Chapter 850. Talisman Responsible


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“It’s true, 1000 or 2,000 years ago, our ancestors kept records of dead totems. They even made sketches of their bodies, which collapsed like decomposition from decomposition. Their remains lay on the ground, slowly sinking into the ground. Said Tang Yue without laughter.

From her description, Mo Fan could well imagine that the ancestors of Tang Yue and the truth kept records of the death of totem serpents.

“But is he all right?” – Mo Fan pointed to the water, seeing that the two nostrils of the totem snake appeared on the surface, which, like a whale, threw water into the air.

But in fact, the head of the totem snake was much larger than that of a whale. The sight was magnificent. It is also good that Lake Xi Hu was large enough, otherwise it would not fit this huge serpentine body.

– They can, so to say, die, but if one condition is fulfilled, the animals can rise again. – answered Tang Yue.

– What is the condition? … Maybe you need to collect seven pearls? – Mo Fan Fang had an idea after an idea.

– Um … Well, almost! – Tang Yue nodded her head.

The guy started laughing, and Tang Yue shook his head.

– That is, a wooden fish is one of these pearls, if you collect six more, then you can call or resurrect a lost totem beast? – asked Mo Fan.

Hearing about six wooden fish, Tang Yue found it funny. As if Mo Fan talked about something happening in the cartoon, and not in real life.

– Just the same, no. I am also very new to ways of awakening and resurrection. I only know that the totem vessel is a key concept. Only on the condition that you have a totem vessel, can you continue to take steps in the direction of the resurrection. And, only according to a certain order and ritual, it is possible to resurrect or awaken the totem animal. – answered Tang Yue.

– But didn’t Zhao Man Yan have such a thing? She has already recognized him as her master – said Mo Fan.

– Totem vessel is either passed from generation to generation, or hiding in some secluded place. In general, the conditions under which a totem beast can wake up are rather complicated. For example, a totem vessel that your friend has can only awaken the totem if it becomes a high-level vessel. All this is very difficult …

“So, can you still find a way?” – asked Mo Fan.

The guy could not stand it and looked towards Lake Xihu. Remembering the striking combat capability of the totem snake, Mo Fang’s heart began to beat faster.

If this beast belonged to some person, then this person could become the ruler of the world.

If at the time when the rocky tyrant, who almost destroyed Xian, existed, Mo Fan would have a couple of such totems, he would quickly steal the ugly character of the tyrant. And Xi’an would not be on the verge of death.

Zhao Man Yang accidentally got a totem vessel. After all, they have a huge fortune, with their money, he would definitely have been able to awaken the totem, if the guy had explained the hidden meaning. Then the Zhao family would become the most powerful in China.

– That is, the totem vessel is the main component? – asked Mo Fan.

– Yes, only the totem-shaped vessel knows what exactly is needed to awaken the totem animal. In fact, if the totem animals did not survive for them a difficult period of molting, when their body weakens and it becomes easier to kill them, after death they would turn into vessels themselves. It is a pity that all the same these animals died and there are no chronicles left about their resurrection and awakening. If there were any records, they could really help your friend.

– And really a pity. – breathed Mo Fan.

– Well, okay, all this is very vague and vague. By the way, over the past thousand years, other totems have not appeared, although totem vessels scattered along their hands. Resurrection is not an easy thing. Tell your friend not to be greedy. If he manages to keep this vessel with him, it will be wonderful. Said Tang Yue.

– Yes, yes, I will tell him. – answered Mo Fan.

…………………………………………………………………… …

After spending a little time with the totem serpent, Mo Fan left Hangzhou.

In the hands of the magician were four system convolutions of the element of lightning, which he presented to Tang Yue.

Sitting in a high-speed train, Mo Fan pulled out his dark talisman, watching him again and again. And the talisman did not understand why his master was staring at him.

“Okay, you need to stop thinking so much.” “Mo Fan hid the talisman, then made himself comfortable in the comfortable chair of the train.


The talisman really respects my feelings. He said that he could move forward in a few days and do it.

If nothing happened, the talisman would be considered a system vessel, which would allow Mo Fang to speed up in cultivation 7-8 times.

It is also good that Mo Fan has more elements than other magicians. But on the other hand, if he had 3-4 elements, like the others, then the speed of his cultivation would be as fast as a rocket.

Director Xiao showed respect to Mo Fang. Knowing that he needed to cultivate the element of lightning, she immediately gave the magician a chance to enter the three-stage tower, thereby she greatly helped Mo Fanyu. The lightning element is already reliable enough to advance to a new level.

The galactic vein is the main component, and the dark talisman has digested part of the energy of the eternal lotus. In addition, the three-stage tower allowed to compress the component parts of the lightning element along its perimeter, this is equivalent to the fact that Mo Fang had an elemental region. Under these conditions, it is difficult to fail.

In addition, Mo Fan has already become a high-level magician. When you have a high level spiritual energy, it allows other elements to move to a higher level.

Sitting in a three-speed tower, Mo Fan felt the greatness of the components of the lightning element in a circumference of ten meters, just had to hold his hand in the air, as magic was immediately born.

Taking a deep breath, Mo Fan tried to cheer himself up.

If nothing happens, then his loss will be about 100 million, it was impossible to deceive yourself that everything is in order.

Okay, thank the dark talisman.

After all, the talisman brought his life for the benefit of the beautiful magical world, because he is responsible for all that he does on his magical path!

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