Chapter 852. Pissed off all state security.


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– Doodles, boobies! Yes, with such your forces do not even think about defeating countries such as America or England, and what is there! African and Southeast Asian countries can not be overcome either! After the departure of Luilin, you are completely turned into dirt! Rejoice only that other countries should also receive our approval, – shouted a hoarse voice at all the premises of the state guard, thus confusing other teams that also came to the internship.

The faces of nine students were not so joyful, so now they are completely pale, as this teacher deprived them of the last dignity in the eyes of other magicians.

Passing approval … before that, a lot of teams from other countries freely received approval from their country, and never came to that!

Indeed, after the departure of Luilin from the team, the overall team strength noticeably suffered. Before that, they already made a lot of mistakes, but now the resources provided by their leaders have become less and less. Other countries have received a huge incentive to move forward. Even taking into account the fact that almost everyone in their team has already reached a high level, they could not even imagine that they would stumble upon a team consisting of high-level magicians! How can they resist in such a confrontation?

“Master Bai, calm down for a start, and provide all the resources you have, otherwise we will really remain defeated,” said Dong Fang Le.

– You think I do not want to ??? You think I have not seen your previous results? How could lose the team in Thailand? So, the team from Egypt has already arrived, if you lose this time, then no resources are out of the question! The question of preserving your state security certificates will also be in doubt. If there were no problems in your cultivation, I would not be so angry! There are the same level magicians as you, but even so you cannot win! Shouted Bai Dunway.

Dong Fang Le said nothing more.

He, too, was very angry. If he had stayed in the rating, the situation would not be like that! The Dong Fan family was very scrupulous about the issues of its financial support, and even got him an additional 2-3 galactic veins – all so that he could make a breakthrough to a high level as soon as possible. However, at the moment he used only one galactic vein, and fell through …. And even when he got into the state security, he did not know when the situation would improve.

“Teacher Bai, the team from Egypt is already here …” said a man by the name Jun Ge in military uniform, embarrassed.

– Here??? Why so fast? Where? Where? I do not see the dark faces! – Bai Dunway was looking around.

Jun Ge pointed to Said standing alone, saying in a whisper: “He is alone. He said that in such a test will be enough of his one from the whole team. ”

Jun Ge spoke Chinese, after his words, Bai Dunway’s face turned brown-red, and his even louder scream spread throughout the room.

– One?! – the teacher shouted again, asking again.

“One, he says that there are more important things to do than this,” Jun Ge said quietly.

– Insult! – shouted Bai Dunvey, grabbing that guy by the throat.

Who said that you can come to check in the state security alone?

He, teacher Bai, half a day was counting on a team from Egypt, thanks to which his magicians could be reborn as a phoenix from the ashes, and in the end it all turned into a chicken coop!

– Dun Fang Le! – shouted the teacher.

“I’m here,” said Dun Fan Le, really not understanding why the teacher continues to shout so loudly.

“Shred me into pieces!” Turn it into a chop so that he could not get out of bed for at least a week! I will provide a hospital bed! – said Bai Dunway.

Dong Fang Le just went nuts.

Is this amenable to common sense?

Besides, how can a teacher behave like this? That cute foreigner who stole his wife?

And yet, his wife is just as indomitable, and she cannot just be seduced by ….

Dong Fan Le, at a loss, went to the arena.

– What started? So simple? I’m amazed, but I definitely like it! – Said laughed, being absolutely confident in his superiority.

– Die, fucking Egyptian! And do not bring me more! – the teacher growled.

He really was on the verge of it. The previous loss was all tied up with the departure of Luilin, and now the entire team of the state guard of China was simply held for little kittens.

– What it is? Roll everything from here! Bred me here bazaar old aunts! – was yelling Bai Dunvey.

There were several students in the arena who trained with each other. The cry of an angry teacher forced them all to scatter around, leaving the site.

Dun Fan Le and Said climbed the arena, exchanging a couple of phrases.

Dong Fan Le was also annoyed. Upon learning that Said had come alone from the whole team, his attitude changed immediately.

Your mother! Yes, they really already keep the command of the state guard of China for the entrance yard, which just passes the badges of passage!

– Hey, Dun Fan Le, what’s going on? – shouted one of the students from the side.

“This dark one from the Egyptian team, came alone to compete,” answered Dong Fan Le.

– Yeah, yes he risks, once he came alone to confront our team.

Very quickly, the essence of the situation spread throughout the building, and a hundred guards threw their angry views in this direction, as if expressing their desire to personally climb into the arena and decorate this uncouth Arab!

Such a thing can annoy absolutely any citizen of the country, and even so the Egyptian national team still openly despises China?

– Dun Fang Le, give him the heat!

– Yes, make him ask for forgiveness!

Hearing the words of approval from other students, Dong Fang Le just didn’t cheer up.

“Wait,” said Sayid.

– Now are you scared? Late! – smiled Dun Fan Le.

– How can I be afraid of you? There are so many of you, but for me it is a waste of time … I want to know how I can get an icon about the passage. Each country has its own methods of verification, you can even climb together here, since I came here alone, but only I will have one condition. Either in single or in a round-robin battle, if I defeat a few of you, it will mean my victory, ”said Said in English.

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