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Luo Yan said before leaving, she lives in the village of Luo Family.

If Beast Tide jeopardizes the Luo Family village, then she must have mortal danger.

At the thought of this, Chu Xingyun’s heart violently jumped, and the voice rushed: “Answer me!”

Qin Yuyan was scared by Chu Xingyun’s words. He immediately took out a map and replied: “Luo Family Village is located at the foot of the iron blue mountain range, near Black Water City, and should not have been destroyed by Beast Tide, but if Beast Tide is completely out, I am afraid it will not escape bad luck.”

Chu Xingyun looked at the picture and took the map in the hands of Qin Yuyan in one hand. He stepped out and moved toward the direction of the village. The blink of an eye disappeared and disappeared.

“This guy, come on!” Qin Yuyan bit his teeth and looked at Yang Feng: “Senior Brother, you followed Chu Xingyun first, and I told Honored Master, let him dispatch a team to the Luo Family Village to stop Beast. The spread of Tide.”

“Good!” Yang Feng knew that the situation was urgent and immediately agreed.

Both sides are at the same time begining action.

Not long after, Qin Yuyan got the permission of Yang Yan, led a team of 500 people, and went to the vast move towards Luo Family Village, accompanied by many Wufu powerhouses.

The Luo Family village is located under the iron blue mountain range and is also a serious place for Beast Tide. Yang Yan does not dare to care, and the dispatch is sharp.

Originally, he also wanted to go to protect the safety of Chu Xingyun, but considering the protection of scorpion poisoning, it also dispelled the thoughts. There are several places and more support than Luo Family Village.

The Five Great Arms, the reason why you can stand in the Imperial Dynasty for hundreds of years, rely not only on the rich heritage, but also on the responsibility of protecting the people of the Imperial Dynasty.

Iron blue mountain range broke out Beast Tide, everywhere in distress, top powerhouses like them, must rush to the most dangerous place!

Of course, this does not include Yunmengwufu. The treacherous villain like Gu Qingsong, when he heard the outbreak of Beast Tide, left the Black Water City without any loss. It is really shameless.

Under the guidance of the map, Chu Xingyun entire group arrived at Luo Family Village.

When they saw the scene in front of them, they were all in the same place.

The villages that were originally thriving, at this moment, have become ruins. Hundreds of Spirit Beasts are squatting in the village. On the ground, the houses are in a mess, and fresh blood dyes the ground into bright red.

“How could this be?” Su has been joined by the gentle wind of Wufu, the pupil tightened like a needle, and once he smelled the pungent bloody taste, he could not help but vomit.

Not only her, but even the soul of the battle, it is also scared complexion pale, feeling a stomach nausea.

They have never seen such a tragic scene, the village was destroyed, the corpse is wild, and there are even a lot of Spirit Beast in the tear and bite with the thing corpse, like Shura’s hell.

“There are people there!” The poisonous eyes pointed out that many people were still alive in the center of the village. They were armed with weapons, like a boat in the tide, biting their teeth against the impact of the herd.

“Hands!” Chu Xingyun said, figure first rushed out.

Scorpion and Gu Yanshan look at each other and come along. As for Yang Feng and Qin Yuyan, Commander is a soldier, forcibly entered the herd and wants to open up a safe passage.

“Ah!” At this moment, a scream of screams suddenly sounded.

I saw a few Spire Beast suddenly appearing, move towards Su gently.

These Spirit Beasts, the eyes of the scarlet, the opening of the blood basin giant mouth, and even some visceral debris, Blood Qi Sensen, scared Su gently trembled, did not dare to have any move.

“Make a move!” Yang Feng saw it and immediately yelled.

Su gently hit a spirit, returned to God, just ready to make a move, but the few Spirit Beast had already rushed, crushed her throat, and all the heads were thrown out and fell on the ground. .

Suddenly, the whole scene became extremely silent, leaving only the heavy breathing of everyone.

Su gentle, Black Water City number one genius, just died.

Before she died, she didn’t even have time to call out the Martial Spirit. She was slain by Spirit Beast and the corpse was separated!

Chu Xingyun saw this scene, the expression on his face did not change.

For Beast Tide, he is more familiar than anyone present.

This is not a family Trial, not a Sect assessment, but a real disaster.

But the Spirit Beast in Beast Tide, there is almost no reason, full of brains are crazy killing, as long as they find the opportunity, they will swarm up and make a crazy attack.

Such as Su Shi, a kind of lucky person, even if the strength is stronger, it is impossible to escape.

“All the guards, you can’t care!” Yang Feng looked at Su’s soft corpse, his heart sighed, his voice mixed with spiritual power, clearly passed to everyone’s ears.

Because of the soft death of Su, everyone became cautious, step by step, and in the rest of the Kill and Behead Spirit Beast, slowly moved toward the center of the village.

But even so, when they came to the center of the village, there were many people who were desperately under the claws of the claws. The corpse was stacked on the ground, and it was unclear who was who.

“Thank you for making a move, please accept the old man.” The village head of Luo Family Village is an old man. He is close to the ancient age. When he saw Chu Xingyun entire group, he was so excited that he burst into tears.

Many villagers are also kneeling. If they don’t have support, they can’t hold on. The whole village will be leveled by Spirit Beast and all will die.

Chu Xingyun glanced at him and didn’t see Luo Xiao’s figure. He asked the village chief: “Is there a male girl named Luo Wei in your village, why is she not here?”

“Luo, she is our village.” The village chief nodded first, then looked blankly: “Just, her home is a little far from here, Beast Tide broke out so suddenly, I am afraid I can’t come over, now…”

“Where is her family?” Chu Xingyun interrupted the village chief’s words, his eyes suddenly became fierce and said: “I am going to find her!”

When I heard Chu Xingyun, Qin Yuyan’s eyes were filled with horror. Chu Xingyun had to rush into Beast Tide?

“Master, this thing is absolutely impossible!” The vicious look beside him was panicked and dissuaded: “There are so many people of Spirit Beast. If you act now, I am afraid there will be danger.”

“The drug is right, we still have to stabilize the situation, find the opportunity to search and rescue.” Gu Cyan mountain nodded again and again, he did not want Chu Xingyun to take the risk.

“Now there are many Spirit Beasts, but the strength is generally not strong. If you don’t make a move now, when Beast Tide breaks out completely, Lok will die, you don’t have to say it anymore, I have decided to go.” Chu Xingyun stares at everyone. The tone is as firm as ever.

In the last life, Chu Xingyun did not have the opportunity to repay Luo’s kindness.

Nowadays, when he is alive, he has to make up for this regret in his heart. Even if the chances of Luo’s survival are as good as sand, he will never give up!

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