Chapter 851. One per team


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At Shanghai Pudong Airport, a team of tanned young people appeared from the international arrivals area. Sunglasses were worn on the bridge of one of the guys, through which he glanced around.

“I thought that we would land in some kind of brick or wooden shed, and China, it turns out, has made a lot of progress, in any case, the airport is not so bad …” Said made an obvious conclusion.

Nearby, a crowd of foreign female students was passing by, who were staring at this outstanding person.

– Such a handsome man! Like a sculpture from ancient culture!

– I think about what beautiful eyes he has! Pure blue … I have never met people with such eyes the color of pure sapphire, where did they come from?

“I don’t know, and they speak some strange language.”

After the girls went ahead, they looked back, noticing that a dark guy who looked like a prince was watching them go. Immediately they pulled out his chest, hips, and rocking gait on his heels continued their march to the exit from the airport.

“And these girls are all tempting,” said Sayid, hearing the speeches of these girls. He was a magician, and therefore his hearing was much sharper than the hearing of an ordinary person.

“Let’s go, we need to get state security badges, and here we have more important things to do,” said the girl, whose hair flew off in different directions, and she tried to pacify them.

“It’s just air conditioning.”

– Outside the situation is worse.

“This is a seaside location … you had to stay forever in the golden sands, otherwise you don’t like it anywhere,” Said said, walking forward with long strides, leading a team of ten people.

– Who knows what the strength of the Chinese? – I heard a voice Myaosy.

“You shouldn’t spend time on state security, you go about your business, and I’ll go to state security alone,” said Said.

– Do not neglect them.

– How can we underestimate them? We will send Shijuyf to them, – Said looked towards the guy whose teeth came forward.

The guy with the protruding teeth looked at Saeed, pointing to his nose.

Since his height is low, he raised himself on tiptoe, which made him look even more amusing.

– What do you mean? Do you want to fight right now? – Shyuyfu shouted angrily.

– How can I be afraid of you …

– Personal disassembly with the use of force is prohibited! – Said the same girl named Miaosy.

– Said, if you yourself can deal with the state security, then we will stop in Shanghai for a day, and on the second day we will fly to Xian, because it is he who is the real goal of our visit! – said Miaosy.

– Everything will be done on time! – Said laughed.

The office of the state guard of China is located at the Oriental Pearl * (one of the main attractions of Shanghai, in which the magic association is located), just between the Oriental Pearl and the national park.

Foreigners who arrived here can pofotkat here in national Chinese attire, and feel the flavor of Chinese culture.

Said, in his strange dialect of English, did the Chinese state security for half a day, and during that time he managed to change his attitude towards China.

However, the presence of abundance still does not mean power, as, for example, in Egypt, a representative of one of the four greatest civilizations, their magic of necromancy remains unsurpassed!

Ah, China seems to also belong to one of the four greatest civilizations.

Well, figs with him! All the same, China can not be compared with Egypt!

– Hello, is the state guard of China here, which is responsible for internships at international competitions? – Said asked, entering the hemispherical building.

“True, inspection is prohibited here, please leave the building,” said the man in military uniform, glancing at the foreigner.

Due to the fact that this building is located in close proximity to the Oriental Pearl, every day a lot of tourists come here by mistake, and the guard relentlessly chases them all.

“I am not a tourist, I came to compete,” Said said with a sense of his own confidence.

– You? One?! – the guard was stunned.

Said showed the man in uniform his ID with a self-confident grin.

– Can I get through? – he asked.

“How … how did you come alone?” Shouldn’t you have a whole team from Egypt? – asked the guard.

– In this case, one representative from our team will be enough. I am a representative of the team, the rest are busy with their important affairs, ”said Said.

– Well, then I’ll take you.

The soldier called the other person, seeing off Said.

The state security office was as big as three football fields. There were trees on the ground, four kinds of grass, there were stones. The ceiling of the room was the names of that roof in the shape of a hemisphere.

Such a huge space delighted Said, because even in Egypt they will not be able to spend money on such a huge site, because they do not attach much importance.

“Why are there so many people here?” Should the battle be outside? – Said drew attention to the young people, among whom were boys and girls – there were more than a hundred of them altogether.

– There are not so many foreign teams that have now arrived in the state security of China, and the guards also need to train, which is why they can choose someone from the team of their country, and practice. Teams come and share experiences with government officials. Today there will be just one fight, would you like to see? – explained the military.

– No, it is not necessary, I do not have so much time to watch how they carry out the show fights. I would like to finish this quickly, because our team does have a more important business, ”said Said.

He did not even think that such behavior could hurt the Chinese heart.

Your mother, you show off too much!

At first, he came alone for a check in the state security, then said that the fights between the best students of the country are ostentatious, as if he doesn’t remember which country he came from!

The military was very unhappy with this behavior, but still politely conducted him to the state security instructors.

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