Chapter 861. Mummy’s Weakness


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Graceful like a crane, Mu Ning Xue was completely calm in this deadly offensive!

When Mu Ning Xue was a member of the national team, it was still possible to cast doubt on her strength, but now everyone believed in her!

Everyone knows that a mid-level mage has better physical fitness than an ordinary person. But if you do not keep a distance between yourself and the monster, then you will be killed at one moment by some quick and agile monster. However, after the magician enters a high level, his reaction becomes faster and he can run away from the monster, regardless of whether this monster is far or close.

The sword mummy was a 5 meter death, from which it was impossible to hide the average mage, unless this magician does not have a magic shield or chain mail. But even wearing a mail coat, you can get a serious wound.

Seeing Mu Ning Xue soaring in the sky, no one could believe his eyes at what was happening, even Bai’s teacher.

Mu Ning Xue was in the air, creating an ice chain. As the wind changed direction, it all rose and rose up. How can one have such an amazing power of control, being only a mid-level magician?


Mu Ning Xue was in no hurry to descend to the ground, she still controlled the main elements of the wind around her, thus they supported the girl in the air.

As Mu Ning Xue descended, she continued to create an ice chain.

The most important thing in mid-level magic is speed and skill. If the average magician in 4-5 seconds does not have time to create half of the star system, he will be in the paws of the monster.

But Mu Ning Xue could only wave her hand, and magic worked. On the one hand, her skill was very strong, on the other hand, she mastered the elemental field.

In the elemental region, the stars join much faster. In addition, the girl has already surpassed the power of control of the average level.

Since she skillfully mastered the elemental area, meeting with a commander-level monster, she would not be instantly killed.


– Forward!

In an instant, Mu Ning Xue created four ice chains. Each link of this chain was mobile, and in the hands of the girl the chain looked very flexible and resilient.

The ice chains immediately flew to the sword-mummy mummy, each of them wrapped the arms of the mummy.

Ice chains brought snow and an unbearable feeling of cold that penetrated to the bone. This cold was felt even by Said, who stood by.

Said was very cunning. From the very beginning and to the end, he stood behind the sword-mummy, thereby not giving Mu Ning Xue a chance to fight him alone. The girl also understood that only requesting a mummy, she could get to Said.

Icing has already begun to act. In the area of the ice element, Mu Ning Xue constantly dispersed ice. Therefore, the body of the mummy had already begun to freeze, ice covered her white robe.

The ice gradually penetrated the bandages of the sword-mummy, starting to freeze the skin and muscles of this strange corpse.

– A little more. – Mu Ning Xue was calm, she was waiting for the right moment when she could strike.

The ice mage is never afraid of a protracted battle. The longer the time of the battle, the worse the freezing force. Mummy offensive was useless. As soon as ice penetrated his bones and joints, this corpse could not even dream of ramming its sword. Then any defense will be useless and the mummy will become so weak that it will not be able to withstand a single blow!

Mu Ning Xue did not need to attack, on the contrary, her method was in delaying the attack. One had only to wait an extra minute, and even the actions of the monsters at the commander-in-chief level were already becoming limited.

Bones, joints – this was an important point in the application of glaciation, but Mu Ning Xue already saw anxiety in the eyes of the enemy.

The girl was right, Said began to worry.

Said did not think that this girl would be able to avoid the attack of the mummy mummy twice. The magician was well aware that only the mummy’s bones should freeze, so he would immediately turn into a useless corpse, which can be destroyed with one hand movement.

– Damn it, why is there such an obstinate participant in the Chinese state security team? It seems I have to master one more element … – Said swore viciously to himself.


– Hold on, hold on! Although this Egyptian sword-mummy mummy is not so terrible, the way of its attack is rather frightening. But in any case, do not be afraid of her! – whispered Bai Dunvey.

Watching the battle of Mu Ning Xue and the sword mummy, Bai Dongwei noticed that this ghoul has a weak point.

The sword mummy could not move as easily as a gray mummy. Each step of this huge mummy was given to her with great difficulty. Therefore, all the power of her attack was concentrated in the hands that held the sword.

If you destroy the sword, then this mummy will be useless.

Fortunately, in the course of the battle Mu Ning Xue demonstrated complete indifference and calm, which is lacking for many members of the state security team. Seeing the wounds that Yue Tansin received, they subconsciously began to think that the mummy was invincible!

Of course, it was more successful that Mu Ning Xue is an ice element magician. She skillfully possessed the magic of this element, so she did not climb through and did not panic. But when her magic began to act and the ice froze everything in its path, there was a dead silence.

– Destroy her! – Said pointed to Mu Ning Xue, anxiety was heard in his words.

Mummy raised the sword up with both hands, which was given to her with difficulty. The edge of the sword was at the level of the head of a ghoul.


In the process of moving, the sword raised a strong wind that turned into a hurricane!

The sword-mummy leaned forward slightly, and, in a quick gust of wind, threw the sword straight into Mu Ning Xue.

The sword whistled in the air, its speed was swift!

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