Chapter 859. The Frozen Dead


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“You have no reason to dodge, sooner or later, my gray mummy will overtake you,” Said said calmly.

He had not yet ordered the sword-mummy to attack, the guy was wondering if this girl really was worth something, or whether she was just putting on such an important look. Perhaps it is as weak as that magician of the fire element.

Mu Ning Xue actually continued to dodge the attacks of the gray mummy, its wind element was strong enough that even such a clever creature could not catch it.


Again the gray mummy struck a crushing blow, but again fell into the ground and smashed some of the ice. Whatever way the dead person tried to attack, Mu Ning Xue always had time to move away to a safe distance.

“You’re in vain so underestimate my gray mummy. To test you, I did not allow the mummy to use more than 70 percent of its speed. And now, you will know what it means to have nowhere to run, ”said Said and laughed.

“There will be no” and now “,” said Mu Ning Xue. She stood at a short distance. Under the girl’s legs it was no longer possible to see the flow of the wind, which means one thing: she does not use the wind element.

Said grinned, his eyes glowing red. After that, the gray mummy began to move at full speed!

“Etai, attack!”

“Etai … urgently pull your fists out of the devil’s land and attack this girl!”

“Bastard, what are you doing?”, – Said, with the help of the power of thought, gave the order to the gray mummy, but she did not obey.

Is she a magician of the spirit element?

No, it cannot be, this girl did not reach a high level, moreover, his element of necromancy prompted him that he had not lost control of the mummy.

Can she not move ?!

Said suddenly came to his senses, after which he stared at his own gray mummy.

At this moment, Saeed was scared in earnest. He saw that the legs of the gray mummy were covered with a layer of ice so much that she could not move.

Looking a little longer, the boy realized that the internal organs of the mummy were already frozen too.

How can this happen at such a high speed?

Said was stunned, he did not know how this could happen.

He saw that the girl was using creeping ice, but the guy was sure that he was very familiar with this spell. Even enhanced by spiritual seed, the spell could not freeze the body of the mummy so quickly.



The gray mummy tried to make any movements, but it was more like an attempt at an old doll to move. I heard only a creak.

Mu Ning Xue stood twenty meters from the mummy. The girl was whispering something, and the magic of the ice element continued to fill the dead man.

The element of ice easily gained control of the dead, for good reason. The main reason is the difference between the bodies of a living person and a dead person. The dead man does not have most of the organs, the body consists of a simple skeleton, even the attacking limbs are arranged in a simple way.

However, Mu Ning Xue did not need to freeze the dead man’s entire body in order to stop him. It was enough to freeze a few key joints and everything, no matter how terrible and strong the corpse might be, it still cannot move!

“Damn it, move! Use your power to break the ice! ”, Said could not calmly watch the enemy easily froze his mummy, so he gave the order.

There was an order in the empty head of the gray mummy, but she could not carry it out.


Mu Ning Xue used the ice element to enhance the effect.

Ice covered the mummy’s body with a thick layer, turning the dead man into a big snowman.

“Wind turbine drive!”

Mu Ning Xue quickly finished forming magic, after which a gentle breeze emerged from her hands, which slowly gained strength and became insane, strong.

Soon a tornado appeared in front of Mu Ning Xue, who in a moment headed towards the dead man!

“Damn it!” Said cursed.

Usually, such a magic could not hurt a gray mummy, since its defenses were higher than those of the sword mummy.

However, now the body of the mummy was much weaker because of the frozen ice, which made it vulnerable even to a tornado.

As soon as the body of the dead man is destroyed, it will not be possible to restore it at all, so Said immediately ordered the sword mummy to intervene.

The sword-mummy made heavy steps forward; it seemed that her fat body was vibrating.

A huge black sword rose into the air, then hit straight into a tornado.

A huge black sword passed through a tornado, after which the latter first turned into insane wind currents, after which the verse completely.

All the students who watched the battle one by one were surprised.

Is it really possible to destroy mid-level magic like this?

What a terrible this sword mummy!

Mu Ning Xue hurried to react and moved away from the sword mummy by fifty meters.

At the same time, the black sword blade stopped at three or four meters from Mu Ning Xue. If she did not shy away in advance, now she would have been hurt by an attack …

Suddenly, the girl noticed that blood appeared on her sleeve. She was injured.

Mu Ning Xue was serious. Although such a wound does not change the outcome of the battle, however, it showed that if she had had a little bit of a delay, she would have been left without a hand!

“Icy dungeon!”

This injury did not weaken Mu Ning Xue’s morale, her boots stomped heavily on the ground.

The ice on the ground broke into many pieces and flew up. However, he did not fall to the ground, contrary to the laws of gravity, but surrounded Mu Ning Xue …

With the help of one thought, the girl connected many ice crystals, turning them into countless ice chains.

In the end, it turned out a little more than ten twenty-meter snow-white chains.

After the chains were finally formed, they seemed to come alive and surrounded the girl from all sides …

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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