow I’m going to have a great fight.”

With an innocent face Heine comes looking for a handshake.

“Don’t make that sound like you’re gonna use your cowardly hands”

Even as I shook hands with Heine, I smiled looking down.

“No way. Look forward to it. Tomorrow it’s your turn to be surprised.”

Turning back on their heels, Heine and the others went on to the third regeneration.

He talks about something and wants to shake hands just like he did earlier.

Hmm. What are you up to?

Either way, the results are the same as they are today.

“Hey, Mass. Is that one shellfish necklace that Master Anos was saying earlier?

Fan unions gather at Mass seats.

“Ah, it seems…”

Mass says to cloud the words.

“Oh, wait a minute. The reaction now, suspicious. Suspicious, Mass. Someone bought it for you, didn’t they?

Hmm. That’s sharp.

“Oh, haha… that’s not true… I bought this myself -”

“Hmm, it is.”

“By buying it yourself, you mean someone bought it for you, right?

“Yeah, yeah, absolutely.”

“No way, Master Anos bought it or something!?

“Ugh, traitor ooh…!!

“So no. Yikes. Really, I bought it myself!


“Oh, absolutely.”

“You bet your life?

“… is, yes…”

Mass replied, albeit under barometric pressure.

“Is that it? Maybe the first glance is over?

Turning around, there was Ray.

“Just now.”

“Oh well. I overslept a little.”

Without any particular bareback he cared about, Ray searches for a seat.

“Mr. Mass, are you free here?

“Ah, yes. It’s okay.”

Ray sat next to Mass and did his gaze at the neck ornament hanging on her neck.

“I followed you. Glad to hear it.”

“Aha… aha… aha…”

Mass looks awkward, peeking at the fan union guys.

They watched Mass as intrigued as if it were still this.

It is a gaze as if to inquire.

“………… Yes……”

Mass says, as I have noticed.

Then the fan unions stood back as surprised.

They distanced themselves from Mass and all faced each other.

“Ha, I said yes. I said yes!

“Ray, that means you gave it to Mass, right!?

“Is that it? But Ray, you’re with Master Anos…”

“That means could it be…?

“I mean…?

“I mean I’m willing to indirectly socialize with Master Anos OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…!!!

It seemed to lead to a diagonal conclusion.

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