Chapter 863. Payback for your deed


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As the girl moved, Mu Ning Xue’s finger easily rose up, controlling the ice magic, the chill of which was already rising up on Said’s legs.

Said was frightened and tried to bounce, but he did not succeed – his legs were already covered with cold.

– Frost! – Mu Ning Xue flashed her eyes, and the speed of freezing increased significantly.

Apparently, Said’s left leg was protected by something, and the ice could not fully cover it, but the right leg was obviously covered with a crust of ice.

There was panic in the guy’s eyes, because he could only move with his left foot.

– I can not lose, I can not! – Said maliciously Said.

Mu Ning Xue did not make a sound, her eyes were closed, and she herself completely concentrated on the elements of ice, directing her to Said’s body.

Seeing that the girl is fully focused on magic, Said unwittingly grinned.

– The explosion! – Said to himself the magician, giving the order of the sword-mummy.

The body of the sword-mummy mummy was frozen, but its brain still continued to function. After the order Said mummy’s head exploded!

After this explosion, fragments of flesh and skull scattered through the air.

Mu Ning Xue did not even suspect that her rival could use this method, however, she reacted by firing an ice wall behind her to protect the body from particles of the mummy body.

At this point, Said’s face became even more insidious!

His left leg was protected, but his right leg was frozen, which is why he tried to distract Mu Ning Xue in this way from her magic – in order to weaken her power!

In fact, he had another element left – the magic of the shadow!

Backing away, he strove for a place that was not so well lit.

– Heck! My foot stuck to the ice! – Said cursed, trying to budge.

The game was very fierce.

However, he could not lose – in this case, the entire Egyptian team would be left without icons, and then his persuasion with the team would not take place.

– It means only this way! – Said growled, taking a difficult decision.

He could only cut off his leg – this was the only way out!

Bearing pain, Saeed poured over his right foot.

Such an injury was very dangerous for the whole body – his leg was broken right in the place of freezing!

He did not feel his frozen foot, but from the pale face of Said one could guess the excruciating pain he was experiencing.

For the sake of victory, he decided on it! All he needed to win was to just move, and then she would lose!

– Absorb the shadow!

He immediately turned into a black shadow and disappeared into space. Only his frozen foot remained in the same place.

The people who stood beside the arena just went nuts. Said distracted Mu Ning Xue’s attention at the cost of a mummy!

And the fact that he also sacrificed his foot is simply amazing!

– Caution!

Screams were already heard among the students.

In the arena, Said’s black silhouette appeared right next to Mu Ning Xue.

In his hand was a small blade that was hidden by a shadow, so it was impossible to guess its existence.

It was a special blade, after its penetration into the body, the victim feels like it is being devoured by thousands of ants!

In truth, Saidu himself would not like to use this method on the body of such a beautiful girl, but she herself should not have brought it to that!

“You made me sacrifice your foot, but your payment will be even more expensive!” – through clenched teeth Said.

Mu Ning Xue stood still, not moving.

Said stood ten centimeters from her, and the dirk had already touched her white skin!

Mu Ning Xue still did not react at all.

* Ringing

The blade tried to pierce the girl’s body, but the sound was not as if it were piercing soft flesh, but as if it hit a piece of ice.

Said sharply straightened his hand, and his eyes expressed an obvious shock – he could not believe what was happening.

The body of Mu Ning Xue was covered with a layer of ice, and it was not an ordinary defensive artifact – Mu Ning Xue in all of this froze her body too, which was now as stiff as mummies. Ice crystals clung to her body, creating a solid defense!

Said was surprised not by the girl’s abilities, but by the fact that she was able to respond so quickly!

He could not believe that she was not distracted by the reception with the mummy – she knew that he was releasing magic, and managed to get ready!

She specifically waited for him to lose his leg !!!

“You … you did it on purpose!” – Said fiercely Said.

Mu Ning Xue did not react at all.

She slowly turned around and left the arena, while the icy sphere began to disperse.

This sight simply amazed the imagination!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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