Chapter 853. The Egyptian Element of Necromancy


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Rules, must be rules.

Said did not know the Chinese character, and suggested that if he alone overcomes 4-5 guys, no matter what the battle, it would mean for the Chinese side the defeat of the whole team.

“And you really are the craziest foreigner I’ve ever met!” – Bai Dunway could not contain his anger.

“Um, thanks,” said Sayid, completely ignoring the words of the teacher.

“You made the rules yourself,” said Bai Dunway.

– Does it make sense to tell you? – mocked Sayid.

– Lies! I am a local teacher, and very soon you will have to apologize for your arrogant behavior! I’ll see how you fight for getting the badge! Here I decide everything! – growl teacher Bai.

– Apologies are simply unthinkable. I have done nothing wrong. If I set the rules, then I will stand on the stage, and you will attack me. I will fight with three students. You can attack all together or in turns. If you can beat me, it will mean my loss. Otherwise, you will immediately give me a passing badge, I’m really in a hurry, ”said Said.

– Yes, you just went crazy! – Bai Dunway has cursed everything that is possible.

Without waiting for his answer, Mu Nu Jiao, who was nearby, said: “Instructor Bai, you should not be so annoyed. Since he is so self-confident, it means that he uses powerful magic. And if he established such rules, then let it be so. ”

– Yes, how can you? We must win, and it must be a fair fight! How so? There is no pleasure from such a victory, and when comparing team achievements, we will be in the red, ”said Bai Dunway.

– Teacher Bai, in the words of Mu Nu Jiao, there is also a sense. This idiot deliberately infuriates us. We will put one Dun Fang-le against him, and, having defeated him, he will simply receive a passing badge! Said the other guard.

Hearing the student’s arguments, Bai Dunway gradually calmed down.

Indeed, this foreigner openly mocked them. After defeating Dong Fang Le, he would just pick up the passing badge and dump it, besides making them angry.

The collective confrontation has its undoubted advantages, which the one-on-one battle does not possess. For example, if we are talking about the magician of the spirit, then in a single confrontation from him there will be no special sense, which can be achieved in a collective battle.

– You do not hope so much, you can attack and four of us … even the five of us. If you are more than five, then it will drag on … You can win in unequal conditions? – Said grinned.

– Three – so three. You can do them, and then you will get your badge! – Bai Dunway gritted his teeth.

Having calmed down, teacher Bai thought that in the words of Mu Well, Jiao really had a meaning. Since this jerk is so sure of himself, there must be a reason for it. Dun Fan Le, of course, is also not weak, but there is no guarantee of victory in a single fight.

Security checks are not strictly limited. The fight can take place on any conditions agreed by the parties.

“It’s just don’t back down on your own words,” Said grinned with a smile that melts girl’s hearts. Unfortunately, those girls at the airport could not even think that this “handsome” can be so frantic!

The main element of Dong Fang Le is fire, thanks to which he steadily kept in the top five of the strongest of the University of Mingzhu.

In rating competitions, he lost to Li Kaifeng, who also went through many obstacles to get into the national team, becoming the main cause of Dong Fang Le’s misses.

Mo Fan and Li Kaifeng were classmates, only they did not know about it.

– You can start. Since you know the rules of this fight, I will not repeat them. Fight as you can! Said Bai Dunway.

Now he just wanted to see how Dun Fan Le would turn an opponent into a cutlet.

Hearing about the beginning of the battle, Dun Fang Le was in no hurry to rush into the fray.

In ordinary times, he would have preferred to release the magic first. Being a fire mage, he loved to attack, and this possibility meant almost half of the victory. And although his magic was not as fast as Dong Fang Ming’s magic, she was much more powerful than hers!

– Idiot, what is he doing? It is necessary to quickly release a flaming fist, so as not to give an opportunity to the opponent! At the crucial moment he must seize the initiative! Balbies! – Bai Dunvey sighed.

The battle is a battle, and the magician must use his strengths, and this Dong Fan Le … has lost all his brain along the way.

In fact, it was for the sake of this battle that Dun Fang Le just began using gyri.

Usually he does not resort to deliberation, and therefore is now in such a situation.

As a result, while Dun Fang Le collected his thoughts, Said had already released magic.

It was entry-level magic, but it was very ominous: its glow was somehow bloody, and the magic itself resembled an open crypt from which the deadly breath of its contents escaped!

– This is … – Dun Fang Le was stunned.

In all his life, he has not seen such magic.

By the specifics of magic, it was clear that this is dark magic, but it did not resemble elements of shadow or curse.

– The element of necromancy!

After Bai Dunway saw what kind of magic Said was using, his face twisted.

Of course, the element of necromancy is very specific, and so much so that throughout China it will be difficult to find even a few magicians of this element!

There are no specific artifacts for this element, which makes its cultivation even more difficult – all necromancy artifacts in China are imported.

Mages of necromancy are extremely rare, even Bai Dunway did not meet those in his own age.

I remember one teacher told him that the element of necromancy is very similar to the magic of invocation, only much worse!

* Buzz mixed with howling

Strange air surrounded Said, as if many ghosts were hovering around.

In this muddy haze, a hole appeared that looked more like a dark and dirty passage to the underworld.

A strange sound sounded even louder … it looked like a cry, then a wail, causing the hair to stand on end!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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