Chapter 856. The Mummy Mummy (Part 2)


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The bone sword was black, but his glance clearly reflected Said’s smirk!

After the sword, the body of this creature appeared. By its dimensions it was noticeably different from the gray mummy, only now it was wrapped with white bandages …

White bandages, one might say, are a symbol of Egyptian mummies, except that ordinary mummies are withered corpses, whereas this mummy was very fat, and her huge belly was visible through the bandages.

The black blade of this creature is so heavy that it will be beyond the power of an ordinary person to lift it.

The dimensions of this white mummy reached five meters, and it looked like a war machine. The bone sword in length was six meters, and, of course, such a colossus next to a man inspired terror.

* Mooing

And although the mummy’s voice was more like a moo, it wasn’t just as drawn and tender as a cow mooing – the sounds of a white mummy just shook my legs!

“This is my sword mummy, very good at all kinds of battles,” said Said with a smile.

The sword-mummy did not wait for Yue Tansin to analyze its level of readiness, so she swung at once with her six-meter blade.

“The deceiver … he himself is standing at a distance,” whispers went to the crowd of students.

The sword mummy was located a hundred meters from the magician, and it was this distance that was more or less safe. Not that it was impossible to attack this creature with magic at such a distance, but this distance gave enough time for Yue Tansin to hide.


The black sword was put into battle, and one could see how the mummy’s body tensed.

The sword cut not only the airspace, but also the earth …

The black edges of the blade’s movement were clearly visible in the air, but the earth gave a huge crack!

The length of the crack reached hundreds of meters, and all the vines and the dungeon of the lunar forest that were in its path were torn to pieces.


One blow of the sword nullified all the tactics of Yue Tansin. The black dense air that emanated from the sword was spreading towards the girl, which caused her armor to become covered with deep holes, and it seemed that it would touch the skin a little more!

The girl stood rooted to the spot. She tried to release the vines, but another blow of the sword prevented their appearance. It seemed to her that this sword was about to fall on her!

* Mooing

All the attention of the girl was riveted on this sword-mummy, so she did not even think about the gray mummy, which had already freed herself from her shackles and was next to her!

Yue Tansin began to shake with fear. Although the mummy in gray bandages was only approaching her, she already knew that she had lost the fight.

– I … about … aah!

Yue Tansin raised her hand, giving a sign to Bai Dongwei and Said.

She did not want to get injured, while clearly realizing that no matter how much she ran, hiding from these ghouls, she could not win.

However, even she could not imagine that the attack would be so fast. Before the girl could even utter a few syllables, her protective plants were useless.

Everyone heard the sound of Yue Tansin’s bones, after which all the students subsided.

“You idiot, didn’t you see that she admitted defeat ?!” – Bai Dunvey swore.

Said, seeing the situation, wanted to apologize first, but after the teacher’s curses his face changed, and he said coldly: “First, she should have done it faster, because she didn’t have time to say the words. Yes, my ghouls hear all my orders, but they do not perceive other people’s words. By nature, they are very hot-tempered, and even if I gave them the order to stop, it’s not a fact that they will do it instantly. ”

Bai Dunway hurried to the girl to find out her condition.

– How? How?

– It’s good that the blow fell so low. Had it been a little higher, then it would have been impossible to save her, ”said the healing magician, gritting his teeth.

– Take care of her first.

– Help is needed. Her arm and big femur are completely fractured ….

“Teacher, you go to the Oriental Pearl’s magical association, find a high-level healing magician, because I … I cannot fully restore it,” said the healing magician with a grim face.

“I’ll take it,” said Bai Dunway.

– It is impossible. Now you can’t move it, you can’t allow at least one bone fragment to move, otherwise fragments can get into the blood and organs, the healing magician answered.

“This is … this is …

Students, having heard the words of the magician of healing, froze.

How can this Egyptian be so cruel ???

The anger of the team reached its climax after they personally saw what happened to Yue Tansin.

Bai Dunway hastily called someone. It’s good that the Oriental Pearl Magical Association is nearby.

After a short time, a high-level healing magician appeared. It was a man who, seeing the state of a girl, immediately began to release high-level healing magic.

“Help me,” the magician said sternly, looking at the student.

– Good.

“The bone must be urgently removed, since it has already entered the artery,” said the magician.

“I … I …” the guy stuttered. He could not have imagined that the situation would be so serious.

– Shut up, hold down the artery, and I still extract a fragment. Remember, you have to press exactly where I’m going to get a shard.

– Got it! Said the healing magician student.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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