Chapter 858. The Battle of Mu Ning Xue


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“Since she is a former member of the national team, her strength is not inferior to Lou Yilin!”

“” – the students began to whisper among themselves.

Mu was aware of Mu Ning Xue’s reputation, but after what people just saw, doubts still did not leave their hearts.

“Do you want to fight him?” Asked Bai Dunway.

“Yes,” the girl replied shortly, nodding in response.

Since she became a member of the state security detachment, she will certainly have to distinguish herself, otherwise she will not be able to get back into the national team. That is why she cannot allow this guy from Egypt to pick up the badge!

In addition, Mu Ning Xue will be able to see the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent. However, now the girl’s head was crammed with thoughts not connected with the peculiarities of her opponent, but with the thoughts that she should by all means get back into the national team. She is obliged to get to Venice!

And in order to achieve this goal, she is obliged to defeat the team of any country that came to China!

“Are you sure? His strength is higher than that of the average representative of the national team, ”said Bai Dunway.

“Even though I dropped out of the national team, I am not weaker than the others,” said Mu Ning Xue. She knew that the others were still in doubt, so she made such an indiscreet statement.

Now is not the time to be modest, she must show herself!

“Okay, but as soon as you realize that it’s a rubbish – immediately refuse to continue the fight. I don’t want anyone else to get this kind of damage, ”said Bai Dongway.

Even though the teacher was annoyed, he still tried to take care of the students.

“Mu Ning Xue, be careful, that gray mummy is very dangerous. Her strength is simply amazing. And the second, the sword mummy, is as strong as a commander-level beast, ”Mu Nu Jiao reminded the girl.

“Yes,” Mu Ning Xue nodded in agreement.

The girl headed toward the battlefield. Where the girl was walking, everything began to freeze, and as soon as Mu Ning Xue began to descend the stairs, they immediately became covered with ice.

Said looked at Mu Ning Xue. In his eyes, a strong interest in the girl caught fire. Of course, the oriental girls are not only elegant and strict, but also calm and beautiful. They have such girls in Egypt – a rarity. And about the beauty of Mu Ning Xue and not worth mentioning.

“How, girl again?” Do you have any more or less tolerable guys? Once again, my dead are very cruel. If I’m crippling your girls, you shouldn’t expect sympathy from me, ”Sayid admired the girl’s beauty, but his arrogance has not gone away.

He met many beautiful girls, but this does not mean that he will succumb because of this silver hair.

“Are you sure you can be a representative of the Egyptian team?” Mu Ning Xue calmly asked.

“Do you really think that I consider myself so clever that I can afford to provoke you?” Even if this is so, then all this only shows that your reputation has come to naught, ”Said despised this country. As soon as he got off the plane, he already thought that this was a lagging, conservative, weak country. The only thing that distinguished her was the land.

“We can start,” Mu Ning Xue Bai Dongweiu reminded.

Bai Dunway is still a bit hesitant. About Mu Ning Xue he knew only by hearsay. However, he clearly felt that she was a mid-level magician. And the average level mage has almost no chance against the dead Said!

“N-n-started!”, – finally, the voice of Bai Dunway was heard.

Said smiled, he was already tired of listening to the chatter between the teacher and the students. The guy wanted to deal with the girl as soon as possible in order to get to his team in time.

If we consider that this girl is so beautiful, then you can pity her and not attack in full force.


I heard an order Said. His eyes filled with an ominous color, after which the order was transmitted to his dead.

The dead in turn obeyed the master. The gray mummy immediately began to attack.

Directly behind the mummy followed a train of black air, which made it look like a locomotive rushing at full speed.

Mu Ning Xue’s lips moved slightly. She was like an ice fairy calling out to the spirits of this place.

The particles of the ice element began to flow towards the girl. They were negligibly small, even if a hundred of these particles merged into a ball, the ball would have turned out to be smaller than a speck of dust.

“Ice sphere!”

In the eyes of Mu Ning Xue, a bright glow appeared, after which the girl’s legs slightly off the ground!

The territory of a hundred meters from it began to freeze.

The temperature quickly dropped, it was noticeable how the cold immediately affected the gray mummy – its movements slowed down noticeably.

After a moment, the mummy slowed down a lot. Her feet froze to the ground, and there was a rattle of freezing joints.

“The path of the wind!”

Mu Ning Xue leveled with ice and wind. The wind flowed madly around her feet. The wind was mixed with ice and frost, so its streams were clearly visible …

The gray mummy rushed into battle, she immediately used her strong fist to attack.

Mu Ning Xue managed to react, and her body flew back. At the same moment she understood: if her feet were on the ground, she would not have had time to dodge in any case!

Silver hair slipped away from the attack, but this fist almost hit her.

The gray mummy continued the pursuit of Mu Ning Xue. The following attacks with fists followed, but they also did not hit the girl.

“What a good reaction …”

It cost Bai Dunway to see how smartly the girl dodges attacks, how his eyes lit up.

So the fulfilled technics! She uses the element of the wind so cleverly that her rich experience in battles is immediately visible. Among the state guard squad, she is one of the best!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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