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The person who spoke was actually a young girl.

Her age is about twelve or three years old, wearing a plain cloth on her body, looking at Chu Xingyun, a pair of eyes like a jewel, blowing a fan, it is very adorable.

When Chu Xingyun saw this young girl, she felt familiar and seemed to have seen it.

It seems to be the doubtful look of Chu Xingyun, that young girl took a deep breath, said: “My name is Luo Wei, this time the five major military elections, I also participated, but the First Round assessment was eliminated, but I know You, your name is Chu Xingyun, the leader of the selection of the military, and also entered the Lingfu Wufu.”

Young girl seems to be a little nervous. When it comes to the end, the whole face becomes red, and his hands are constantly kneading.

Chu Xingyun walked up to the young girl and smiled. “Do you know the two poems I just licked?”

“of course!”

Young girl raised her neck and was proud of it: “The two poems are written specifically for me. Could you be that you didn’t find them? These two poems describe the scenery of Xuan Lanquan. Yes, the first words of these two poems are my name, Luo Wei.”

Hearing this talk, Chu Xingyun’s heart trembled.

His eyes suddenly solidified, and it felt incredible. Could it be that the good girl who saved him was the young girl named Luo Wei?

“Can you show me the Martial Spirit?” Chu Xingyun felt that the sound of own was a little trembling and wanted to further confirm the idea in the heart.

In this world, Martial Spirit, everyone is different, has uniqueness.

If Rotary’s Martial Spirit is the same as the good woman’s Martial Spirit, then it can be proved that Luo Wei is her!

“Good.” Luo Yan nodded cheerfully, but thought about it, and said: “My Martial Spirit Rank is not high, you must not laugh at me after you read it!”

Immediately, Luo Yan stepped back a few steps, a deep blue rays of light bloomed from her, condensed into a water lily, making Chu Xingyun’s pupil suddenly tightened.

“I said before, my Martial Spirit Rank is very low.” Luo Yan curl one’s lip bar, she lifts the head, found Chu Xingyun’s eyes wide, seems to be shocked, astonished said: “Sure enough, You are her!”

Chu Xingyun’s face was filled with ecstasy.

This water lily is the kind woman’s Martial Spirit, called the Nine Star Water Lily, which is an extremely rare growth Martial Spirit.

The so-called growth Martial Spirit is that with the improvement of the Martial Artist cultivation base, the Martial Spirit’s Rank will gradually increase and become more powerful.

When Chu Xingyun met Luo Xiao in the past, her Martial Spirit has reached the rank of Seventh Grade.

But Chu Xingyun thinks that this First Grade is not the limit of the Nine Stars. In the future, it is enough to reach the legendary Ninth Grade level!

Now Luo Yi, it should have just condensed the Martial Spirit. The cultivation base is still very weak. It has not allowed the Martian Spirit of the Nine Stars to evolve. Therefore, she will not be able to pass the First Round assessment if she participates in the selection of the military.

“What’s wrong with you?” Luo Yan met Chu Xingyun for a long time without speaking, and some worried.

Chu Xingyun shook his head and calmed his inner excitement. His mouth was slightly open and he was just about to talk. A middle-aged woman came out of the woods and said softly, “Hey, it’s time to go home.”

“Mother, I will come here.” Luo Wei first said to the middle-aged woman, then turned his head and smiled at Chu Xingyun: “I should go home. If I have time, I can come and play with me. I will Live in front of the Luo Family Village.”

After the talk, Luo Wei did not wait for Chu Xingyun to answer, and quickly walked to the side of the middle-aged woman, the two left Xuan Lanquan.

Looking at the back of Luo Xiao’s departure, Chu Xingyun stunned and laughed.

In the last world, Luo Wei did not know him, but he was willing to help him healing and resisting the enemy.

In this world, he and Luo Wei, there is still only one side, but Luo Xiao, this little girl, so enthusiastic, to invite Chu Xingyun to her village to be a guest, is really pure.

On the way back, Chu Xingyun kept thinking.

At the beginning, in order to save him, Luo Xie died in the hands of the enemy. Chu Xingyun didn’t even have the chance to repay him. Now Luo Yan is not only dead, but also a young girl who first entered Dao of Cultivation.

Chu Xingyun wants to do something for her to repay the kindness of the year.

“Luo Yu has a nine-star water lily Martial Spirit. The higher the realm, the stronger the Martial Spirit is. She is now weaker in her cultivation base and far from being able to take advantage of the Martial Spirit. Should I wish her a boost and help her improve her cultivation first? Base realm ?”

“Or, I told Yang Yan about the nine-star water lily Martial Spirit, let him make an exception to invite Luo Wei to join Ling Xiaowu?”

Each and everyone thoughts flashed in my mind and made Chu Xingyun somewhat upset.

It is good to let Luo Xiao join Lingxiao Wufu, but in this way, the existence of the nine-star water lily Martial Spirit is very might leaking, which leads to the vibration of the flowing cloud Imperial Dynasty.

After all, the growing Martial Spirit is one of the millions. In the future, it is very likely to reach the rank of Ninth Grade. The potential is amazing. Once it is promoted, I am afraid that it will attract some huge forces, just like the Jiuhan Palace.

As a result, Chu Xingyun didn’t want to see it. He just wanted to help Luo Xiao and didn’t want her to be a means of competition between the forces.

Thinking while walking, in Xuconsciously, Chu Xingyun returned to Black Water City.

His forefoot just stepped into the gate, and found that there was a well-dressed soldier in the city walking through, noisy, and even saw a lot of Wufu powerhouse, the scene seemed a bit confusing.

“You are finally back.” Qin Yuyan came over and saw Chu Xingyun and others innocent, and sighed with relief.

Chu Xingyun pointed to the soldier in the city and wondered: “What happened?”

Qin Yuyan frowned, and dignified: “Not long ago, the iron blue mountain range suddenly broke out of Beast Tide, and tens of thousands of Spirit Beast rushed down from the mountain range, and several villages have been destroyed, if No make a move blocks, even Black Water City is dangerous.”

Gu Cyan Mountain and others heard the complexion become pale.

Beast Tide is a very terrifying disaster. Whenever Beast Tide breaks out, there will be endless Spirit Beast rushing out, they will rush, rush, and even kill.

Wherever you go, whether it is a village or a city, you will encounter a devastating blow.

“I heard that the Beast Tide is extremely serious. Representatives of the Honored Master and the three major military authorities have announced that full power assists Black Water City in defending against Beast Tide, and even we are no exception.”

Qin Yuyan’s voice was so hurried that Chu Xingyun squatted and said: “The representative of the three major military houses? Is it not the four major military houses?”

“Yunmengwufu knows that after the outbreak of Beast Tide, he is not willing to make a move, just find a reason to smash the past, and then evacuate the Black Water City.” Qin Yu smoke is full of anger, but also full of helplessness.

Yunmengwufu has always had a good relationship with the imperial aristocracy. It is even more unclear about the relationship with the Imperial Family. As long as it is not an excessive move, the Imperial Family will not pursue it, just avoiding Beast Tide, they don’t care.

“It’s hard to come, just thinking about protecting the body, it’s really ruthless.” Chu Xingyun’s eyes flashed a bit cold, no wonder he just didn’t see the powerhouse of Yunmengwufu, and all of them left the Black Water City.

Suddenly, Chu Xingyun suddenly thought of something. He asked Qin Yuyan: “You just said that the Beast Tide broke out and destroyed several villages. Is there a village in the village called Luo Family?”

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